December 3, 2012

More on Dec 3rd Giza Alignment

Many of you resonated strongly with the last newsletter I sent out yesterday. I have received a couple of things since then which I think you’d like to see in relation to the incredible December 3rd alignment over the Giza Pyramids.

I just received this from Liz Hamilton of the Alasenmat Healing Centre


The above wonderful line up of planets is happening over the pyramids on Monday 3rd December 2012. The central one is Venus with Mercury and Saturn on either side.

It seemed to me like a cosmic reminder for the Three Fold Heart Flame within. This is a balance of Wisdom, Love and Power for birthing our higher self.

From my background in etheric movement, Venus, planet of love and beauty, is portrayed as an opening of the heart and is radiating a heart balancing green colour with the sound AH. The higher heart colour is of course, pink. This is like the central Pink Flame of Divine Love and Compassion in our heart.

Mercury is portrayed with the quality of light in streaming yellow rays and is the swift winged messenger of the Gods, Hermes, who brings intelligence, mind, wisdom and communication with the sound EE. Mercury/Hermes carries the Staff of Mercury which is the medical symbol of 2 intertwined snakes around a staff with wings at the top. This represents healing through transforming lower substances into the higher nature. It also represents our energy centres and DNA. This could be connected to the Golden Flame of Illumination where knowledge becomes integrated. The depths of the void is illumined from within.

Saturn is portrayed in quality of blue as the deep memories of our creation and past with sound UU. Saturn is like the portal of birth and death gateways overcoming our fear and finding our destiny in our pathway. This links well to the Blue Flame of Divine Will and Power where we are initiated to overcome our fears to facet our Diamond Heart and find our source as true power. We take the first step of overcoming our egoic self in service to our higher self and realize true power is always connected to source and Divine Will.

These three together sing AH, EE and UU

AH is an opening in wonder to receive the divine.

EE is a balancing and aligning of above and below, light and darkness, for communication, finding our centre.

UU is travelling through the gateway or tunnel to new birth as we walk our path.

Diane Probert who lives on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, sent these photos of 3 pyramids which have just been constructed in the last few days, by a sand artist on the beach near her home. Amazing!

Food for thought…

This video clip throws a very different perspective on the Darwinian Evolutionary theories.

May december 3rd be a day where we can all anchor the energies of the three-fold flame and the Sound Frequencies of the new Earth, into our hearts, minds and souls.

Love and Blessings,



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