Song of the Earth – Lithographic Print


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The Sounds of Sirius Limited Edition Lithographs
Title  Song of the Earth
Medium – Archival ink on Goatskin Parchment
Size  504mm x 420mm unframed

100 only available of each print 

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Caption underneath reads –
The Divine, Eternal Mother draws us to her breast
Restoring us to hope in the gift of her love.

These beautiful Limited Edition Lithographs are exclusive to ˜The Sounds of Sirius online store.

Since the release of Lia’s first CDs ‘˜Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’, she has received many comments on the beauty and impact of the cover artwork. Comments such as “I only have to look at the cover and I already feel relaxed” or “Just looking at the cover makes me feel so emotional”, prompted Lia to make the images available as Limited Edition prints for those people who resonate so strongly with these pieces.

The original artwork concepts were commissioned by Lia, as a result of guidance she received from Spirit with regard to the energies carried within each of the channelled recordings. Artist, Charlotte Meijer, responded with these stunning and inspirational artworks. These Limited Edition lithographic prints are of the finest quality, in keeping with the original artwork.

They have been reproduced on ‘Goatskin Parchment’ –  an acid free, 160gsm archival rag paper, which is mould resistant. State of the art, specialist, archival inks have been used, which have the highest possible UV light resistance rating, therefore extending the life of the print immeasurably. The prints have been custom made, to the optimal size of 504mm by 420mm, which creates the ideal proportions, to suit the shape of the images.

There are 100 only of each print –  each individually numbered.

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