September 21, 2014

Solar Transformation


Our Sun is playing a critical role in that push towards ‘Wholeness’. If like me, you have found the last ten days to be a challenging time physically and energetically, it might help to know that since September12th, massive Solar Flares have been emanating from our sun, projecting waves of photon energy and more, towards Earth. If you are already a caretaker of a SOS ~ Source Stone, this would be a very good time to carry it on your person. I have been wearing mine constantly!

As a core element of the ‘Sounds of Source’ project I was guided to initiate last year, one of the prime purposes of the SOS ~ Source Stone is to help us adapt to the geo-magnetic waves and Solar Flare radiation currently directed at our planet. The Source Stone acts as a stabilizer, allowing transformative Solar codes to enter your physical body with ease. It will raise your vibration exponentially the more you use it, and will also connect you into to the ever expanding sacred Indigo Source Stone Crystalline Grid being anchored by the Stones already encircling the planet. We are connected as ‘One’ through this filigree energetic, which is becoming stronger and more powerful by the day.

The crystalline realm is giving us great assistance now as we morph into ‘The New Human’. As well as helping us to anchor and integrate the new energies entering our Planet at this time, the SOS ~ Source Stone has been gifted as a tool of ‘Awakening’ and ‘Remembrance’.


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