November 30, 2012


I don’t usually write so often but these are extraordinary times we are living in and I feel we must support and share with each other, particularly information that throws light on this unique period we are living through. I think most of us welcome uplifting information that helps us negotiate our way through this final stage of the birth canal, as we make ready to emerge into the ‘New World Consciousness’.

Last night brought another Eclipse. Hard on the heels of the Total Solar Eclipse of November 13th, came the last Lunar Eclipse of the year. An eclipse always heralds a planetary cleansing process, as well as bringing us an opportunity to clear on a personal level. We are currently in a time of intense shift, with many rare planetary events taking place one after another, in quick succession. This is a golden opportunity to fully divest ourselves of the remaining residue of old programming, stuck blockages, issues and challenges that have dogged our existence since our birth on this planet, and perhaps even back to previous incarnations too. Evidence of this global purification can be seen in the breakdown of many societal and cultural structures. We are releasing the old to make way for the new!

Last night I went outside before bed and stood under the moon. It shone so bright that it flooded everything below with light as penetrating as the midday sun!

pic SOS

I was unable to capture it in this photograph, but what I saw when I looked up at the moon left me completely awestruck. It was almost as if the huge luminous orb was the hole of a doughnut, for there, at some distance from the moon, was a perfect rainbow-like circle that encased the shimmering celestial body in a ring of radiant light. I gazed at it mesmerised, for quite some time. It didn’t move and it didn’t go away. There was such stillness in the air…such profound silence. The sky had an extraordinary and magnetic sense of calm and presence which made me feel that if ever I was to see a UFO, this could be the night!

Interestingly this morning, I received an email from another beautiful Crystal caretaker in the US. Joani Jiannine had set up a grid with one of her Crystal Skulls, Hermes, to welcome the Divine Feminine energy in preparation for the Lunar Eclipse. It was a simple layout with 10 candles and a selection of small Arkansas quartz crystals placed around the skull. Joanie describes Hermes is a clear quartz skull with gold rutile. When she downloaded the photograph of the altar she got quite a surprise! Just like the photos taken at the ‘Solar’ event at Ravenshoe, some of which I shared in my last newsletter, this image demonstrates a Dimensional blurring and golden energy ‘knots’.


Joanie raised the question, ‘Are these codes?” I certainly think this is another real demonstration that we are walking between the worlds now. The energy knots could indeed be codes, or perhaps they are Light Beings visiting to support us, or to dispense information. How wondrous it is to see this changing of vibration and dimension, happening before our very eyes!!

I also got an unexpected call this morning from a lovely lady I knew well when I lived in Sydney. Paula shared some stories about the roller-coaster ride she has been on over these past years! Having been dedicated to the spiritual path for a very long time, she described how one minute she can feels like she’s flying forward in leaps and bounds, and then the next, she feels like she’s taken 10 steps back to square one! I assured her that she is not alone!

I think Paula’s story reflects what many of us have been going through. The energies are intense and extremely concentrated now. It is not surprising that we can feel a little off centre when we are being physically bombarded by huge influxes of photon energy from the sun, and there are rare and extraordinary planetary alignments happening almost week. Inevitably we are being ‘shaken and stirred’ to our very core.

I think we need to keep reminding ourselves that there is a purpose to all of this. We are living in the time of the prophecies and this is a purification process. If we keep that in mind and endeavour to look our issues straight in the eye when they come up and deal with them right there and then, I am hopeful that we will reap the benefits very soon.

There can be no doubt that many of us are still experiencing moments of doubt, fatigue and even despair at times. Sometimes it can feel like a giant effort to just drag oneself into a positive frame of mind. When these moments occur, try to remember all the magical things that are happening too…like the presence of these beautiful golden Light codes cascading through our world and the increasing evidence of synchronicity in our lives! Try to re-focus your attention on the ‘end game’ and recognize that these challenges are gifts. They present us with another opportunity to refine our essence and raise our vibration, so that we can propel ourselves forward towards that new state of Higher Consciousness.

December  3rd  – Another Powerful Planetary Alignment

It truly is an extraordinary time we are living in. In a few days, on December 3rd, three planets – Mercury, Venus and Saturn – will align directly over the Pyramids at Giza. This last time this happened was 2,737 years ago. The Planet Venus – Planet of Love, will hover directly over the largest Pyramid. It could be said then that the Energy of Love is visibly anchoring unto our Planet… I think you’ll find this 7-minute video very interesting viewing…



Our Guardian Angel

And here is one to watch if you are feeling that things are a little too hard right now. This clip from Icelandic group ‘Of Monsters and Men’ is a sweet reminder that we are all on a journey and although the terrain may seem hazardous at times, we have a Guardian Angel who travels with us, who can turn the dark into Rainbow Light. We are not alone….



Clive Walters is an extraordinarily talented artist whose sacred mandala art speaks to the soul. On 12.12.12 at the Chrysalis Centre, in Cairns in the presence of The Master Skull Solar, Clive will launch his new book ‘Rebirth’. Clive has become deeply connected to ‘Solar’ who he met three months ago at Ravenshoe, so the birthing of his new creation to the world in ‘Solar’s’ presence on that evening could not be more fitting.

Clive’s first book ‘Relic’ was released on the 10.10.10, which demonstrates how attuned he is to the ‘Shift of the Ages’. Clive is an artist and an ‘elder’. In this exquisite new book ‘Rebirth’, he shares his beautiful wisdom, through both image and the written word.

On 12.12.12 original artworks from ‘Rebirth’ will adorn the room. Clive’s artworks are ‘alive’ with energy and many people find themselves activated just by looking at them.

The Master Crystal Skull ‘Solar’, Clive and myself, look forward to meeting some of you in person, on the occasion of the 12.12.12 in Cairns.

Till then…try to keep remembering the magic!

Sending you as always,

Much Love and many Blessings,

Love and Blessings,


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