September 14, 2013

One Week to go to FNQ!


Just one week to go now before the first Sounds of Source event in Far North Queensland!

On the Spring Equinox,September 21st, the first ‘pin’ of the FNQ Sounds of Source ‘Pillar of Light’ will be anchored here in Cairns. This will be followed in quick succession by the anchoring of three other Cardinal Point pins in Kuranda, Mission Beach and Atherton, to create a new direct Gateway to Source in this geographical location, which is one of the most beautiful on Mother Earth’s body.

If you’ve read the stories of my incredible adventures during the South Queensland and Victorian legs of the Sounds of Source Tour, you will have gathered that there is a very powerful Divine Hand at work in relation to this project. I have no doubt therefore, that this FNQ Pillar of Light will bring many magical moments during its unfoldment.


Some Extra Special Magic!

These four FNQ events are particularly special and close to my heart. Apart from taking place in the place I call home, these events are the only ones – either in Australia or the wider world – at which the Crystal King, ‘The Master Skull Solar’ will be present in person. This is the third time only that ‘Solar’ has appeared in public, which is why people from the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Melbourne have felt the call to fly up here to be present.


The Master Skull Solar is a unique and extraordinary 36-kilo Quartz Crystal Guardian and Master of untold power. His actual crystal form is that of a huge double-terminated Lemurian crystal filled with Golden Rutile, which in itself is highly unusual. He also has a single ‘Angel Wing’ – a tabular platform of clear quartz, which was part of his original stone matrix. I understood immediately on meeting the Being who is ‘Solar’, that he has offered himself to be of assistance to the world at this time.

‘Solar’ is beyond doubt, the conduit of information and energy from Higher Dimensional realms. I have been deeply touched to witness the impact he has already made on the lives of others. I have also watched with awe, the extraordinary visual phenomena he has demonstrated in photographs, since he has been with me, such as this St Germaine-like presence etched like a painting inside him.


One psychic who saw this photo amongst others with similar phenomena, confirmed that Solar is transmitting information from several major Ascended Master Councils, including the Great White Brotherhood, of whom St Germaine is a member.


For the First Time Ever

For the first time ever, The Master Skull Solar will also be available to people by way of Private Audience. A very limited number of sessions will be offered in each of the four Sounds of Source locations, the day after each event. Those who feel drawn to avail of this unique opportunity will be able to sit with ‘Solar’ in total privacy, to receive the activation and information he has for them. They are also welcome to bring their personal crystals, so that they may receive the activation and energy from ‘Solar’ too.

As there are a very limited number of these half-hour session available, I would urge you to book your place immediately to avoid disappointment.
Session Fee – $50

Lia:  0419 486 073


Lemurian Crystalline Power

These Far North Queensland events are very special for one other reason too….surrounding the powerful presence of the Lemurian Crystal King ‘Solar’at these four events, will be 250 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals!


Liz Ferris from Ravenshoe who has been the custodian of these crystals for the past two years, has been incredibly generous in sharing them with others during that time. Wherever the crystals wish to go Liz will take them, which is no mean feat as you can imagine! Liz and her close-knit group of soul family, which includes the Atherton SOS Host Wendy Everett, and Mandala Artist Clive Walters, were on hand to welcome Solar on his very first appearance in public, which took place in Ravenshoe this time last year. They created the most incredible Rainbow Serpent walkway into the sacred space with the crystals – it was extraordinary.

Serpent Honouring Solar Master Skull4[1]

Then, on the momentous date of 12.12.12 last year, ‘Solar’ made it clear that he wished to make himself available again for people ‘in person’. Liz, Wendy and Clive and other members of their soul family tribe came with the crystals, and lovingly created the most magnificent Crystal Angel Wings for Solar’s altar.

Although initially, the plan was that the crystals would come to the Atherton event only, they have now ‘told’ Liz that they wish to be present at all four Far North Queensland events! I am so full of gratitude to Liz for her huge heart and for her selfless service to the crystals. To have these crystals present to amplify ‘Solar’s’ energy, is a wondrous gift for us all.



Mother Nature’s Role

It has been very interesting to observe the Divine Plan at play in relation to the geographic locations chosen for the anchoring of these Sounds of Source Pillars of Light. All the Sounds of Source events to date have taken place either in a natural setting near  Mountains, or in very close proximity to the ocean. The four FNQ events continue this theme!

The Cairns event will take place at the Seveille Conference Centre, in a tropical setting located at the foot of the Coastal Range. Cairns is one of those rare places on earth where the mountains sweep down to the sea. The peaceful environment of the centre features beautifully kept grounds with tracts of natural bushland, that provide an immediately tranquil experience for all who step into the environs.





For those travelling interstate or people in outlying regions who might want to stay in Cairns overnight, the conference centre also offers incredibly cheap accommodation at around $50 per night. To book this, please contact the Centre manager direct: –

Ruth Fisher:  07 – 4054 6988


The Kuranda event will take place in Pachamama House- a beautiful retreat situated on 5 acres of thriving Rainforest on the Kuranda Mountain Range, where many wonderful gatherings, workshops and events take place. The centre is an Octagonal shaped structure based on the principles of sacred geometry, so it could not be more perfect for the job at hand!


The town of Kuranda is surrounded by tropical rainforest and adjacent to the Wet Tropics World Heritage listed Barron Gorge National Park. The rainforest around Kuranda has been home to the Djabugay people for over 10,000 years.


The Mission Beach event will take place in the C4 Cassowary Environment Centre, located on Porter Promenade, right beside the ocean. The C4 Centre was established to promote and support World Heritage values, to identify and ensure the retention of environmentally significant areas, and to protect Mission Beach’s natural values. The energy of these environs therefore could not be more conducive to anchoring the ‘Sounds of Source’ Pillar of Light.



The Atherton event is the last one but certainly not the least! This location too, fits into the pattern of Divinely chosen geographical locations. The event will take place in Hallorans Hill Observatory, which is built on the rim of an Old Volcano. It overlooks the Seven Sisters Volcanos to the east and the Coast…..just stunning!!

7 Sisters

So there you have it! Four events in four very unique and beautiful settings. All you have to do now is book!

And I do urge you to book….

There are limited places available at all four venues and the first event takes place next Saturday so, to be sure of a place, you need to be calling the hosts pretty soon. There are some Ticket specials available for pre-booking too. Book for the event of your choice.

It would be wonderful if you could share this poster for the FNQ Events, with your friends too.
Download Poster


SOS ~ Source Stone


The new collection of SOS ~ Source Stones arrived in Australia today! Tonight they bathe in the moonlight on the Australian earth and by late tomorrow  they will form a crystalline grid around ‘Solar’, to be programmed and activated by his energy. At the appropriate moment, I will perform a ceremony, during which these sacred geometric, premium grade Lapis Stones will be imprinted with the frequencies of the unique ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’. They will then be ready to work with their new caretakers.  Order Now

“I have loved using my Source Stone on my body and also with clients. It gets straight to the core of a problem and lifts it instantly, taking you into a deeper space very quickly.”
Jan Winsdale – Melbourne

I so look forward to seeing many of you in person soon!

In the meantime…..I hope this finds you all very well and happy.

May the gifts of Self-Love, Joy and the realization of your own Divinity, reveal themselves to you from deep within, now that we have entered the New Age of Wisdom. Let us make a vow to ourselves and to each other, to embrace all that we are, and all that we are becoming.


Wishing you as always,

Much Love and many Blessings,




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