January 2, 2013

The Luminous Pearl

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and Happy New Earth!

Well, we have crossed the threshold….we have entered the doorway…

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The 2012 Winter Solstice and the final day of the Mayan Long Count Calendar on December 21st has passed. One world cycle has ended and another has begun. We have entered the World of the 5th Sun. A New Beginning, a New Earth dawns… The way is open for us now to co-create the world we truly wish to see…to be the pioneers of real change, which begins in the heart.

Apparently, a message was received from the Hopi Indians in Hopiland that the Blue Star Kachina was seen at 9pm on December 21, 2012 and again at Sunrise on December 22. According to the Hopi, this affirms that we have now passed from the 4th World into the 5th World.


The Hopi Indians have many myths, symbols and ceremonies identical to the Maya, the Q’ero of Peru, the Tibetans, the Incas and others. Their oral history has been passed down for generations. The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old Hopi story which says that the return of the Blue Star Katchina will be the sign that tells us that a new day and new way of life, a new world is coming.


My New Album is Underway!

In my last message, I shared that I had received strong guidance to go into the recording studio to record a new album at this landmark time in our history. The main intention and purpose of this timing was to capture and harness the Higher Consciousness energies entering our planet, by embedding those frequencies into the music. All those who hear this music therefore, wherever they may be in the world, will have access to the new cosmic codes, information and activation carried within it.


The 2012 December 21st Winter Solstice took place at exactly 11.11am. . At this precise moment the ecliptic of our solar system intersected with the Galactic Equator of the Milky Way. This has never happened before which made this Solstice like no other Winter Solstice!

I shared this information with the other musicians before we began recording on the 21st, saying that I’d like us to be actually recording at this specific time. I wanted to really focus on our becoming conduits for the unique and intensified Sound and Light frequencies flooding in from the cosmos via the energy gateway in that moment.

We got an immediate and fabulous, synchronistic confirmation of the ‘rightness’ of this intention. Just after I shared the information, our engineer Nigel called out excitedly from his recording desk, “Come and have a look at this!” beckoning to us to come to look at his computer screensaver. ‘It could have been one of a million images,” he said, “but look what it is…” There on screen was an image of the Milky Way shifting into images of space nebulas and cosmic star scenes!

A Sneak Preview!

We had three fantastic days of recording. I feel totally blessed to have been surrounded by such wonderful musicians who were completely open to the process at hand. Everyone involved seemed genuinely excited to have the freedom to create ‘in the moment’, improvising to the melodies coming through me, instead of having to work to a fixed score. It is in this free-form, improvised environment that magic can happen and I think we may indeed have captured some magic!

Some of the same musical ‘team’ were involved who worked on my last award-winning album ‘Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal’.

Nigel Pegrum, the owner of Pegasus Studios in Cairns is an important linchpin. A former member of 1970’s chart-topping, British folk-rock group Steeleye Span, Nigel is a highly sought after music producer and engineer, with some 200 CD’s, film and TV and advertising soundtracks to his credit. A two-time Aria award winner and five-time Aria nominee, Nigel has won awards for Best Producer, Best Engineer, and Best Album.

Not only does Nigel provide the critical technical recording skills needed on this new album, his overall contribution in terms of production is invaluable. Nigel and I have many intense hours, days and weeks of post-production refining to look forward to!

On top of these aforementioned skills, he also just happens to be a superb flautist!

Mark Manock, who did an absolutely fantastic job on ‘Crystal Keys’, flew up from Melbourne for the three days of recording. Mark has been involved in over seventy albums worldwide. He has recorded with, written for, performed and supported artists such as Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox. TV compositions include the American Survivor series. He has won several awards including an award for ‘Outstanding Services to Education’.

It is an utter joy to work with Mark who is a genius on any form of keyboards and more.

Nigel and Mark have been working together for 17 years with their own record company, Australian Sun Records. They therefore communicate almost telepathically and in a musical code lingo all of their own!!

David Hudson who played on ‘Crystal Keys’, also happily agreed to come back for more! David is arguably the world’s leading exponent of the didgeridoo. He has toured the world performing both on his own, and with the legendary Yanni, playing in venues ranging from the Taj Mahal to the Egyptian Pyramids. I’m really looking forward to recording with David again back into the studio tomorrow.

Until very recently, David was also General Manager of the Tjapukai Cultural Centre in Cairns for several years. It was magical to hear him play again, and to have his sounds enrich and amplify the energy on a number of the tracks.

Simon Mc Menamin – I really wanted to have some violin on this new album I feel as it’s an instrument that can really pull at the heartstings. Simon Mc Menamin is a classically trained violinist who trained at the Conservatorium in Brisbane and has toured with The Waifs and Missy Higgins, amongst others. I am absolutely thrilled with Simon’s contribution on both violin and mandolin, and I’m sure you will love what you hear from him too.

Ben Hakalitz – A hugely exciting addition to the musical line-up was Yothu Yindi drummer, Ben Hakalitz. When we recorded with him on December 21st, Ben had just returned from Sydney where he and the other members of the iconic Australian band Yothu Yindi had been inducted into the Australian Music Hall of Fame, in the presence of 10,000 people at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Ben has added some very cool grooves to several tracks! I feel it an honour indeed to have his unique talent and presence on this new album.

The Master Skull Solar

The Master Skull Solar was present in the studio throughout, overseeing proceedings! I created an altar for him in the main recording room, directly opposite where my mic was placed so he was always in my eyeline, as well as being close to where Mark sat at his keyboards. At one point when we all spontaneously aborted a track that didn’t seem to be gelling, Mark said, ‘I turned to look at him and he’d changed colour, so I thought I’d better stop!!” We got the message Solar!

all of the last week again, doing lots more additional recording. Simon was back to add some flourishes to what he had already done and two Tiwi Islander singers came in to add their warm rich vocals beneath mine on a few tracks – beautiful!

I’ve been helping out on with some percussion myself too! I got a lovely surprise to see the Light Orbs around me when I downloaded this one tonight! These are turn of the century Timpani – they don’t make them like this any more!

The Luminous Pearl

Up until now the working title for this new album has been ‘Songs of the New Earth’. I think I have now received have the final title. This new creation will be called ‘The Luminous Pearl’.

Why ‘The Luminous Pearl’? There’s a bit of a story to tell about that!

A rare artifact called ‘The Luminous Pearl’ has recently come into my care. This is an extraordinary crystal that literally lights up in the dark! The first time this piece was seen in public was at the recent 12.12.12 event I facilitated in Cairns.

The Luminous Pearl came to me through a man called Frank Loo who has been the conduit for getting many ancient crystal skulls and artifacts to people across the world. Some months ago when he was in China he met a female shaman who lives in a remote village in the west of China. Since the age of 17, she has devoted her life to the path of Taoism. Before her teacher passed over, she bequeathed The Luminous Pearl to her student.

She showed Frank this very powerful object, telling him that it absorbs energies during the day, and then at night or in darkness, it releases a powerful luminous ray of Light which she described as being ‘The Language of Light’. In the several decades since she became its custodian, this woman who is now in her 80’s, has meditated with ‘The Luminous Pearl’ daily.

She told Frank she felt the time had now come however, for her to pass this sacred object on to its new keeper before she transitioned to the next world. She said it needed to find its way to another woman who would seriously make use of it to heal others as well as herself – not just healings for physical sickness but also for a wide range of spiritual purposes. When Frank asked her if it was possible for a male to be its caretaker, she said, “No – this one has been with a female for a long period of time and must continue to be in a female lineage.”

Because Luminous Pearls are a very rare type of crystal –an unusual form of fluorite –  they have been very sought after. In ancient days in China, many battles were fought because kings wanted to possess one of these powerful crystals. At the end of the Ching Dynasty, the Empress Dowager who was the great grandmother of The Last Emperor of China, requested that a luminous pearl to be put inside her mouth before her death, so that it would light up her path to the next world.

The female shaman told Frank that he would receive a very clear sign indicating who the Pearl’s new caretaker was meant to be. When Frank arrived home to Hong Kong, he found the CD package I’d sent waiting for him. He was astounded when he opened the package and read my brochure, for in it I describe the language accompanying the Sounds of Sirius as ‘The Language of Light’. He knew immediately that this was the sign the shaman spoke of and he felt sure that I was to be the new caretaker of The Luminous Pearl.

When Frank returned to visit the shaman the following week to say he thought he had found the new guardian for ‘The Luminous Pearl’, she asked him 3 questions. “Is she from the south? Is she a singer and can she dance?” She related to him that a couple of nights before, she had had a vision when she was meditating with ‘The Luminous Pearl’. In the vision she heard sweet and beautiful music being sung and then a crimson coloured butterfly came and started to “dance” around The Luminous Pearl. Crimson, according to the 5 Elements represents south and of course, Australia is south of China!


Frank told her about me and she said, “Yes, she is the right person to be the guardian. I am glad she came”, she said, “otherwise when I passed over I am afraid ‘The Luminous Pearl’ will land in the hands of a person who is not supposed to be the guardian. I am very happy that I have fullfilled my responsiblity to ‘The Luminous Pearl’.” She reminded him once more, to tell me that this sacred object has a feminine lineage, and that when the day comes for me to pass it on to another person, that person has to be a female.

On Boxing Day morning, two days after the main recording was completed, I woke up with a vision of the new album having the title ‘The Luminous Pearl’. I was then shown the significance of this very clearly.

Before going in to the studio I had formatted a structure for the album tracks so that myself and the other musicians would have a specific meditation at hand for every track , to help us to ‘tune in’ before recording each one. What I had envisaged was that each song on this album would represent and radiate the energy of one of the qualities we would wish our new Earth to embody…eg Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Mystery, Love etc

What I saw that Boxing Day morning was a magnificent vision of Planet Earth, glowing in the centre of the Cosmos like ‘The Luminous Pearl’. This, I was told, is what can happen if we do indeed imbue our lives and our relationships, with the beautiful qualities of the New Earth. Mother Earth herself will then begin to glow with Light….she will become ‘The Luminous Pearl’.

Interestingly, apart from The Master Skull Solar, I brought only one other major crystal to the studio with me. On the floor at the foot of Solar’s altar, I created a separate altar with The Luminous Pearl in the centre!

As a result of this vision I had, I decided to record another totally new title track called ‘The Luminous Pearl’. I set up a new altar in the recording room for the Pearl before ‘tuning in’ to download the track. I hope you will like what you hear….

The Essence of  ‘The Luminous Pearl’ album

I believe this new album is about Transformation; it is about Hope; it is about Beauty and it is about Love.  It is about all the things we would wish our planet it embody as we move into the future. I believe the music contained within ‘The Luminous Pearl’ album will carry the energy of who we are becoming….

The following inspirational clip demonstrates that this transformation is entirely possible – that it is in fact already happening. This touching tale carries a message for our New Earth. It tells us that Beauty is all around us just waiting to be discovered and it can emerge from the very refuse and the dirt.

I hope this finds you well and happy and that you have enjoyed a wondrous 21.12.12 as well as many joyous Christmas and New Year moments with your family and friends.

I am back in the studio every day at the moment and there are several weeks of post-production ahead so please, keep sending me your positive energetic support. I really want this new album to be all that it can possibly be in the hope that the unique Sound/Light frequencies the music carries will bring much joy, transformation, healing, and awakening to all who are drawn to experience its energies.

Sending you as always,

Much Love and many Blessings,


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