February 23, 2015

New! Crystal Skull Beauties



The new shipment of Crystal Skull carvings I commissioned before Christmas arrived a couple of weeks ago, just hours after the most incredible electrical storm I have ever seen. I sat up till 2.30am that night watching the incredible light show, and intentionally absorbing the dynamic cosmic energy into my body. I immediately unpacked the skulls and put them out on the earth, so that they could be cleansed and charged with the energies and Light codes transmitted so dramatically through the lightening, which I had no doubt were absorbed lovingly by Mother Earth’s body. As luck would have it, there were more electrical storms for several days so these beauties chose the time of their arrival very well indeed!.


Once cleansed and charged on the earth, the skulls came inside to rest under my copper pyramid for further energising.


The final stage was the activation of each skull with the transformative, high vibrational ‘Sounds of Sirius’ Source frequencies through me, whilst they exchanged information and absorbed the powerful energies of ‘The Master Skull Solar’ and ‘Illita Singer of the Songs’ and the rest of my Crystal and Skull family. All these Crystal Skulls therefore, are already cleansed, activated and ‘open’. So, if you haven’t worked with a crystal skull previously, be assured that your skull is already activated and ready to work! All you have to do is be present with it, hold it, communicate with it, and listen to its messages.

I can already feel the excitement from these beautiful Crystal Light Beings! I somehow think this group is not going to be with me for very long…I feel they are very eager to meet their new custodians!

It’s a wide-ranging group that includes skulls from 8 kilos in weight, down to just over 100gms. There are Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, Amazonite, Black Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli. All are premium carvings in Super-realistic style featuring much fine detail – each one stunning in its own way.  The following short clip will give you a better idea of the size of the skulls in relation to one another.






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