August 29, 2017

Mystical Ireland Crystal Grid

As always, in the months before I embark on any sacred travels, I spend time in meditation to specifically focus on the journey ahead. Over the years I’ve found that I often receive visions and information about the places we are to visit. In some way it’s as if I am already there present in time and space. Certain Crystals usually come forward to lend their Light Consciousness to the sacred process at hand. It has been no different this time.

In the lead up to our Mystical Ireland Journey of Love, a group of powerful Crystals have offered themselves to assist. At the centre of the grid above is the Divine Crystal Skull ‘Sorrow’, surrounded by a selection of Source Stones and other stones including a Tibetan Black Quartz, a chunk of Azurite, an Appatite egg, and a sprinkling of sparkling Herkimar Diamonds.. Two powerful Selenite Swords flank the beautiful ‘Sorrow’ who sits on a Altar Cloth hand woven by Shipibo Indians of the Amazon. Before her sits a magnificent Fostac, Tachyon energy, Flower of Life Diamond recently gifted to me by a dear friend.

My heart’s desire is to carry all these crystals with me to Ireland. At around 10 kilos in weight between them however, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to manage it along with the other Source Stones that wish to come. We shall see!!

If I do somehow manage to carry some or all of these beauties on the plane, perhaps the Irish Faerie Folk, the Sidhe, will magic them into such a state of feather-lightness that all fears of being weighed down by a suitcase full of Crystals will evaporate!



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