Vogel-Style Wand – 8


A truly magnificent Vogel-style crystal wand.

Precision cut from optically clear quartz, this beauty has a couple of will o’ the wisp inclusions that give it a unique identity. The laser-like energy of this crystal will be assist you greatly in your healing work.

This crystal comes to you personally activated and charged by Lia during several sacred ceremonies, where it formed part of the beautiful and powerful central crystalline grid. It has also been imbued with the healing and transformative ‘Sounds of Sirius’ frequencies, for which Lia is the conduit.


Length:  10.6 cm
Weight:  81 grams

NB: Due to the delicate nature of this exquisite crystal, purchasing a protective Crystal Sherpa Pouch  (Size Medium) is strongly recommended for storage and travel.

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The Properties of Natural Quartz Crystal

Amplify Energies
– Enable Focus
– Receive and Store Data
– Transform or Refine Light Wave Frequencies
– Transfer Thought Energetics
– Emit a Frequency Field

Early radios, for example, used crystal transmitters, and today, crystal or ‘silicon’ technology is the basis of all computers.


Vogel-Style Crystals
Vogel-style or Phi Crystals combine the powerful energies of clear quartz with sacred geometry. These crystals can have between 12 to 144 facets. Also known as ‘Extractions Wands’ these crystals are used for the extraction of energies, as well as for healing, meditation and manifestation,

The precise cutting of these crystals makes them very delicate and exquisite to behold. Their special beauty speaks to their power. Phi Crystal wands are exceptional tools for energy work, providing an intense amplification and focus of energy.

The wider, larger end of the Phi Crystal extraction wand is the female receptive end. The crystal is designed to take in energy at the receptive end and amplify it as it circulates around the inside of the crystal. As the energy hits the internal sides of the polished facets, it revolves and is then transmitted from the focal male end.

The purpose of a Vogel crystal is to amplify, and make more coherent, the thought and energy that you desire to focus into the body/mind of yourself or another person.


Dr Marcel Vogel
Phi crystals were discovered by Dr. Marcel Vogel who was a research scientist with IBM for 27 years. Working with liquid crystals and luminescence, he became interested in quartz crystals.

Marcel Vogel sought to combine the power of science and of the lapidary arts to enhance natural crystals in order to maximize their potential for receiving, amplifying and transmitting Universal Life Force Energy, consciously charged with the intent to heal with the force of love. Vogel cut his crystals to harmonize with the natural quartz structure. He was guided to the design of these crystals by a waking dream.

Marcel Vogel’s Crystal Vision
In Vogel’s vision of sacred geometry, Marcel saw the Talmudic Tree of Life in geometric form, which he felt was strange since he a devout Catholic, not  Jewish.


He managed to draw diagrams from the vision and spent the next year in the laboratory making his first crystal cut, based on the geometric shape he held with his vision. Vogel’s vision led him to develop the specific shape and cutting angles that proved to intensify the coherence and amplification of a crystal’s energy.

Vogel believed the most important purpose of the faceting should be to amplify and transmit an increasingly coherent stream of energy to a subject.

Since Marcel’s death in 1991, crystal designers and cutters have created new types of healing crystal wands with incredibly complex designs based upon principles of sacred geometry, which are still true to the basic ideas of Marcel Vogel.


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Additional information

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