March 7, 2013

Luminous Update & Surprise

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress for my new album ‘The Luminous Pearl’.

When I last wrote a couple of weeks ago, I thought I had signed off on the final mix. Well…not quite after all!! I’ve been back into the studio since then but I’m now most relieved and delighted to say that I have indeed signed off on the fully mastered album at last. There are always challenging and painful aspects to bringing a project like this to its full and perfect fruition but as they say, if something is worth doing at all, it is worth doing right!

It doesn’t help that Mercury is Retrograde at the moment… a planetary influence that is notorious for causing delays and setbacks! In line with this, just after I sent all the material for the digi-pak and booklet artwork to my graphic artist, he told me that he had to go away unexpectedly for 10 days. I’m sure there is some Divine plan in all of this! He’ll be back early next week however, and I’m hoping that soon after, we will have everything ready for the manufacturer.

Speaking of the Divine Plan in all of this…..the magical numerological feature of this production continues to unfold. The final mix of the album was completed on 1/ 3/ 13 = 13 – 13. It also happened to be St David’s Day. Nigel is Welsh and St David is the patron saint of Wales! The album was fully mastered and completed on 4/ 3/ 2013 = 13. How’s that for the continuation of the numerological synergy!!

A Luminous Gift of Thanks

I am very sensitive to the fact that many of you pre-ordered your copy of the album in January, and that you are probably desperate to get your hands on it by now! I don’t blame you…I am too!! I truly appreciate your patience and as a gesture of gratitude for that, I will be sending a special surprise gift to everyone who has already pre-ordered ‘The Luminous Pearl’. This will be enclosed with your copy of the album and I think you’ll be very pleased!

The First Reviews of ‘The Luminous Pearl’

Two music reviewers – one from the USA and one from Europe, were sent copies of the Final Mix of the new album and have already given me their first feedback. Both reviewers will be writing more detailed track-by-track reviews, but here is their initial response… – Europe

“It’s as if four enormous walls come down to shield us from the aggressiveness of modern times, and the sky opens to illuminate our ideal world…That’s how I felt on hearing the incredible new release by Lia Scallon, which is undoubtedly the best work of her career. Entitled The Luminous Pearl, Scallon has created an album where the melody plays a vital role in every track. With the addition to the musical palette, of new instruments that blend perfectly with Lia’s voice – a voice that is still whispering, delicate, and healing – in The Luminous Pearl, it becomes more angelic than ever. Accompanying the vocals, we enjoy beautiful instrumentals from Nigel Pegrum (flutes and percussion), Mark Mannock (piano and keyboards), David Hudson (Digeridoo and Aboriginal voices), Ben Hakalitz (drums) and Simon McMenamin (violin, viola and mandolin), which give this CD a surprising musicality.

The Luminous Pearl heralds another a landmark development in Scallon’s music. The voice, which is the main instrument throughout the album, has found the perfect partners in the new instruments she has chosen to feature. This album offers a much wider-ranging and enriching experience for her followers. Not only will their meditations be enhanced by Lia’s beautiful voice, they will also enjoy melodies that are simply amazing. The Luminous Pearl is a stunning album that could provide the score for any good documentary film or movie. The Luminous Pearl creates dreams!! Very highly recommended!”

Alejandro Clavijo

Music and Media Focus

“In the afterglow of her international award-winning Crystal Keys album, Australian recording artist Lia Scallon has poured heart and soul into crafting her follow up release, The Luminous Pearl. As a spiritually attuned vocalist, singing in what she calls a Language of Light, Lia’s angelic invocations are created to foster healing and higher energies within listeners. Her sacred sounds have a mystical air about them, reminiscent of songs heard in the movie “Avatar” or “Lord Of The Rings.” On The Luminous Pearl, Lia has surrounded herself with a number of top-notch studio musicians who collectively have recorded with Steeleye Span, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, Yanni, and more. In addition to the heavenly ethereal sounds for which Lia is well known, this new release also features earthy elements, such as percussive rhythms and the aboriginal ambiance of the didgeridoo. With the focus of the album being on transformation, hope, beauty and love. The Luminous Pearl will shine brightly among the musical offerings of this gifted artist.”

Michael Diamond

I am, as you can imagine, absolutely thrilled by this first response from two of the worlds top New Age Music reviewers. I will be waiting with equal, if not more anticipation, for your feedback when you finally receive your copies!

In other news….

Shambhalla Animal Ceremony

Our ceremony on Sunday at the Zoo was just beautiful. Mandala artist Clive Walters describes the event perfectly…

“We put our belief that ‘we are all one’ to the test on Sunday with a ceremony for the animals at the wildlife safari park, who have lived in the low vibrational energy of corporate conflict, bankruptcy and imminent closure for several years, and now face a move to another country as the zoo closes.

Our aim was to show the animals our compassion and our understanding of their uncertain future – anything else was secondary. We acquired thousands of dollars worth of gifts to use in raffles, and had about 40 people all dressed in white turned out to show their support. As usual, we had a fine time drumming – especially to the lions, accompanied by the amazingly soft but powerful healing sounds of the Soul Harmonics Orchestra. Success came not only from the funds raised, but the keepers tell us that since Wendy Everett decided to do this special ceremony some 5 weeks ago, the animals have been ‘ different’.

Malcom Bell began the ceremony by connecting us with ancient knowledge, telling us that in the case of the animals, we should use the word Ascension not extinction. At the very moment that Lia, the custodian of the crystal skulls, introduced us to the Sacred “White” animal spirits and did her channelling, the lions who are normally asleep in the shade at that hot time, began to ‘talk’ not roar, as the keepers put it – but loud enough for us to hear them clearly in the function room. They were answering the call. We all had a strong sense of connection to spirit and we all felt we were for once, standing in our truth.

The day was truly Wonder full. Thank you all those who participated, to those who couldn’t come but bought raffle tickets, to those who live in other countries who sent gifts, those who gave freely of their professional time, and thank you Wendy for having the courage to keep going despite being drenched in the waves of negative energy that just kept coming. Many blessings to all of us- human and animal, as we step through the gate into the Golden Age… into joy, abundance and Unification.”

Thank you Clive for this beautiful account of this very special day. Here are some photos of the event for your interest….

As we did our drumming finale for the lions right next to their habitat, the leader of the pack came right over to ‘speak’ to us and show her appreciation! She stood there looking directly at us for a good five minutes or more…it was very moving.

After drumming to the Lions and sharing some beautiful fresh tropical fruit and drinks, we made our way in procession, down to the Ceremonial centre for the main ceremony.

The Soul Harmonics Orchestra, created some wonderful soothing and uplifting sounds to prepare us for Malcolm’s channelling of the Spirit Being Aranuth, and for my meditation and channelling of the Sounds of Sirius for those present.

Wendy Everett – organizer of the event – and Clive Walters present Zoo owner, Elaine Harrison with the magnificent Mandala Clive painted specifically, to honour the animals of the Shambhalla the Zoo. It is no doubt, a piece that Elaine will treasure forever.

Liz Ferris brought her 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals too! As the ceremony came to a close, we all had great fun – particularly the children present – creating this fabulous crystal mandala….

All in all, is was a very special day that we hope will remain in Elaine’s heart and in the hearts of the animals, as they move forward into the next phase of their lives, in their new homes.

Next time I write, I hope to be able to give you a link to a music player where you can listen to sound samples of ‘The Luminous Pearl’. And I also hope to be able to give you that final date of arrival of the shipment of the album to my door!!

I hope this finds you all very well and happy.

May the gifts of Self-Love, Joy and the realization of your own Divinity, reveal themselves to you from deep within, now that we have entered the New Age of Wisdom. Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.

Wishing you as always,

Much Love and many Blessings,




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