March 29, 2009

Orbs – Megan Heazlelwild

angel-up-close Fog1 Fog2 orbs029 orbs046 Orbs81208a P9190057 PA060099 People_and_OrbsThere is an amazing story attached to these images. The “foggy” ones were taken on a clear night. There was no fog as in weather. No rain. No barbeques. etc. I was recently introduced to who lives in the Blue Mountains. These images were taken last week when I visited his home with some friends with the intention of capturing orbs on digital camera. They can be photographed at his home any night. He has had an extraordinary event occur at his home as follows. He is an artist who spends his time working at home. One evening he was standing in his living room which overlooks a beautiful escarpment in the bushland. Suddenly……in calm weather, there was an awesome flash of intense light accompanied by a loud crack. The intensity of the light turned everything white, and the noise was so loud he thought perhaps a bomb had been detonated as suddenly as it appeared , the light just vanished. He ventured into his back yard and discovered to his astonishment a 20 metre tree had been vaporised! The only remains were a strange kind of stump in shards and some scattered splinters of wood. The tree was not to be found anywhere. Not in the gully. Not anywhere. The neighboring trees were wounded somehow. He took some day time photos of these strange remains. At a later date when viewing the photos he noticed orbe streaming out of the area where the tree is missing. Since then he has taken almost prolific number of images of these orbs. They can be taken without fail at night by anyone visiting. I went with some friends and we did some very exciting photography. I`m sending you some of the most spectacular ones. What you can see sticking out of the ground is whats left of the stump. The tree was as tall as the surrounding ones with the same girth. Same species and aged tree. – Megan Heazlewood.

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