Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius

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It has been said that Lia Scallon’s angelic songs and Light Language known as the Sounds of Sirius, carry the frequency of pure Love. These exquisite songs have the ability to transform the energy field of the listener, and activate our innate ability to self-heal. Many people say the Sounds of Sirius reach deep into their soul, giving them a sense of coming home. Others feel the music awakens them to their life’s true purpose. The following words from J.J.Hurtak’s book ‘The Keys of Enoch’ seem an apt description of the effects of Lia’s Language of Light…

“The energy words are to be used to code your body directly into the light. They also provide the sound vibrations of greeting and protection. To place these ancient energy words into English, modern Indo-European languages or some other language, would deprive consciousness of a direct experience with the power of the sacred language. Transposing these words would cause them to lose their energy pulse, which is similar to the symphonic song of a musical masterpiece transposed out of its original key into a strange cacophony.”   

It is Lia’s most sincere wish that her sacred songs may bring all who hear them an increased sense of inner harmony and peace, and a remembrance of that spark of Divine Light that resides deep within.