October 23, 2018

New Single Released!


Enchanted Crystalline Lakethe first single from Lia’s new album, has just been released worldwide through iTunes, Amazon and all major digital platforms!

Enchanted Crystalline Lake takes the listener on a journey into the world of the Irish Faerie Kingdom. Beneath the shimmering surface of the Enchanted Lake, an exquisite Master Diamond lies dormant. With delicate whispers and angelic song, the Faerie Queen, Queen Tea Tephi, sings this magical Diamond back to life. Let the music take you on a journey between worlds

“Scallon’s crystalline voice floats in the air like some diaphanous mist. You can feel the magic” RJ Lannan, ZMR

“To encapsulate in words the magic contained in this album, is impossible” Retailing Insight Magazine
“Outstanding…glorious…an album of utter majesty” One World Music
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