Language of Light Testimonials

Lia Channelling

What People Have Experienced with Lia’s Language or Light

“I think I must come from a space near to where these sounds came from…it was ‘home’. I feel so fantastic now. It is two hours later and my vibration feels stunning!”
Maggie Brownlee

“The language that you are using is so familiar to me, as though I know deep within what is being said. I have had some tears with the listening, as I enjoy each new experience. I love the sound of your voice.”
John Parsons

“Each time I hear the CD’s I am moved deeply and find myself at times almost talking along or responding to things that are said. I catch myself and realise that, in my logical mind I have no idea what you are saying, yet my soul seems more at peace to hear sounds and words from ‘home’.
Tracy Sheen

“A deep knowing within me feels I know this language and it feels like ‘home’ for me. It feels like a star language to me.  The moment I listened to samples of your music on your website I felt I knew deep within, the words you speak.”
Helen Gasson

Stairway to the heart

Leanne Williams –

“When I met you and was blessed to hear your singing, something shifted inside for me. I had never heard the ‘Language of Light’ sung in person – only on Youtubes and it’s definitely not the same. It so touched my soul. It had to do with your vibration as a healer as well. I felt so blessed and grateful.”
Evy McPherson

“The language of light seems very familiar to me, even though I have not come into contact with it before.”
Kirsty Dixon – Australia

“The melodies and language seem familiar to me, from many eons ago. The healing vibrations and energy are truly inspirational and touch the depth of my soul. Your angelic voice calms the spirit.”
Elizabeth Milford


Leanne Williams –

“I also speak Star language and I found myself responding in communications with you during the healing. At the end of the healing I began to sing in Star language in very high tones, even amazing myself. My love and gratitude to you.”
Angie Sbrana

“Every time I hear the intensity of your voice, I cry. I truly connect with this Sirian energy and have extremely strong ties to Egypt, the Mayans and the Aztecs. I heard the music and it was as if I had been transported to a time of no time, where all the hurts, death, pain and suffering- all events in the history of Earth were swirling around me like a transformative wind, or a dust storm and hearing the healing sounds not only healed the past pain but took me to a higher level of understanding of every event for a reason. Thank you for bringing this gift to the world and for grounding these transformative energies, Lia.”
Rosalee Armitage.

“My profound experience started as soon as you anointed me and it continued during the meditation when you placed your arms around me and spoke the Sirian language. My heart overflowed with such love and the tears came.”
LLa’Rah Star


Leanne Williams –

“The language and tones brought tears to my eyes, touched my heart and left me feeling so light, free, loved, enlightened and at peace. I feel truly blessed and grateful.”
Karen Low

“I wanted to share with you that I now am a channel for a wonderful language coming through me. I have been told it is the language of light and I know it shifts energy amazingly. I use it with my Orion healing and it is so beautiful. I am very grateful. I feel that my session with you had something to do with my opening up to it.”
Colleen Clark

“Starsong’ had a powerful healing effect on me. At the end of the CD I lapsed into deep meditation where experience of higher levels of consciousness was possible. It’s as if the music is the key for unlocking doors leading to intuitive perception.
H. Milton

“I have been glued to the CD player with your songs and have had visions of sacred geometry and things that I cannot put into words.”
Annick Touissant


Artwork: Brian Exton –

“We may not have understood a literal translation of the language (although one lady said she did), but we could certainly feel the meaning behind the words and sounds. Pure love and compassion cannot be mistaken in any language. The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are a gift to all, and our souls recognise the messages they carry.”

Michelle Mc Grath

“The first time I listened to ‘Starsong’ I started crying incessantly and repeatedly asked the question ‘why?’.  When I finally calmed down, I joined you in your song and was able to follow almost every word and kept in tune with you. In the end I was peaceful and relaxed. When I listened to ‘Song of the Earth, I felt a similar tightness in my solar plexus set in at first, then I joined in with your singing, reciting nearly every word.  Towards the end I drifted off and eventually I got out of a deep trance, feeling completely refreshed. Amazing things have been happening since I started listening to the CDs!”
Fridelle Stanwix

“Crystal Keys’ captured my sorrow, actualizing it and re-framing it, in a way that allowed that odyssey of sorrow to find a healing, uplifting and transmuting gateway. It provides me with a safety net –  and safe place where I have the feeling of ‘I am home with my star family, receiving what I need’. Thank you Lia, for this gift.”
Betty-Lou Kristy  – Canada

“Your CD “The Luminous Pearl” is so very soothing to my soul. The language you speak comes from which Planet or else where? I play this CD often and I just am in another zone. It is hard to describe, my emotions are instantly lifted to peace and healing and beauty, although I do not think these words truly describe feeling. I think what I feel is absolute Love.”
Cherie Anderson                                                                                


Leanne Williams –

“Lia’s music has a natural ability to unlock the soul and allow the unseen world to influence us. The language she uses is sound inspired by light, emotion and a smile from the Divine.”

RJ Lannan – Zone Music Reporter

“The incredible intonations and evocations of Lia Scallon’s channelled vocalisations, weaves folds upon fold of memory, visualisation, creativity and energy.”
Yen Wynddanncer

“Above all this is the voice of Lia which one can only describe as ‘angelic’. She sings in words of a mysterious, unknown language, though the message is clearly understood and accessible to anyone willing to open their heart to the sounds of a new world full of Light, Love and Divine presence.”
Sergey Oreshkin –Ascentor Magazine

“Lia’s voice and music carry coded sounds to unlock doorways in the heart and soul. Her superb vocals carry us to great heights.”
Richard Giles  – Nexus Magazine, Australia

Enlightened one sml

Leanne Williams –

“There is a sense of purpose to this music…it is intended as a tool for inner attunement and uplifting the spirit.”
Michael Diamond – Music and Media Review

“I could feel my Auric field immediately shift, and all the bitterness and resentment just release away. I was able to go to sleep peaceful and contented. Your voice has such a magical and healing quality. It is just so uplifting. I felt transported to another dimension of love and light.”
Sheridan Gschwind

“You know right away with ‘Crystal Keys’ that you are hearing sounds of enlightenment and energy. Ten joyous excursions into the healing side of music that we should make mandatory listening for anyone entertaining the idea of political office.”
Rotcod Zzaj  –

“Lia’s healing voice brought to life the music of my soul.”
Virginia Pearce


Lise Nielson –