August 26, 2017

Music and Meditation

Music and Meditation
by Sarah Jones 

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Effectiveness of Music and Sound as a Meditation Tool

Meditation is an effective and popular way to clear your mind, centre yourself, and attain inner peace. It can be done in only a few minutes for those who are experienced. It can also be done many times throughout the day to make sure stress and anxiousness are kept at bay.

Often, people use soothing sounds or music to meditate to as this helps them relax quickly and easily. Some prefer absolute quiet. If you’re new to meditation and get easily distracted, listening to soft music might be the perfect addition to your routine.

Why Music?

Music helps people reach a deeper level of meditation. There are several different types of music you can listen to, but depending on your preference, you will notice a deeper level of relaxation and emotional stability. Sound and music are universal senses that not only humans have, but many creatures as well.

Dolphins and other animals use sounds to communicate; we listen to music for enjoyment. It is used to ease the stress of hospital patients, and so on. Music helps the mind and spirit to cultivate feelings of love, enjoyment, and happiness. The body follows suit because once the mind is at ease, your tension and stress will disappear as well.

Music Research

There are many studies that have been done over the years and all of them show that music has profound effects on people. Elderly individuals that listen to music have been shown to have less stress. It can improve people’s moods and even give them energy. It has been shown to reduce emotional fatigue in cancer patients and has had positive effects on disabled children. It is a key factor in the connection between mind and body and has positive benefits that affect people of all ages from all walks of life.

What Kinds of Music?

 There are several different genres that are preferred for meditation. The first is Christian or spiritual music. Those that believe in a specific religion may prefer their music from their faith. This not only strengthens the spiritual aspect of meditation but helps relaxation arrive swiftly.

Sounds of nature are also very popular for meditating too. The soothing sounds of birds, water, rain, or thunder are calming and peaceful and help reach a deepened state when meditating. Instrumental sounds and songs lack the use of words so your mind can drift away in meditation without focusing on excess distraction

Specialty Music

 Chanting and primordial sounds are also used to meditate. Both are similar in nature and help the meditator achieve a calm and peaceful mindset. Another unique type of music that has grown in popularity for meditators is Indian classical music. The sounds and songs of such music have been found to soothe the mind, making it ideal for the art of meditation. What you listen to during your session is up to you, but these suggestions are some of the most widely known as well as used.

If you are looking for the best kind of music to use for meditation and relaxation, Lia Scallon composes and performs her own music published under her Sounds of Sirius label. Lia’s music is accompanied by an intriguing, mystical Language of Light and is imbued with the energy of pure love, thereby giving you more reason to grab a pair of headphones and start listening and meditating.

Music and sound can change your mindset and make you feel more relaxed in a few minutes. There are different types of all listeners. Some will give you a much-needed energy boost, and others like nature sounds are calming and perfect for meditation. Music has the power to get rid of stress and help you not feel anxious.

It is perfect to harmonize the body and the mind in a meditative state, or just in everyday life. Soothing sounds can help achieve relaxation. It is the perfect tool to meditate to. You will feel your spirits lift, your body relax, and your mind calm as you enjoy the sounds of music.

Sarah, the author of Relax Everyday, appreciates any form of relaxation methods that can help calm the mind and body. On her site, she writes about different strategies and techniques to achieve relaxation and a healthier disposition.

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