November 13, 2018

New Crystal Water Bottle!

Did you know that we humans could be described as living, breathing, liquid crystals! Our bodies are composed of approximately 70% water, and as all water is crystalline in structure, our human cells are therefore crystalline in composition too!

Art courtesy of Leanne M Williams

It’s little wonder then, that we’ve been drawn to crystals since time immemorial – not just for their mesmerising beauty, but for their healing and metaphysical powers. In ancient times, these gifts of Mother Earth were considered so powerful and precious, that only members of Royalty and the Priesthood had access to them…think crowns, sceptres, gem-studded religious artefacts, and the large glistening gems on the fingers of those in the highest positions of royal and church hierarchies.

Thankfully, in this age, we all have the opportunity to claim and align with, our own inner Queen and inner King. Having worked intimately with crystals for the past 20 years, I have come to love, honour and respect the purity of their Light, and to fully acknowledge the assistance the crystalline realm offers us in this time of major global shift and transformation.

Support for our Liquid Crystal
Which is why I am genuinely excited to offer this new SOS Crystal Water Bottle, as a tool for both physical and energetic support. Because of our watery, liquid crystal make-up, it’s essential for health and longevity, that we remain hydrated by drinking plenty of good quality water daily. There is no simpler or better way to energise and purify the waters of our body, than by drinking water charged with high frequency crystals from the body of our Mother Earth.

Science confirms that every crystal has the ability to store information, and transmit energy. A computers ability to store masses of data comes down to a tiny silicon (crystal) chip! So, as well as keeping you physically hydrated, each sip you take from your crystal drink bottle, will deliver direct to your cells, the unique, metaphysical properties and information stored within the crystal. In this way, it instantly elevates your personal energy signature, by infusing you with Light.

Pre-charged with Sound and Light!
When carving the stunning crystal generators inside each SOS Crystal Water Bottle, the crystal carver played my award-winning album Crystal Keys. As such, your Crystal Water Bottle comes to you already  imprinted with the transformative Sounds of Sirius frequencies from Source.

A Choice of Five Power Crystals
Clear Quartz:       Amplifies Intention, Cleansing, Activating, Healing, Transmits Energy, Connection to the Divine.
Rose Quartz:        Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Gentleness, Compassion. Talisman of Love
Smokey Quartz:  Spiritual Grounding, Cleansing, Transmutes Negative Energy, Healing
Citrine:                    Manifestation, Abundance, Stimulates Creativity, Strengthens Personal Will, Mental Clarity,
Amethyst:              Protection, Purification, Calming, Soothing, Activates Intuition & Psychic Abilities, Divine Connection

The Sounds of Sirius Crystal Water Bottle is made from  tempered glass and food grade stainless steel, comes with it’s own Sounds of Sirius protective fabric sleeve. The bottle can be easily disassembled for cleaning,

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