January 18, 2013

Shambala Animal Ceremony

Dear Friends,

On Sunday 3.3.13 a group of people from the Cairns/Tablelands region, including myself, will host a very special Fundraising Ceremony for the Animals at Cairns ‘Shambhala’ Wild Life Safari Reserve. 

Since becoming the owner of the Zoo a year ago Elaine Harrison, has since been valiantly struggling to keep it afloat, having inherited many unforseen problems. It has now reached a point however, where she can no longer manage alone. On hearing of her plight, Wendy Everett of Enuma Elish Herbs and Healing,   decided something needed to be done. She and her friend, mandala artist Clive Walters, galvanised a number of us into action, and so was born the idea of the Shambhala Animal Ceremony.

The event will take place at 1.30pm on Sunday 3.3.13 – how’s that for a nice date! The Ceremony ticket price will include entry to the Safari Park for the full day if you so desire, as well complimentary fruit platters and cold drinks. If you want to come early to see the animals, we suggest that you bring a picnic lunch so that you can take your time to spend time with these wonderful creatures.

When we met at the Zoo last week to discuss the arrangements, we were entertained royally by the monkeys and peacocks; we basked in the powerful presence of the lions; and we viewed the hippopotamus luxuriating in the damn, from a distance! These magnificent creatures surely deserve our support. If we do not give it to them right now, this Zoo will have to close and the animals will be sent offshore to a new home. It would be a tragedy for region to lose this unique and wonderful facility.

Apart from attending the ceremony, there are other ways you can help – even if you are not from the Cairns area. If you feel compassion for the plight of these animals, any donation you can make, however small, will be greatly appreciated. We hope to have a giant raffle with lots of magnificent prizes and we are looking for donations! Anything you have to offer will be greatly accepted, including gift vouchers, massages, free healing sessions, hampers etc.

Here are some of the Raffle prizes to date…

  • Artist Clive Walters,is donating a mandala created specifically for the event
  • Silk Road Gems are donating a piece of their exquisite crystal jewellery
  • Connect Magazine have donated a full page ad for the event in their upcoming magazine
  • I have donated the full ‘Sounds of Sirius Collection’of 9 albums as well as 50% of all sales of my CDSong of Love for the Animals’ at the Zoo.

There will be many more fabulous prizes by the time the 3rd of March comes around, several of which I feel sure, will be donated by some of you reading this!

The many of you who don’t live in the Cairns area might think of making a monetary donation. If enough people make even a small donation, it can really make a difference. If you feel drawn to contribute you can send your gift to Zoo owner Elaine Harrison at:-

Elaine Harrison

Bendigo Bank

BSB # – 633000

Account # – 145 183 281

The Ceremony itself promises to be beautiful. The Soul Harmonics Orchestra will weave their wonderful sound magic; Malcolm Bell, who is the channel for a high energy being know as Aranuth, will channel a message through for the group present. I myself will be the conduit for the sacred sound codes and healing melodies that wish to come through for the Animals and those in attendance. Liz Ferris, the custodian of 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals will be making them available for the construction of a beautiful crystal mandala. And there will be a magnificent group of drummers present, led by Wendy and her husband Johnny on didgeridoo, inveterate drummer Clive Walters, and Kristina and Graham from the Closet Hippy in Malanda ! Please bring along all your drums, didges, rattles and other sacred instruments so that you can join in the celebration. The animals are definitely going to love this as much as the humans!!

If you would like to donate something for the Raffle,

you can contact either myself or Wendy Everett…

Lia – Email:

Tel:      0419 486 073


Wendy Everett


Tel:      4097 7493


If you would like to Book a Ticket for the Ceremony please call…

Elaine Harrison – Zoo Owner


Tel: 4093 7777


Wendy Everett


Tel: 4097 7493

I do hope that we will see many of you there on the day and that those of you who do not live in the region, will send your love and support both energetically or by way of a monetary or raffle gift donation, in support of the animals.

Children above the age of 6 will be welcome. It will not be suitable for them to attend the actual ceremony but we’ll organise a special experience for them instead! They’ll be taken on an adventure tour of the Zoo as a group and we’re sure they’ll have a lot of fun! As they won’t be attending the ceremony, the ticket price for children will be the normal standard Zoo entry price.

You will find all the details of time, place and cost

on the Event Poster attached to this email

Order Song of Love for the Animals – Here

In 2009, I released an album dedicated to the healing of the Animal Kingdom. Here are the words of the spoken prologue to the album…I include them here in hope they my help to touch your heart and encourage you to contribute in some way to the Animals of the Cairns ‘Shambhala’ Wild Life Safari Reserve.

“Our beloved dogs, cats and horses and other pets, love us totally and unconditionally. They often help to heal us, from illness, loneliness and grief. And in return, most are loved deeply by those who care for them. Many animals however, need healing themselves. Some have been mistreated – others are frightened, lost or abandoned. And tragically, many of the animal families now face extinction.

This Song of Love therefore, is a gift of gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful animals that so enrich our lives. It also presents and opportunity to contemplate the extraordinary privileges we as human beings enjoy, surrounded by the wonder of all that nature provides – not least of all – the extraordinary variety of truly wonderful animals that co-exist with us on Planet Earth.

If you have a special animal friend or companion, play them this Song of Love. Their response may surprise you! Or you can take a more active role. As everything in the universe is composed of energy and vibration, and energy knows no boundaries or borders – imagine sending your gift of gratitude and love out, in a beautiful soothing, blanket of light, to envelop every creature in the animal kingdom.

Your gift of Love, has the power to bring balance and healing to the wondrous creatures of this earth and therefore, to ourselves and to our beautiful planet itself.”

50% of all sales of this album at the Zoo, or purchased in response to this newsletter, will be donated to the welfare of the ‘Shambhala’ animals.

Order Song of Love for the Animals – Here

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Shambhala Safari Park on March 3rd!

Please dress in white for this Spiritual Event to be held in honour of the Animal Kingdom.

I hope this finds you well and happy.

Sending you as always,

Much Love and many Blessings,



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