95mm - front to back
70mm - high
50mm - wide
Weight  -  510gms
Slight roughness on corner of left eye

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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  –  Michelangelo

When possible, I offer a range of hand-picked Crystal Skulls through my website. I provide this service in order that others might have the opportunity to acquire their own personal skull, imbued with the energies that my skull family have gathered from various sacred sites the globe, and from sitting in communion with other Ancient and powerful skulls. Having spent time with ‘The Master Skull Solar’, a very powerful Crystalline Light Being in my guardianship, these skulls now carry his energy forth with them to nuture and enrich the lives of their new caretakers.

Although you may not always find a large selection of skulls available through this Store, each one has been selected with great care from a number of excellent sources for high quality Crystal Skulls I have discovered over the years.

Do you have a vision of a very special Crystal Skull that is calling to you?

As I have become more deeply involved with the Crystal Skulls, people have begun to approach me directly for help in finding a special skull they have had a vision of, or who has visited them in their dreams. I consider it a great privilege to be asked to provide this assistance.

During the course of my own crystal skull journey, I have developed a beautiful connection with Brazilian carver Leandro De Souza who is considered to be perhaps the foremost skull carver in the world. ‘The Master Skull Solar’ was given form by Leandro. Leandro lets the crystal to speak to him, allowing the Skull Being to emerge from under his hand. Each magnificent skull he creates seems to emanate a most powerful energy. Leandro displays a strong intuition regarding the connection between his skulls and their new caretakers, so when a person is meant to find one his skulls it is usually a very powerful process of unfoldment. It gives me great pleasure to act as the bridge for anyone who is seriously being called to become the caretaker of a special skull, such as those given form under the had of a dedicated carver such as Leandro.

If you don’t believe in Angels, never play with a child.
If you don’t believe in wizards, gnomes, elves, fairies or a different dimension,
Never walk a path in Arizona.
If you don’t believe in the knowledge embedded in a crystal or a crystal skull,
never hold one in your hands and never talk to them.
Receive your skull and listen to what he has to tell you…
Leandro de Souza

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Additional information

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