‘The Luminous Pearl’ Reviews

WINNER OWMMA – BEST NEW AGE ALBUM – International One World Music Awards

2nd PLACE-  BEST SOUND HEALING ALBUM –  International COVR Awards

FINALIST –  BEST VOCAL ALBUM –  International ZMR Awards

Music Industry Reviews

“A remarkable album. ‘The Luminous Pearl’ is one of the most unusual, beautifully produced and wonderfully arranged albums I have had the pleasure to come into contact with, in the last few years.”                                                                     Steve Sheppard – One World Radio

“The Luminous Pearl is the ‘crown jewel’ in vocalist Lia Scallon’s career. Scallon’s lovely, almost otherworldly voice is supplemented by a hand-picked group of instrumentalists whose talents perfectly complement her ethereal vocals,  transporting the listener to a place of peace and introspective contemplation. Weaving together subtle threads of world beat, courtesy of ace didgeridoo artist David Hudson, percussionist Nigel Pegrum, Mark Mannock’s piano and keyboards, and important contributions from several others, with flowing, serene New Age Music melodicism, the resultant combination of voice and instrumental musicianship yields a mixture of sensual earthiness, delicate beauty, and mystical allure. CD packaging rates an A+ with copious and informative liner notes contained in a well-laid out digipack which features additional inner pages.”
Bill Binkelman – Zone Music Reporter

Lia has created an incredible space of ‘power, Light and Love’ in sacred music that is beautiful and soulful with radiant melodies. This is one of the best New Age albums recently released.                                                                                    Sergey Oreshkin – Ascentor

“Lia Scallon’s music has a natural ability to unlock the soul and allow the unseen world to influence us. The language she uses is sound inspired by light, emotion and a smile from the Divine.”
RJ Lannan – ZMR, USA

“An elegant and magnificent album, The Luminous Pearl is a journey into a destination beyond language as we know it, to a place of beauty and spiritual fulfillment that captured my heart from the first moment it began to play. This album completely transformed my day, helping me reach a place of tranquility and peace. It walks in beauty, luminous as a pearl hidden amongst the shimmering stars.”
Dana Wright – Muzikreviews.com – USA

It’s as if four enormous walls come down to shield us from the aggressiveness of modern times, and the sky opens to illuminate our ideal world…That’s how I felt on hearing the incredible new release by Lia Scallon, The Luminous Pearl is a stunning album…The Luminous Pearl creates dreams!
Alejandro Clavijo – ReviewsNewAge.com – Europe

“Lia’s angelic invocations have a mystical air, reminiscent of songs from the movie Avatar or Lord Of The Rings. The Luminous Pearl will shine brightly among the musical offerings of this gifted artist.”
Michael DiamondMusic and Media Focus, USA

“My show ‘Souls Australis’ is just small drop in our vast ocean but if I can do my bit, no matter how small it seems, I trust that your sounds will resonate their own magnificence and find the place where they are meant to be heard! I want to thank you so much for your sounds Lia. What you create is exactly the ethos, message and soul I am endeavouring to share through my show. My warmest gratitude, love and light.
Lissa-Kathe Rummery – Souls Australis Radio

General Public Testimonials

Lia your voice, the instruments, everything…what can I say… absolutely BREATHTAKING. ‘Age of Wisdom’ catapulted straight into my heart centre. I had tears rolling down my face. Many other tracks did this too. ‘Dreaming the World’ had me getting up and dancing round! Just listening to it makes me feel excited with lots of stirrings within. What a beautiful gift you have, and how you share it with the world.
Cheryl Goodsell

‘Wow’…is all I have kept repeating! The story of the Luminous Pearl has resonated, touched and activated my entire being. Lia you are doing extraordinary work and a beautiful service to our planet and her people. I pray that I will be in your presence once more, to hear those sounds sung live.

Upon listening to your CD I had chills! Lia, your voice is so clear and angelic…I feel transported home to Heaven! Much love & gratitude.
Evie Weaver

I just listened to Lia Scallon’s new album ‘The Luminous Pearl’ having a massage exchange with a friend. This divine music took us through a beautiful journey of healing and connection. For anyone wanting some meaningful music to work with in their clinics, office, healing rooms or homes, this healing music awaits you, and those you work with. It sets the vibration of healing like no other. Beautiful Lia…Congratulations.
Wendy Everett

I am delighted to have received your wondrous new album ‘The Luminous Pearl’. My heart was opened in bliss, on listening to its beauty. These are sounds that most definitely need sharing around our globe.
Lissa-Käthe Rummery – Radio Host

The Luminous Pearl” is by far your best album yet! I got it today and have already heard it twice. Love love, love it! Great work Lia.
Cece Stevens

Your album is so beautiful! The songs give me goosebumps and move me deeply! Your voice is a gift to the world bringing much healing of soul needed at this time! With love and blessings.
Liz Hamilton

A huge THANK YOU for your gift to the world of “The Luminous Pearl”. It is truly beautiful, and so sublime. I felt lifted to another dimension.
Margaret Riseley

Lia, this is without a doubt the best you have ever done – it is simply beautiful! I will be using it for meditations.Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with me and everyone else too.
Joani Jiannine

“Your CD “The Luminous Pearl” is so very soothing to my soul. The language you speak comes from which Planet or else where? I play this CD often and I just am in another zone. It is hard to describe, my emotions are instantly lifted to peace and healing and beauty, although I do not think these words truly describe feeling. I think what I feel is absolute Love.”
Cherie Anderson

Thank you for the most wonderful CD. It is truly a most wonderful way to awaken and nurture the Soul.
Paula Ireland

“I listened to your  CD last night. It was hauntingly beautiful. I had a crown chakra experience of angelic Light Language…just breathtaking.
Angela Taylor