December 12, 2014

Reconnection in the Rainforest


Early in the morning on Sunday, November 23rd, thirty three dedicated souls gathered in the rainforest atop the highest mountain in Queensland in the remote and beautiful location of ‘Enuma Elish’ in Ravenshoe, to celebrate the first Crystal Skull World Day. Offering ourselves as conduits for healing energy and cosmic Love, we trusted that our efforts would be amplified exponentially by the presence of the crystal skulls. It was a day of beauty, birdsong, intense emotion and community, as each person walked the Sacred Lemurian Seed Crystal Spiral, in the presence of ‘The Master Solar’ and ‘Illita Singer of the Songs’



The fact that in total we numbered 33, I believe had enormous significance, particularly given the unusual unfolding of the event and its location. The event was originally scheduled to take place in Cairns. On my return from Ireland however, I felt a dramatic change in the energy surrounding the gathering. Somehow, it was just not flowing. The usual excitement and interest from people was not there, as a result of which I found my own motivation waning. When I sat in meditation to help me discern what action to take, the over-riding vision I had was that of ‘Solar’, Illita’ and myself in the centre of a crystal spiral in the forest at ‘Enuma Elish’, the magnificent energy portal in the guardianship of Wendy Everett and her husband Johnny.


As soon as I made the decision to enact this vision, the energy changed! I quickly realized that something very special was taking place so I released all and any expectation or desire to control the situation! I knew in my heart that exactly the right people would be drawn. It became intriguing to witness just who those people ended up being!

I had a distinct feeling that the Sidhe played a role in this rather dramatic, last minute change of plan! The Cairns venue had been booked before I left for Ireland, but now, after my interaction with the Sidhe in my Celtic homeland, everything had changed!

It seemed clear to me that the Sidhe wished this event to take place in a natural setting – a place where people could be physically connected to Mother Earth and feel her energy through their feet – a place were all four elements, earth, air, fire and water were present. Enuma Elish fitted that profile perfectly, particularly as it too is a place where the Fairy Folk dwell! A few years ago, Johnny took the most incredible photo on the property, full of pink winged fairies for all the world to see!

Johnny's fairies_2

Fairies play at Enuma Elish!

The Sidhe’s influence on the event didn’t end there! Our focal point for the gathering was the sacred Lemurian Seed Crystal and Selenite Spiral. On the day before the event, I travelled to Ravenshoe with a diagram of the Sidhe Spiral, which myself, Wendy  and Johnny, and Lemurian Seed Crystal caretaker Liz Ferris and friend Claire Nuttal, then replicated with crystals in the forest.

Next day each person walked the Sacred Sidhe Spiral. Welcoming them at the entry point was Liz Ferris’s new 28 kilo clear quartz skull.


Johnny, custodian of Enuma Elish, is welcomed into the Sacred Spiral

Waiting for everyone at the centre of the Spiral, was the beautiful ‘Illita, Singer of the Songs’.


The following is a video clip of our Spiral Walk ceremony. I hope that by watching it you will experience a little of the powerful healing energy we were immersed in on the day.


Upon exiting the Spiral, each person received a further healing activation from ‘The Master Skull Solar’ in partnership with the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ through Lia.

There were many tears, much Love, and deep soul remembrances for all. The following video of Alain Baillon’s personal healing activation, demonstrates the extraordinary and  transformative energy that was present.


My sincere thanks to Alain Baillon for allowing me to share this with you.

It was not until the end of the day when Wendy did a review and tally of who had attended, that we discovered there had been 33 of us in the gathering. This was no accident I can assure you! 33 is a master number representing all that is altruistic. It is a number of high energy, concerned with doing good in the world. It’s about raising the consciousness of as many people as possible. It’s about concern for the earth and her people. It’s about kindness, tenderness and compassion, leading to the transformation of the world’s consciousness.

‘Co-incidentally’ during my presentation to prepare people for the activations they would receive from ‘Solar’ and ‘Illita’ and the Crystal Skull Grid, I shared a teaching about how we could assist with the activation of the Earth’s new crystalline grid.

Crystal Matrix

The teaching included information from Dolores Cannon’s book ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers’, about unlocking and activating crystals:-

“There’s a bigger plan to be enacted – to work consciously with the grids to identify those portals and key nodes, and re-stimulate their activation. This can be done by placing crystals and working with intention – tapping into the big Earth crystals and reactivating the grids.”

Purify the Earth vessel…drink plenty of water. Plant your feet on the earth and hold the crystal, and ask for others to assist. The crystals will act as an intermediary between the etheric grids and the Earth grids that we’re attempting to reactivate. By holding the crystals while anchored to the earth, the human vessel becomes the link between the etheric grid and the Earth grids that we’re trying to repair.”

“It is better to do this in numbers. Three, six, nine…any of the factors of threes are the key for activating the grids…triangulations of energies. They will be working with the others in the etheric – the ones holding the etheric grid in place. These are beings of consciousness and light – the Grid Keepers. Call them in to help. They can use the human body’s energy and the crystal energy to triangulate off of all the different points in the Earth.”

On that day in Enuma Elish we followed those instructions to the letter. We drank water, planted our feet on the earth and held our crystals, encased inside a crystal grid created by the Master Source Stones. We asked the Crystal Skull Beings of Consciousness and Light to use our bodies as conduits to unlock and activate the crystal grids. And we did this with the optimum number of participants. What more perfect factor of three could there be than 33? Our gathering therefore enacted the most potent triangulation of the energy that could be achieved.

Spirit’s presence during the proceedings proved to be most powerful in other ways too, when my plans for certain aspects of the ceremony were ‘unceremoniously’ ditched!

skull day 074_2

Using me as their voice, Spirit orchestrated that our day be concluded with everyone seated inside the Sacred Spiral together.

CSWD Group Photo

With a sense of sacred communion, and with the aid of a magnificent carved wooden ‘talking stick’ inlaid with precious gems by mandala artist Clive Walters,  each person offered what was in their heart in that moment.

It was a day of beauty, kinship and Love…a day when we felt connected to both the natural world and to the unseen world…a day when I believe the Sacred Sidhe Spiral did indeed help to give us access to other realms and dimensions. In dynamic partnership with the crystal skulls, the Sidhe Spiral Glyph allowed us to become conduits for Divine Source Light, so that we might fire the crystal grids, and heal ourselves and our world.

We walked the Spiral Way
And in so doing
We entered the Stellar Gateway


(Photos courtesy of Claire Nuttall and Wendy Everett)



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