Sounds of Sirius Compilation

Sounds of Sirius CompilationThe Sounds of Sirius Compilation includes extracts from all seven of Lia Scallon’s Sounds of Sirius CD titles, each of which has touched listeners in profound ways.

Like much classical and sacred music, Lia’s vocal harmonies induce an immediate sense of deep calm and peacefulness. Each note and word seems imbued with the energy of pure Love.

This nurturing energy of love in Lia’s voice provides a soothing and healing balm for the soul. For some, this compilation CD may serve as a wonderful introduction to the Sounds of Sirius.

For those who already know and love Lia’s exquisite melodies and words, these carefully selected pieces from each album – each complete in themselves – now make the Sounds of Sirius accessible to even the busiest of lifestyles.

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