The First Little Angels on Earth

FirstAngels_Cover300Part music, part meditation, part fable and part lullaby – this enchanting CD is like health food for the soul!

Disc 1 contains the story of five brave little angels, who undertake a Grand Adventure to visit beautiful planet Earth. Adults and children alike, will be swept up in this magical cosmic fable with its subtle, yet profound universal messages. They will be entranced too, by the exquisite musical journey that evolves from the storytelling. Children will drift off to sleep on the wings of the delicate channelled vocals of ‘Lullaby of Love’.

Disc 2 continues the journey with a beautiful guided meditation leading one back to the heart of Source, where the Divine Eternal Mother’s sweet song her ‘Lullaby of Love’ – dissolves your pain with pure Love. As the sacred melodies wash through your being, you will feel soothed, supported and nurtured to your very soul.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]“Lia’s finest work to date. Simply as a piece of music, ‘Lullaby of Love’ is utterly superb – a truly ‘Classical’ piece, that deserves to be ‘discovered’. What I find unique is the mystical context. There is an extraordinary sense of egolessness, where Lia has dissolved and the voice of the Goddess herself speaks to me from within my own heart”. <br>Fish Records[/box]


[box]“My heart sang with joy and love as Lia’s enchanting voice took me on a journey filled with beauty, innocence, adventure and childlike trust. This is a delightful tale that reminds us of the pure beings that we truly are and of the love and the beauty that lie within”. Karen Thornton – Designer[/box]

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