Message From the Source Stone Guardians


March 24th, 2023 marked the arrival of Pluto into the sign of Aquarius. This was no small thing. The last time Pluto transited out of Capricorn into Aquarius was in 1778 – 248 years ago! Which means no-one alive has ever experienced this astrological event .

Pluto is the Planet of Death and Rebirth. As such, it brings with it seismic change. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius we had the French Revolution, the American Revolution and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Each of these events saw the transfer of power to the people. When the transformational energy of Pluto combines with the  inventive and creative energy of Aquarius, the stage is set for epoch-changing developments.

I thought it fit therefore, to mark this very important event with ceremony. When I entered my Crystal Room in the early morning of March 24th, I began by welcoming Pluto, and voicing my heartfelt intention to dedicate my energies to aligning with the Pluto and Aquarius in service to humanity. Astrologers have predicted that during this time, we will see the transfer of the centralised power of the few, back into the hands of the greater human family. The more of us who support that transition ‘consciously’, I feel the smoother and less volatile that it may be.

My ceremony was barely underway when I received an unexpected interruption in the form of a loud voice in my ear from the new shipment of Source Stones that had just arrived! I had hoped the shipment would arrive in time for the March 20th Equinox so that  could include the Stones in my Equinox Crystal Grid, but they arrived two days late on March 22nd.

I soon realised however, that they were actually early, not late! That insistent whisper in my ear in the Crystal Room, was to let me know that these Stones wished to be part of this Pluto ceremony. They too, wished to dedicate their energy to the same purpose I had voiced.

Having been placed on The Master Solar’s altar flanked by the five Master Source Stones, the new Stones radiated beauty and Light. As I had unwrapped each one my heart filled with delight, for these are some of the most beautiful Stones I’ve received in the 10 years since the first Source Stones were birthed. This is a small shipment of just 50 hand-carved Stones, and each one is bursting with individual energy and character.



Message From the Stones
During the ensuing ceremony I went very deep. From within that shamanic space of the No-Time, these beautiful Crystalline Beings spoke to me.

They told me that their new custodians are the Change-makers – ones who will play a powerful role in shaping the new future of humanity. They are the Change-makers and the Lightbearers. The Stones told me that their mission and destiny was to support these Change-makers. With their high-vibrational, crystalline frequency, they will amplify the Light these special souls emanate into the world.

They showed me how, as their new custodians become part of the Source Stone sacred Indigo Grid of Light, the vast power of Pluto will pulse through the entire Grid. As the Change-makers and their Source Stone partner add their energy to the Grid, every other Source Stone in the Grid will receive the amplified Pluto energy too.

Each of these 50 Pluto Powerhouses is destined for a specific person in a specific location, from whence they will radiate their Light into the world. These Stones have already chosen those with whom they wish to partner, to accelerate the ushering in of the New Earth that is already upon us.


The Master Skull Solar

Initiation with The Master Solar

After 3 days of ceremony I thought the initiation of the new Pluto Stones was complete. I was prompted nonetheless, to let them remain on Solar’s altar for a while longer. The Master Solar is the overseer of the Sounds of Source project. The energy, wisdom and knowledge of this inter-dimensional Master imbues every Source Stone. His Love radiates from and through them, to be felt by their custodian.

Two days later however, I was called to do ceremony with the Stones again.

One Stone presented immediately as wishing to remain with me.
I was then taken through a process with this Stone, which I was told was being simultaneously applied to the other 49 Stones.

  • First, the Stone was placed on my 3rd Eye.
  • Next, I had to put my 3rd Eye against Solar’s 3rd Eye, with the Stone between us. This merged my energy with Solar’s energy via the Stone.
  • I now had to lie down with the Stone still on my 3rd Eye. I asked the Stone what it’s purpose was with me.
  • The answer came quickly and strongly in one word  –  STABILISER
  • This particular group of Stones has a specific purpose, quality and gift for their new guardian, and through them for the Planet. During this time of the ‘Quickening’ there is an increased intensity and acceleration of Photonic Light pouring unto the Planet. The Stone will act as a Stabiliser, helping the bearer to integrate the new Light frequencies.
  •  The new energies can be very disruptive. Driven by Pluto, they are breaking down and dissolving stagnant old frequencies. Hence the chaotic nature of what is occurring in the outer world at present
  • These Stones are specifically gifted to help stabilise the being during this unique time in human history.


Daily Stabilising Ritual 

  • I was then taken through a Stabilising ritual to use daily.
  • I was guided to rest the Stone on each of my 7 Chakras for as long as needed to bring a sense of calm and balance to that centre.
  • As soon as I placed the Stone on the first centre, I was connected instantly, to the sacred Indigo Grid of Light. I was instructed to draw on the incredible power built up in this Grid over the past 10 years, and to see that energy that had been nurtured by hundreds of dedicated Lightworkers across the Planet, pour into the chakra to cleanse, energise and stabilise it. This was an incredibly powerful.
  • As I repeated this process with each chakra, I went deeper and deeper, until I was in a state of such deep relaxation that my body felt paralysed.
  • Suddenly, I saw all the acupuncture points and meridians throughout my body begin to flow in total harmony, balance and alignment.
  • I was shown that as each custodian of these new Stones experienced this ritual, it would not only stabilise their chakras and their body, it would also stabilise the chakras, acupuncture points and meridians of the Planet itself, particularly in the specific geographical area in which they were located.
  • And by the laws of connection and entanglement, every other Source Stone in existence would also resonate with this same harmony and balance.

This was such a beautiful and powerful experience. It is recommended to do this exercise daily.

Some of those who will feel called to become the guardian of one of these new Stones, I know will wish to use your Stone as part of your crystal grids or medicine wheels. I was given a recommendation about this too.


Using Your Source Stone in a Crystal Grid

  • First, place the Stone in the North, South, East and West positions of the grid, with the intention of stabilising the energy, before making your final desired placement of the Stone within the grid.
  • Alternatively, or as well, call on the four SOS Master Source Stones to anchor the grid to the North, South, East and West.


Are You One Of The Change-makers?

Are you one of the 50 Lightbearers and Change-makers?
Do you feel the call to anchor the Light of Source unto the Planet in your geographical location?


Divine Synchronicity One more exquisite piece of timing and synchronicity occurs to me as I conclude this message.

One more exquisite piece of timing occurs to me as I conclude this sharing.

It is Easter Weekend as I launch these new Stones to the world. The underlying theme and energy of Easter is that of Death and Rebirth, as millions of people across the globe pay homage to the death and resurrection of Christ.

What beautiful and Divine synchronicity it is that these new Source Stones are to be released at Easter, just when Pluto, the planet of Death and Rebirth, has entered our lives in such a powerful way. The timing is no accident methinks!


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