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“Lia Scallon does it again, once more creating music to help us through the darkest of days. This album is packed with sensitivity, unconditional love and utter beauty. You will not fail to be touched by Invisible Light. It is a musical panacea to cure all ills, and bring us a soothing dimension of hope.”
Steve Sheppard


When times are darkest, we yearn for the strongest light. That yearning can become an act of faith. Composer, songstress, and visionary Lia Scallon makes you believe, opening up a new world for her listeners at a time when the world seems destined to falter. Take courage, take succor in her crystal-clear, ethereal voice and otherworldly music. Invisible Light, will generate the light you need to illuminate your soul.
R J Lannan
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Comforting, reassuring, musical beauty by Lia Scallon
In this time of viruses, corruption and uncertainty, we all need moments of inspiration, and that’s exactly what Lia has channelled for you on this new album.

The symphonic elements of the first song, Primal Cry, are more than amazing. Lia’s stellar vocal reaches out with solace for your soul, and, as she says in her description of the song on ‘Prelude 1’, it  will help you overcome your fears and confront your primal emotions. I believe this song will be nominated for, and will win awards!

As we sift through the swirling currents of the news and try to make some sense of our world, it’s becoming very clear to many around the globe that we need a sense of Renewal which you will feel through Lia’s marvellous performance of this 6:45 gem; your spirit will become empowered, despite all the negativity that seems to surround you.

I immediately fell in love with Light Emerging and have no doubt that you will as well. You’ll hear the powers of the universe speaking to you and encouraging you to move forward on your journey, with both dignity and strength. If you understand the forces of creativity, you will feel a new spark in each and every moment that’s been given to you. This is one of the most powerful songs I have listened to yet, in 2020!

I give Lia a Most Highly Recommended rating for this so serene album.
Rotcod Zzaj Editor
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Lia is one of many talented people among this human race that can offer something positive and some hope. She is giving away her new release Invisible Light for free as an MP3 download – her gift to the world in dire need of some light, divine light, the rays of hope we can see on the horizon. Some of us may be stuck in a dark place, prisoners of our thought process, letting the outside events control our emotions. Pent up anger and frustrations have taken to the streets in many cities across the U.S. I watch in disbelief at how uncivilized some of us have become. With music, we can always heal and progress to another level of existence. This I hold with conviction and strength, and I know in my heart that the music can do so much for us. Invisible Light is a source of energy, power, belief, and compassion that every human has within.

Lia’s recording is very unique in that she narrates some of the thoughts that pushed her to present this music to the world. The track “Primal Cry” encapsulates and replaces the dark with the light in this track filled with new-age sounds that soothe the soul, energize the tired, relieve the stressed, and give clarity to the confusion. These, my friends, are the ultimate tonics and elixirs we all seek and can easily find and use as a tool to bring change. This track I feel carries the most impact on the entire recording so I have added it to my NAMR Spotify Playlist.

As I listen to Lia’s angelic vocal as it lusters the equally beautiful music, I am engaged, feeling everything that she is through the music. Music has truly been my savior many times during my saddest moments. I have felt the lowest lows and the highest highs and music has always been there to lift me or bring me back down to earth and reality. Thank you, Lia, for all of your gifts to humanity and for the amazing work you have provided through Invisible Light.
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
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Invisible Light is an album of music created in response to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. A gift from Lia Scallon, the MP3 can be downloaded for free many places on the internet.

In Primal Cry, Scallon’s voice seems to break through the darkness, expressing despair and an overwhelming sense of loss and fear. Violin and didgeridoo provide very contrasting voices that give this piece an emotional power that goes right to the heart. Light Emerging is soothing and calming, with Lia’s voice, ambient keyboard sounds, and gentle viola and flute moving us through the crisis, toward a new beginning. Renewal tells of a fresh start. Light and uplifting, this song feels like the freshness of a spring breeze and the emergence of new life.

While there is a wealth of new music being created regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Lia Scallon offers her unique voice, language and vision with Invisible Light.
Kathy Parsons
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Violin precedes the ethereal voice of Irish songstress Lia Scallon as she introduces her beautiful, gentle and sacred music with Invisible Light, a collection of pieces created to bring peace and comfort to those feeling adrift in today’s world of Covid-19 virus restrictions and change.

The haunting, melodic sounds of the didgeridoo usher in the beautiful vocals in Primal Cry before the violin joins in to a forge delicate and intricate piece that reaches deep within the mind and soul which morphs gently into Prelude 2 which introduces the second segment Light Emerging. 

Piano and vocals merge into one singular melody that captivates, soothes and gentles the mind, offering relaxation based in unconditional love. As each of the pieces unfolds the purity of the scared music gently relaxes, offering guidance and acceptance, with each of the sections designed to carry the listener through the misery of uncertainly, to an acceptance of this strange new world,

With acceptance comes the power to make choices, to become once again in control, which is presented in Renewal, a light airy vocalisation underpinned with a deeper, gentle instrumentation which brings in an emotional lightness, leaving a residual healing and gentleness. Epilogue is a thoughtful piece spoken as a benediction.

Lia Scallon then presents a very small bio of her music over the previous eleven albums and the reason for the creation of Invisible Light. Behind each of her albums is the desire to bring harmony and healing to sooth, empower and nurture.

Having experience her own ‘dark night of the soul’ Lia offers her delicate, vibrational and healing melodies to comfort and heal.

“May these sacred songs still your mind, and bring deep healing and grace to your body and soul.’” Lia Scallon

Janet Mawdesley
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