January 25, 2018

Mystical Ireland 2018

We have Lift-off! I’m so excited to announce that our ‘Mystical Ireland 2018 Itinerary is now up online, and that Registration is open! Last years ‘Journey of Love’ to The Emerald Isle was such an unqualified success that myself and tour partner Stephanie Phelps decided to offer another group of adventurers the opportunity to experience the magic that this ancient land has to offer.

“What a remarkable and unforgettable two weeks we had! The two of you created a wonderfully inclusive, magical web of light, which everyone seemed to fall into with ease as we visited so many amazing places. Time seemed to disappear, and our group unified into a wonderful collective of energy. All your planning and motherly overseeing truly paid off! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this journey. The subtle transformations are only just beginning now that we are safely home. I am so grateful to Spirit for aligning all of us with the ancient energies and karmic ties carried over for probably thousands of years.”           Pamela Rosati

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Mystical Ireland Flyer 2018


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