Hermes – Six Spacer


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Divine Cosmic Actuality Marque 1 Spacer Six

Colour: Black
Jewels: Rubies with a central Diamond

The Divine Cosmic Actuality Six Spacer is designed to hold 6 Discs or multiples of six, at once. To integrate the diversity of energies, a structure of intention was designed to allow the “body-mind-self” to receive and integrate such a process. The ‘Spacers’ were given the intention that prior intelligence be operative for the combination of Energies at any one time.

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The spacer comes encased in a beautiful custom made, black leather briefcase with a pocket for the spacer and several sheets of disc pockets, as well as a Hermes glass.

Rubies were used to ground and bring the Energy into the current of flowing life through the body. The diamond, holding the Fractalised point of dissolution of Mind. Representing the feminine ‘body’ position; The emotional coil that drives the machine of the personality; the well of the particular stance of the body. Earth… Emotional Coil… Or feminine disposition. The feminine position looks in and up.

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The Hermes Far Eastern Shining Six Spacer offered here is pre-loved by Lia! It is however, in ‘as new’ condition.

At 60% off the recommended retail price, this presents a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested in this beautiful alchymeic piece.

The Alchymie of the Australian based Hermes Far Eastern Shining, is about Heart Awakening. Each Energy Tool holds a specific Alchymeic Intention that aids in the transformation and dissolution of karmic patterns that would ordinarily lock us into limitations and repetitive cycles. As the structures of our habitual, karmic patterns of existence ‘loosen’ we can awaken to a ‘freer’, more creative response to life and each other. These Energy Tools are designed to support an awakening at the Heart for people who are intuiting the need for growth and transformation.

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