Lemurian Seed Crystals


The Lemurian Seed Crystals offered through the Sounds of Sirius Online Store have been part of several sacred ceremonies, where they were used to create stunning and powerful crystalline mandalas such as the one pictured here. It is Lia’s pleasure to make these highly charged and activated crystals available to you, so that some of the energy of those ceremonies may enter your life. These crystals carry the energy of ‘The Master Solar’ and the sacred Sirian Sound Codes downloaded through Lia. They have much Ancient Lemurian information to release during these times.

*Please note that these are gridding crystals and are not perfectly shaped points! Their power lies not in their appearance but in the energy/ information they carry.





Lemuria was an advanced ancient civilization, similar to Atlantis but even more spiritually developed and peaceful. It’s said to have been a true Garden of Eden. Before the demise of this civilisation, special crystals were encoded with the Lemurian knowledge and ‘seeded’ on earth, for a time in the future when humanity would once more be ready to receive the information.

These Lemurian Crystals have very distinct horizontal striations or grooves like “bar codes” on one or more sides. By rubbing your finger along the “bar codes” you activate and download the information, and connect into the Lemurian energy grid.

The Lemurian Seed Crystals on the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ online store, have been part of several important sacred ceremonies, including one on the momentous date of 12.12.12. Each one has been deeply imprinted with both the energy of ‘The Master Crystal Skull Solar’, and the sacred ‘Sirian Source Codes’ frequencies, downloaded through Lia at these events.

If you feel drawn to become the caretaker of one of these special activated Seed crystals, you are being invited to access the Lemurian wisdom held within them.

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Additional information

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