December 9, 2014

Sedona Magic with the Ancient Ones


There could have been no better place to proceed to after our incredible experience at Chaco Canyon, than the red rocks of Sedona. With its powerful vortex energy, Sedona is another place where the veils between worlds is very thin…a place where the presence of the Ancestors is felt in every rock and stone.

To get there we drove through the arid desert lands of New Mexico, stopping off at the extraordinary Window Rock where we had the joy of witnessing this young Native American woman and many others, celebrate their graduation with their families.


Native America girl in traditional dress, under Window Rock

It was sunset the following day when we arrived at the Grand Canyon. Wow…what a sight! Even though the weather was not the clearest we would have hoped for, the awesome majesty of the vista before us was still absolutely breathtaking.


The Grand Canyon at Sunset

That night we were guided to take all our sacred items out of our bundles and make an altar in our room.


Our Grand Canyon altar

Although now skull-less after my three crystal friends took flight in Chaco Canyon, I still had many precious energy-laden items with me. As well as my beautiful new Turquoise Squash Blossom necklace and some Grand Canyon Stones wrapped in copper wire by a native Navajo woman…


I had my Kate King  power pendants and other crystals which travel with me everywhere, all imbued with the energy of many sacred sites and ceremonies throughout the globe.


The vast landscape we saw the next day, drenched in sunshine, was almost incomprehensible in it’s scale.


Grand Canyon vista

There were Rock Guardians everywhere who called us to do ceremony quietly and unobtrusively amidst the tourist throngs.


Grand Canyon Rock Guardian


Grand Canyon Rock Guardian

Our real heart’s call however, was to be in Sedona so that we could once more get into intimate communion with the land in more privacy. So, as soon as we felt our work in the Grand Canyon was done, we hit the road.

Arriving in Sedona felt like coming home! This was my third visit to this sacred site and I was very excited to have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the mysteries of the cathedral-like red rocks and canyons. Stephanie’s  home is close by in Scottsdale and having led many groups on retreat to Sedona, I knew that as on previous visits, she would be the perfect guide to lead us to more of Sedona’s secrets and hidden treasures.

We arrived in time to make a visit to Montezuma’s Well which is very sacred to the native people of the area. It is one of our favourite places, with it’s extraordinary rock shelters tucked into the overhanging cliffs, that have remained intact for centuries.


The Anazasi dwellings at Montezuma’s Well

The water in the well is pristine. We have done ceremony with the crystal skulls on previous occasions here so it was very special to return there again.


Lia, Stephanie and Jill at Montezuma’s Well

As it turned out, the undisputed highlight of our visit to Sedona was connected with the crystal skulls – surprise, surprise! Stephanie revealed that we were to meet with two genuine ancient crystal skulls which have to date, been seen by only very few people. Their caretaker Kirk Landauer  had invited us along with four others, to spend the day at his home with ‘Lucy’ and ‘Ixchell’.

All three of us felt that this would be an important gathering. Our instinct therefore was to prepare ourselves accordingly, by doing a cleansing ceremony on the land in the morning. Stephanie had promised to bring us to a birthing cave and Medicine Wheel that is known about by very few people, and this seemed like the perfect time for that adventure.

Stephanie’s beautiful rose quartz crystal skull ‘The Oracle’ was our guide through the powerful proceedings that unfolded.


Stephanie’s skull ‘The Oracle’, adorned with my new turquoise healing Jaclas necklace


Stephanie and Jill in the Medicine Wheel that is hidden below the birthing cave.

Also a focal part of our ceremony, were the fourteen SOS~Source Stones I had been ‘told’ to bring with me to the US. These stones ended up playing an integral role throughout our trip, so much so that I wondered if they were meant to remain with me as part of my personal medicine. Apparently not! Just before I left the US, I was told that these fourteen Stones were destined to go to very specific caretakers across the globe. (All but four of the Stones have by now found their new homes.)


The 14 Source Stones with my own personal Stone, and other personal Herkima Diamond and Moldavite crystals.



Lia in meditates within the Medicine Wheel

Meeting Kirk and his ancient crystalline charges ‘Lucy’ and ‘Ixcheel’ was a joy. It never ceases to amaze me to witness the unfolding, interconnected web we weave, in order to connect with  members of our Soul Family.


Lia and Jill with Kirk – ‘Lucy’ in his right hand, ‘Ixchell’ in his left.

As well as being the caretaker of these two authentic ancient skulls, Kurt has an extraordinary collection of crystals, which, combined with the artifacts all the rest of us brought to the table, made for a power-charged experience! We felt very privileged to have such lengthy and intimate contact with these ancient Light Beings, undisturbed and in total privacy.

‘Lucy’ has been carved from such flawless, optically clear quartz, that she seemed to literally glow in the dark. Her energy is very powerful but at the same time compassionate and sweet.


The Ancient skull ‘Lucy’

‘Ixchell’s’ energy too is exquisitely soft and loving…she emanates peace.


The Ancient skull ‘Ixchell’

We began the day with a Medicine Wheel ceremony and we ended it with another. After about eight hours in the company of Lucy and Ixcheel, our group completed the day with these ancient ones, under the starry Sedona sky.


The following morning without any pre-planning, the three of us ended up back at Kirk’s house. The previous evening Kirk had mentioned a secret cave he knew about. Our guidance from Spirit that morning was that we should make the trek up to this cave with ‘Lucy’. Kirk, beautiful soul that he is, agreed to be our sherpa and armed with crystals, water and hats we headed off for what was to be  a pretty substantial trek up the cliff face to the hidden cave.

Kirk has made the pilgrimmage to this cave several times and has spent many hours along the way, building sacred circles and stone structures to honour the land.


One thing that fascinated us was the appearance at various parts of the trail, of straight, laser-like white lines etched into the rock. These were not natural rock markings or fissures and we had the distinct sense that they had been placed there as as some sort of guide marks. I immediately thought of the Nazca Lines in Peru.


Nazca-like lines leading up to the cave


Nazca-like lines leading up to the cave

Finally, we got our first glimpse of the cave, though it was a bit of shock to see that it was still a long way off!


Our first sight of the cave in the centre of the cliff above

There were powerful Rock Guardians everywhere. This one to the left of the cave entrance, towered above us watching us with its huge eyes.


Cave Rock Guardian

It was a searingly hot day and the climb was pretty challenging, so about half way up we stopped for a rest. As we gathered our things together to move on again, I lifted the lambskin sherpa pouch containing my beautiful crystal Kriss Sword, from the rock where I’d gently placed it for safe keeping. My heart sank like a lead weight into my stomach when I felt the pouch go limp in the middle. Without opening it, I immediately knew that the wand was broken. First the de-materialisation of my three skulls and now this??

The wand had broken clean in half. I was devastated but at the same time I knew that there had to be great significance to this freak occurrance. But what did it mean? Was it also demonstrating that we are straddling two worlds?


My exquisite Kriss Sword snapped clean in half.

Each half of the Kriss Sword featured three crystal skulls, which echoed the three skulls that went through the dimensional doorway in Chaco Canyon. It also echoed the triad of energy created by Stephanie, Jill and myself as we travelled the land, and the pyramids and spirals that appeared everywhere we went.

The bottom half of the wand even features the spiral Caduceus.


Three crystal skulls and the spiral Caduceus


Three crystal skulls, echoing the three that ‘walked through the doorway’.

If nothing else on this trip, I was being given a very powerful lesson in detachment!

This incident shocked us all into an increased sense of alertness and vigilence as to why we might be here. We felt we’d received a dramatic sign from Spirit, and that there was indeed a sacred purpose in our pilgrimmage to this secret cave.

There were some pretty hairy moments on the climb upwards and we began to feel a bit like mountain goats but finally, we were there!


Kurt and Jill lead the posse!

What was astounding to discover was that the white lines we’d seen earlier travelled all the way up to the entrance of the cave….another sign that this was a place of significance to the Ancestors.


White laser lines in the rock

They were dead straight…like some sort of very specific guide lines.


Lia points out the double laser lines going right up the wall of the cave

We thought Jill was a little crazy to venture right up the vertical wall of the cliff to reach the upper level of the cave, but the mountain climber within her just couldn’t resist it. Getting her down from there was another story entirely!


Jill climbs right into the cave

I decided to be sensible and stopped half way up!


Half way was enough for me!

And then to our ceremony….

We gathered around the mouth of the cave and created our altar with Lucy, surrounded by the fourteen Source Stones and our other crystals.


An incredible stillness and peace descended upon us as we lay on the ground beside the altar, looking at the blue sky above framed by Sedona’s soaring,  catherdral rocks.


Then for the first time ever, a channelled song came through me in English. With words of great simplicity and gratitude, and a melody of poignant sweetness, it was a song direct from Source that soothed our hearts and our souls.

With that…our work in Sedona was complete.


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