Background information

‘The Sounds of Sirius’ CD recordings, have evolved directly from Lia’s healing work – ‘Healing with the Sounds of Sirius’. These recordings are a healing modality in their own right, available for people to use in the sanctuary of their own home.

‘The Sounds of Sirius’ CDs are utterly unique and very experiential.

The core purpose and gift of ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ is to reawaken the soul to its true purpose – to stir it into remembrance of its Divinity.

These sacred harmonics are a Song of Love for humanity at this crucial time in our evolution – Divine assistance to help us flow with the major change in consciousness that is occurring on our planet at this time.

‘The Sounds of Sirius’ take the form of channelled, sung vocals, interwoven with softly, spoken word in the sacred language of Sirius, which flows in and out of the melody. Each CD is a journey of about 1 hour – a ‘healing’ that has been channelled through from Spirit in the recording studio in ‘one take’. Ideally, one dedicates time to receive the full healing – at least for the first listening. An excellent alternative is to fall asleep to them each night. As the conscious mind is released, healing can take place at a very deep level.

The Crystal Bowl music of Susie Nelson-Smith forms the backing track on both ‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’.

‘Starsong’ has additional sound effects of the song of the Humped backed whale, birdsong and water, whilst ‘Song of the Earth’ features delicate, quartz crystal wind chimes and water effects. Brought through together, from Spirit, as a ‘companion set’, these CDs have proven to be quite profound Inner Child therapy. ‘Song of the Earth’ heals memories and blockages from conception to 2 years whilst ‘Starsong’ covers the rest of the inner child spectrum.

The ’Diamond Light’ Meditations are a very special combination of guided meditation and channelling of ‘The Sounds of Sirius’. Lia takes you on a magical journey into the heart of the Diamond and whilst you rest there, the beautiful, healing ‘Sounds of Sirius’ wash over you for approximately, 40mins. Gifted from Spirit, to balance the male/female polarities within, this healing has been channelled through separately for men and women.

The meditation is also designed to activate a new Diamond Light energy within us and bring healing at cellular level. Exquisite sound effects of the Carillion crystal bowl, Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, bells, chimes and cymbals, played by the exceptional percussionist, David Jones, form the backdrop for this transformative, meditative, journey.

“Breath of Life” is a very powerful channelling to help us change our perspective on the death process. This physical vehicle we reside in – our body – is just that…….a vehicle for the soul. We are more than flesh and blood. We are a spark of Divinity, which in this moment is going through the experience of physicality. When our physical journey draws to a close and we decide it is time to return to Source, there is no need for fear, no need for anxiety, no need for grieving. We are going home. We are leaving behind the restriction and the limitation that have been our teachers on the Earth plane – exchanging them for freedom. This is a thing of great joy and beauty. As we breath out, letting go, we embrace Life – not death.

Artwork by Lise Nilsen

‘Breath of Life’ has been gifted to give us a glimpse of the limitlessness of Spirit. The breath of Spirit is so tangible in this channelling, that one can feel the expansiveness and the embracing infinity of Source. We feel ourselves expand to become part of the limitless cosmos, awestruck by its magnitude, its beauty and its love. We are offered a glimpse of what awaits us…….

Although this channelling it is particularly poignant for all those who are suffering serious illness and those who are consciously preparing to leave this earthly existence soon, as well as the family and friends who are taking part in this experience with them, ‘Breath of Life’ will also bring great comfort to those who still grieve over the loss of a loved one, whom they have been unable to fully ‘let go’. Indeed, it comes to help each and every one of us, who ponder the question of our mortality, begin to remember who we really are and where we have come from. Returning ‘home’ is something to anticipate with great joy… is not something fear.

‘Breath of Life’ can help with all forms of death – not just physical death. It can help us deal with the ‘death’ of old programming and old patterning, allowing us to embrace the major changes and shifts that are now occurring in our consciousness. It can help us move on to a new life – to cut the ties of our past as we move toward the ‘new world’.

Through the melodies and words of the Sounds of Sirius in ‘Breath of Life’, the Divine Mother draws us to her breast and soothes our pain, restoring us to hope in the gift of Her love. Percussionist, David Jones, has, again, created a stunning musical backdrop for this CD.

Lia’s latest release – ‘The First Little Angels on Earth’ is whole new multi-layered experience of The Sounds of Sirius, for both children and adults. With its unique combination of storytelling, meditation and channelled singing, the listener is cocooned and nurtured by vibrations of love and innocence.

Many ask ‘What is the sacred language of Sirius, channelled through with the melodies?” Spirit conveyed to Lia, that these words are the root of all language – from which all language sprang. Clients of many different nationalities appear to substantiate this, with feedback that they recognise words from their own mother tongue – Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Greek, Japanese… name a few.

However, Lia suggests you resist any attempt to understand the language, for these are the words of the Divine, Eternal Mother, which speak to the soul. At some level, the soul recognizes and knows exactly what is being said.