May 6, 2018

New Worldwide Release!


Dear Friends,

Now this is a newsletter I’ve been really looking forward to writing!

I’m thrilled to share that, after several months in the Recording Studio, my new album Song of the Sidhe has been completed. The finished product is now in my hand in advance of the album’s scheduled Worldwide Release on May 18th.

And what a labour of love it has been. Through all the inevitable highs and lows, excitement and doubt that are integral to any artistic creation, I felt the presence mysterious Faerie folk, the Sidhe (Shee) with me every step of the way. This is their music…this is their song…and I feel privileged to have been chosen to bring it through unto this earthly plane. This music has a specific purpose, and it is my hearts hope that it will achieve all the Sidhe desire it to.

Here’s a little pictorial glimpse of the Song of the Sidhe creation.

The Incredible Musicians


Crystal Altars of Creation
Assembled in the Studio each day of the process


Mixing the Album
Refining and honing the music to become the very best it could be

The Final Mix!
The music finally ready to be sent to the Manufacture

Joy of Joys!
Shipment of the finished product arrives in Cairns.


Relief, Gratitude and Delight!
The First Music Industry Reviews of the Music

“As she did on The Luminous Pearl, vocalist Lia Scallon, redefines New Age vocal music on ‘Song of the Sidhe’, a concept album rooted in the mysticism of the land of Faerie, that speaks of the need for these mythical creatures to re-emerge now to aid us in healing a broken world. Singing in a fusing of her ‘Language of Light’ with the language of the Faerie kingdom itself, Scallon transports the listener on a journey into the realm of myth and legend, suffused with beauty, sadness, and a sense of urgency. Supported by world-class musicians, and channelling the spirit of Tea Tephi, High Queen of the Irish Faerie Kingdom, she takes the listener deep into ages-old stories, brought alive through beautiful music and haunting vocals.”
Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

“Celestial songstress Lia Scallon, long acclaimed for her unique vocals, visits the world of the People of the Mounds. On her new Celtic foray, ‘Song of the Sidhe’, the secrets of the Otherworld are revealed on eight tracks of haunting, breathtaking music with whispery vocals and lush instrumentals.”
R J Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

“Lia has produced a magical album that will tug deeply at your heartstrings. Music lovers everywhere will feel the power she evokes through these healing frequencies. Be sure you reserve a full hour to do your first listen to this album, so you can absorb all the magic of this wonderful musical experience.”     
Rotcod Zzaj – Contemporary Fusion Reviews 

“In her album ‘Song of the Sidhe’ Lia Scallon opens musical pathways to the Sidhe, the “Shining Ones” of the Celtic otherworlds. May they dance into your life through the portal of these songs.”
Jeremy Berg, author of Faerie Blood; artist for Card Deck of the Sidhe


Let The Music Take You on a Magical Journey Between Worlds


An Insight into the Music and its Purpose

Song of the Sidhe is a unique album. It is a call to humanity from the mystical Faerie People of the Mounds, for us to come into reunion with them and the Great Web of Life, so that we may heal our broken world. Through eight exquisite, new original compositions, the listener is taken on a journey deep into the mysterious and magical Celtic otherworld.

The Story contained within the Music

The pre-destined time has come. Tea Tephi, High Queen of the Irish Faerie Kingdom, the ‘Sidhe’, (pronounced Shee) passionately invokes her King and her people to emerge from the Hollow Hills. The King Heremon returns to her side, and assisted by those awake and conscious Humankind, the portal between worlds opens. From the mists of time, the long-forgotten, mystical ‘Sidhe’ rise up and in that moment, the huge Diamond beneath the Enchanted Lake is reactivated. Triumphantly, the High Queen and High King ride forth, to stand once more upon the sacred ‘Stone of Destiny’. Faerie-kind and Humankind joyously unite, to celebrate the heralded Golden Age of Tara’s New Reign.

Who are the Sidhe?

Duncan, John; The Riders of the Sidhe

The Sidhe (Shee) are descendants of the Tuath De Danann, a peace-loving, ancient Irish race, driven underground by the Milesians to become the people of the Hollow Hills, the Faerie people.

Celtic countries have always held a genuine and deep respect for the Faeries. Although seen as race apart, beings with magical and healing powers, the Sidhe, the People of the Mounds, are also considered neighbours, and custodians of the sacredness of the natural world.

The veil between the Faerie world and the human world is gossamer thin. At this challenging time when our world shows signs of great upheaval, fragmentation, and separation, the Sidhe wish us come into reunion with them, and with the Great Web of Life. They have long waited for a sign that humankind might once more acknowledge their existence. The Sidhe envision the dawning of a new era, one where they can walk beside us, helping us to reconnect with ourselves and with nature.

Now is that time! Embedded in the beautiful music of Song of the Sidhe, is the Faerie Kingdoms’ call to humanity to awaken. As the human heart responds with Love and Trust to the music, the portals between the Faerie world and the Human world will open. A new dawn beckons, one where Faerie-kind and Humankind reunite in harmony and co-operation, to herald a new era alive with magic and mystical blessings.

Your Role 

With the release of the album into the world, it’s time for me to pass the baton on to you, the listener. My job of bringing through the Sidhes’ song, their story, and their energy from the ethers, and birthing it into physical form has been completed. The Sidhe have shown me that it is now up those who receive the music to unfold the next chapter.

You have been drawn to this music because there is a role for you to play. The Sidhe have chosen you to help anchor the energetic frequencies of their music, into the geographic location in which you live, and through which you travel.

When you first listen, it would be ideal for you to experience the entire album in one sitting. ‘Song of the Sidhe’ unfolds a specific story that takes you deep into the world of the Sidhe. Each track is a complete journey in itself, but by listening to the eight tracks in their entirety, you will be immersed in the Sidhe’s energy in a special way.

Before listening, I encourage you to set the intention that these powerful inter-dimensional frequencies will find their way into every nook and cranny of the earth around you; that they will wrap around every majestic tree, every plant, every stone and every elemental being in the vicinity; that they find their way into the veins and leylines of Mother Earth, and in so doing, that the Sidhe of the region in which you live, will hear and respond. Sense the Sidhe stirring to the first strains of the music; see them releasing their grief; and witness them illuminate with joy as they hear their story being told to the world. And with that, envision them emerging through the portals of Light that you have opened with your Love and your heart’s intent.

May 18th – Worldwide Release!

Whilst it’s now the listener’s role to anchor the Sidhe’s energy throughout the planet, my new job is to let people know of the music’s existence! To this end, I am embarking on a worldwide Radio Promotion, in the hope that people far and wide, may begin to embrace our mystical Faerie brethren the Sidhe, and their story. For it is only through our Love for them, that the portals between worlds will open.


My Gratitude for Your Help

I undertook the task of creating this music as a gift of service to the Sidhe. It has involved enormous trust, because of the vast costs involved in making a Studio recorded album with world-class musicians. Many beautiful souls assisted with the recording costs by donating to my GoFundMe campaign, but the marketing and radio campaign for the album, will cost at least as much again.

So, if you like what you hear when you listen to the samples of the music, it would be wonderful if you could purchase the album from my website, and tell all your friends, family and Faerie lovers about it too! Every dollar I receive will be ploughed straight back into paying the marketing costs. If you can assist me in this part of the venture, I will be eternally grateful, and I know that the Sidhe will bless you for it too.

Listen to the Music

Samples of the music are now live on my website! This is an exciting yet nervous time for me. I’ve put my heart and soul into the creation of this new work, and I sooo want you to enjoy it. The project was executed to the highest standard – not just in the musical aspect, but also the physical presentation. The 6-Panel Gatefold pack and additional 8-Page Booklet, feature magnificent artwork throughout, and contain wonderful information relating to the Sidhe and the album production, offering the listener a greatly enhanced depth of experience.

Be One of the First To Experience
The Sidhe’s Otherworldly Music!



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Worldwide Release – May 18th, 2018

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May the Sidhe Weave their Magic through your Soul
As you listen to the First Strains of their Song.
With Love and many Blessings
From myself and the Sidhe,

















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