September 9, 2015

Mexico 2016 – Journey of Love

feat4Many of you beautiful souls have followed the adventures of my sacred travels over the past several years, through my newsletters. It is always very moving for me to hear how the accounts of these journeys to Mother Earth’s power places resonate so deeply with you, and to know that through the telling of my stories, you too have in some way been able to travel to those places ‘in spirit’. It’s because of this that I can hardly contain my excitement about the news I have to share with you!

For the first time ever, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to travel me – not just in spirit this time, but physically! Myself and my very dear soul sister Stephanie Phelps of White Horse Journeys, along with Illuminado Tours’s Trudy Woodcock and Miguel Angel Vergara from Mexico, invite you to travel with us deep into the heart of the Ancient Maya, to unlock the wisdom bequeathed by them in stone. In so doing, we hope that you will unlock many of the long-held secrets of your soul, allowing a deep cleansing and transformation to take place within you.

On this very special journey you will be asked to open your heart, and experience the profound unconditional love of Mother Earth. The Maya wisdom teaches us that the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth are connected through our own hearts. As you open your heart to walk through the ancient temples of the Maya, and participate in ceremonies and meditations to attune your vibration to that of the Ancient Masters, you will not only receive the amazing healing power of love for yourself, but also for the new world in which we are now living. Integral to the journey, along with ceremony and meditation, will be a rich exploration of the Divine Feminine and the mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

Your four presenter/guides have individually and collectively performed ceremony in many of the world’s most sacred sites. There’s something about this upcoming journey however, that feels very important and very special to us. A Divine hand has already been clearly visible in our coming together, and we feel that the people who answer the call to join us in the Yucatan, are pre-destined to be there.

presenters-mexico2016Left to right…

Stephanie Phelps  – Intuitive spiritual guide, Shamanka healer and Crystal Skull caretaker (USA)
Miguel Angel Vergara  – Mayan Shaman, teacher, author and historian (Mexico)
Trudy Woodcock  – Divine Feminine Priestess, author and Earth mother (Mexico)
Lia Scallon  – Sound healer, chanel, Crystal Skull caretaker, award-winning Singer/Composer (Australia)

The Path of Ceremony
This will be a journey of experience – not facts and figures. The path we will travel is the path of ceremony. By entering each sacred site with an open heart and an open mind, allowing ourselves to be guided in the moment by Spirit in spontaneous ceremony, we will stand in readiness to receive the astounding power that these ancient temples hold. The Yucatan has been called the Land of the Crystal Skulls, and the mysterious Crystal Skulls will contribute greatly to the ceremonial process.

A Deeper Purpose
A deeper collective purpose lies at the heart of this journey. Those called to this sacred pilgrimage will perform an important service to Mother Earth and humanity. The Yucatan contains some of the earth’s most potent power nodes. At this time of ‘The Shift of the Ages’ these nodes are being re-activated for the benefit of mankind and Mother Gaia herself. Our group task will be to help accelerate this reactivation, and amplify the effect of the Crystalline Grid through our presence, prayer and ceremony.

Soul Family Reunited
A joyful discovery awaits those called to join us…we are already family! StarSeed and EarthSeed through many lifetimes and dimensions we have travelled, to be part of this blessed reunion. In joyful remembrance of our origins as inter-dimensional beings of Light, we will claim and celebrate our dual heritage –  Children of the Stars and Children of the Earth, reunited to usher in the new Golden Age of Light.

A Pre-destined Call to Action
It is no accident that these four teachers from across the globe have been drawn together to make this joint call to action. Right here and right now we are in a time of profound change…a time of consciously dreaming our new world into being. The ‘conscious dreamers’ who gather with us within the sacred temples of the ancient Maya, are part of the advance guard. The task we undertake is pre-destined. We are the pioneers and the co-creators. We are amongst those who are shaping the way of things to come. This is a clarion call of Love…do you hear it??

The Itinerary
‘Journey of Love’ will take you to many Ancient Temple sites in the Yucatan Peninsula. Several of these are off the normal tourist trail. Each one will help us to gain entry deep into the heart of the mystical Maya.

Journey of Love Itinerary

What To Expect

Perhaps the best way of describing what to expect of this journey, is to share a little of my own personal experience. This will be my third visit to the Yucatan. The Land of the Maya seems to call to me at pivotal moments in my journey. My first trip in 2006 completely changed my life. It was then that I first met Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock of Illuminado Tours, and encountered for the first time, the mysterious Crystal Skulls. That meeting has been etched on my heart and my soul forever, and continues to reverberate through my work, my music and my life.

There were 27 participants from 10 different countries and we quickly became ‘family’. The powerful energy that resides in the Maya temple sites was captured by all of us with our cameras.


For me personally, it was a bevy of blue orbs that seemed to be follow me around everywhere!


By the time I got home to Australia, I was literally reeling from the transformative quality of these new experiences.

Four years later in 2010, I returned as a presenter for the Illuminado “Crystal Skull Conference and Journey of Hope”, which indicates I think, the dramatic impact that first trip had made on the direction of my work. The 2010 experience was every bit as incredible as the previous one. This journey deepened my understanding of the wisdom of the Ancient Maya, and the relevance that knowledge can have for us today. It also opened me up even further to the hidden power of the Crystal Skulls, and my own role with them as caretaker.

As we journeyed through the extraordinary pyramid and temple complexes, guided by teacher, shaman and Maya historian Miguel Angel, we got to glimpse in a very real way, the life of the ancient ones who lived and worshipped in those places.


Lia lies to meditate on the same temple stone upon which the Ancient Maya lay in ages past

Everywhere we went we performed ceremony


And everywhere we went we were astounded by the knowledge, creativity, sophistication and beauty of the ancient Maya civilisation.


You can read the full account of that extraordinary journey, which includes some pretty amazing photos, by clicking the following link!  Read full article

Now, exactly 10 years after my first trip there, I return once more to the Land of the Maya. I know there is a Divine purpose here….I can feel it in my bones. My understanding of our task is that we are to re-activate one of the Earth’s major power points, and in so doing open an inter-dimensional portal of great importance. The ones who come together to enact this will be answering a deep soul call.

I’ve received several confirming indications already of the significance of this trip. The day after I announced ‘Journey of Love’, I drew a card from Stephen D Farmer’s ‘Earth Magic Oracle’ card deck. The card was ‘Love’. The accompanying message stated:-

“Studies by the heart math Institute reveal that the electrical signals from the heart are 60 times stronger than the brains, and the magnetic field is as much as 5000 times more powerful. What we put out whether it’s love, empathy sadness and so forth, contains an incredible amount of power to shape our reality. When the focus of our attention and intention is love and compassion we recognise no separation between self and other.”

As Miguel Angel who has facilitated many such journeys says, “Once people sign up, their journey has already begun.” Having been through this process myself many times before,  I can verify that this is indeed so. Your soul hears the call…you answer…you commit…and the preparation for what is to come begins from that moment.

The Ancient Maya are calling once more
This is a clarion call of Love…do you hear it?


A Sacred Pilgrimage to the Ancient Temples of the Maya

March 4 -13th 2016

Join us for the full 10 days, or for our One-week program

March 4 – 10th, 2016

March 4 – 13th, 2016

*** Discount of $200 if registered with deposit paid by Oct 1, 2015***

Based on per person, double occupancy
*Flights to Cancun not included*


Flights from Australia

As promised, I’ve done some research on getting the best airline ticket price for participants travelling from Australia and have come up with what I think will be a great solution for all of us! A dear friend of mine who has already signed up for ‘Journey of Love’, has a daughter who happens to be a travel agent! Chenoa Everett of Hoot Travel has very kindly offered to give my Mexico group a discount, and advise everyone about the best possible deals available at the time of their booking. If Chenoa has insider knowledge that a particular airline has a sale in the offing, she will alert you to that and advise you to hold off for a bit before booking.

Chenoa has recommended that once people have saved $1600, they give her a call. At current rates she thinks she can get us a return fare from Australia for somewhere around that ballpark, which is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

When you are ready to book your flight, please contact Chenoa’s direct. And don’t forget to mention that you are a participant in the ‘Journey of Love’ pilgrimage!
Chenoa Everett  –  Hoot Travel
P: 02 9080 6736 or 13 13 81
– select Option 1 & enter ext. no
F: 02 9080 1699

Flying Solo?
Some of you will be flying solo and I understand that for companionship and security on the long journey from Australia, you may like to connect with others who are doing the same. So, when we get closer to the time of travel, if all the Australian participants furnish me with their departure date and airport, I will put those travelling on the same day in touch with each other, so that you can arrange a meeting point at the airport.


Please keep in mind that the days on this journey will unfold as they are meant to. Ceremonies, meditations, and sharing circles will unfold as they are needed. We have learned to expect and welcome surprises on these pilgrimages. Each day we set the scene and allow the magic to happen.

Read Itinerary Online
Download Itinerary PDF
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The following link will take you direct to the Iluminado Tours website where you will find the online Registration Form, and payment details.




Please contact Lia direct:
Tel:  0419 486 073


May those who are destined, follow the call of their heart
to step through the doorway,
And walk this sacred path with us…

P1010582_2For now, in the words of the Maya, I bid you
In Lak’Ech
I am another you…


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