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13 individual albums composed and performed by Lia Scallon.

The sacred Source codes carried within the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ bring healing, nourishment and comfort to the soul. As the soul resonates with these beautiful other-worldly songs, it is stirred into remembrance of its own Divinity. The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are a gift to humanity at this time of great change.




“Lia’s music has a natural ability to unlock the soul and allow the unseen world to influence us.
RJ Lannan – Zone Music Reporter

“There is a sense of purpose to this music. It is intended as a tool for inner attunement and uplifting the spirit.”
Michael Diamond – Music and Media Review

“Scallon’s lovely, almost otherworldly ethereal vocals yield a mixture of sensual earthiness, delicate beauty and mystical allure. In all my years of reviewing music, I can’t think of anyone who sounds like her. Her music is…well…unique.”
Bill Binkleman – Zone Music Reporter

“Lia’s voice and music carry coded sounds to unlock doorways in the heart and soul. Her superb vocals carry us to great heights.”
Richard Giles  – Nexus Magazine

‘Quietly rapturous invitations to meditation and contemplation, and utterly unique’.
Adyar Bookshop Booknews

“Lia’s exquisite voice is deeply nurturing, healing and uplifting. One’s response to it is effortless and immediate, resulting in a state of total peacefulness”.
Conscious Living Magazine – Australia

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