‘Solar’, Uluru, & The Australian Crystal Skull


The following piece is an extract from the presentation I gave at my 12.12.12 event in Cairns.

‘Solar’ who had arrived in Australia just a few months before, wished to make himself available to people on that momentous occasion. Some extraordinary things happened during the event, including the imprinting of a large crystal generator with a huge heart, and golden Light Codes visibly downloaded around ‘Solar’.



‘Solar’, Uluru & The Australia Crystal Skull
Written for the 12.12.12. Cairns Event

My pilgrimage to Uluru was all I had hoped for. I had had no expectation or need to find an actual physical skull there. My entire journey with the skull up to that point, had taken place in the Dreamtime, so I did not expect any predictable conclusion. I also knew that in just one week I would be in Mt Shasta with my US friends Jill and Stephanie and I felt certain that more pieces of the mystery would reveal themselves there. Which is what happened!

Mt Shasta Journey
Mt Shasta has been called one of the seven major sacred energy vortices of the world – a place of powerful, transformative energy, associated in particular with the Ascended Master St Germaine.

From the moment Jill, Stephanie and I met until we parted, we seem to be immersed in nonstop sacred ceremony, much of which was to do with the healing of women and the return & balancing of the Divine Feminine.

The day after we arrived was June 21st, the 2012 Summer Solstice, which we spent in ceremony at a friend’s home right beneath the Mountain.

The next day June 22nd was my birthday, so Jill and I decided to call into the crystal shop ‘Sacred Seed’ to see our friends Miguel and Nina. We’d had an amazing experience there on exactly same day last year, so we were very excited to be reuniting with them.

Nina who was there alone, invited us to come into the inner room of the shop to meet two very special skulls that had recently come into their care, both carved by world-renowned carver Leandro de Souza, She looked at me, laughed and said, “Miguel said, Lia is going to really LOVE ‘Solar’!”

When I first saw him, sitting there under the window in the sunlight, I literally gasped with shock. This was the most extraordinary looking skull I had ever seen. With my heart thumping, I walked up to him and literally fell to my knees. I threw my arms around him and cried, ‘I know you; I know you!”

Everything else faded into oblivion. For the next 40mins, with my arms around him, I communed with the incredible being that is ‘Solar’, speaking to him, singing to him, laughing, crying and ultimately bowing to him as ‘Majesty’. On the one hand, he felt like a very close friend, but on the other, this was a royal personage of whom I was in awe.

That evening, over a glass of wine and birthday cake with foru girlfriends, I was given an irrefutable sign of the interconnectedness between what had happened in Uluru and what we were doing in Mt Shasta. Without knowing anything at all about my Uluru trip, our new friend Nancy, a crystal dealer, gifted me with a beautiful little stone with most unusual markings, that was shaped like a skull!

“This is called an Amulet Stone,” she said. “These stones are very rare – they are only found in the region of Ayer’s Rock. Some people call them Uluru’s children”.

First ‘Solar’…and now the Uluru Amulet stone…

The day before I left Mt Shasta, another Australian ‘piece’ foreshadowed what was to be the dramatic highlight of my Shasta journey. Nancy pulled out of her closet a rare Australian Boulder Opal skull, which made it clear it wished to return to Australia with me. With that meeting, came the remembrance of the five beautiful slivers of Opal that had been gifted to me by a woman at the Kuranda ceremonies in February, just weeks after I heard about the ‘Australian Crystal Skull’ for the first time.

As it turned out, the arrival of  my new Opal friend ‘Boulder’ ‘ heralded a very significant development.

When I’d met ‘Solar’ two days before, it had not occurred to me for a second that I could be his caretaker. Regardless of how connected I felt to him, I knew I could never afford to purchase such a huge and amazing skull. And anyway…how could I get him back to Australia – all 33 kilos of him!

What I did not take into account however, was the power of Spirit and the power of ‘Solar’! It was so clearly evident to everyone else around me that ‘Solar’ and I were partners, that a very graceful way and unexpected solution was found for him to leave Mt Shasta in my care.

A major point of connection between ‘Solar’ and the ‘Australian Crystal  Skull’ came into sharp focus when Nina told me how ‘Solar’ had ended up with herself and Miguel in Mt Shatsta. After Leandro De Souza had released ‘Solar’ from the stone, ‘Solar’ remained with him for almost six years. Then, in February this year (2012) at the Tuscon Gem show, Leandro said to Miguel and Nina,  ‘Solar is telling me he wants to go to Mt Shasta with you.” It was at this exact time, almost to the day, that I had the chance meeting with the young man in Kuranda, who told me about the Australian Crystal Skull.

It has since become very clear to me that Solar and I are indeed partners. I believe that’s why I recognised him immediately, and why others around me felt so strongly that he should be in my care. I understood immediately that ‘Solar’ is a very powerful Master Being who is has offered himself to be of assistance to the world at this time.

‘Solar’ has since confirmed beyond doubt, that he is the conduit of information and energy from Higher Dimensional realms. I have been so touched to witness the impact he has already made on people’s lives, and have been awestruck to see the extraordinary visual phenomena manifested in photographs of him, since he’s been with me.

‘Solar’ has also displayed very clearly, the importance of why he is here  in Australia.

On the way back from the US, I met up with a crystal healer friend of mine in Sydney who said:- “They’re telling me that ‘Solar’ is an extremely powerful being who will activate the whole of Australia to the Lemurian energy.”

I found myself thinking, ‘How strange that at the end of this incredible journey connected to Uluru and the Australian  Crystal Skull, ‘Solar’ has ended up with here with me. Maybe ‘Solar’ is the Skull I went to Uluru to find? Is he is the ‘Australian Skull?

On July 8th – exactly a month to the day since my departure from Uluru – I woke up to find the Aboriginal warrior and Aboriginal white-haired Elder present with me.

My first thought was, “Does this mean ‘Solar’has arrived in Australia?”

The immediate answer was a resounding ‘Yes’. With it, in huge capital letters before my eyes, I saw the word ‘Welcome’, followed by the most heart-piercing image. The Uluru Eye – that  incredible black eye that had looked down at me from the Rock – filled my vision. Out of it fell one large tear. It was a tear of Joy.

I suddenly saw ‘Solar’ in the presence of a group of Aboriginal Elders, and the following information was downloaded…

“’Solar’ is the sacred one and he wants to meet these people – the first people of this land. He wants them to know that he will sit at the convergence of their Songlines – the Songlines of North and Central Australia. He wants them to know that he honours them and that he has come back once more, as in ancient times, to harmonise the Songlines – to sing with the Ancestors. He wants them to know that he represents the Heart and the Soul of this land – its sacredness, its ancientness. He represents the purity of the Old ways when Mother Earth was honoured and held dear in the hearts of all.

He says he comes back to reignite the fire of Love in the hearts of all who now live on this sacred Earth of Australia – whatever their colour, creed or culture. This land has drawn them here and he will teach them how to honour it once more.

He bows to the Ancient ones of this place…He bows to their

children….those who still carry the remembrance of the original laws, the original teachings. Time to share these teachings now and ‘Solar’ will help with that process – the process of awakening the sleeping Giant.”

The final message was very clear…This land had sent out the call to ‘Solar’ that it was time…

As this vision came to a conclusion, it dawned on me that the timing of all this was no accident. ‘Solar’ had returned to Australia at this particular time, to be present and in place for the Total SOLAR Eclipse of November 13th! Australia was the only place in the world where this eclipse would be seen in its totality, when day would literally become night with the blocking out of the sun. (The word ‘Solar’ is of course, the Spanish word for ‘sun’).

Just as my vision predicted, Solar arrived at my door the following day.

For several days after his arrival, it rained torrential Tropical rain – a magnificent baptism of welcome for ‘Solar’ as he sat outside on the Australian earth.

Many other things have happened since then, which suggest Solar’s presence here indeed involves a much ‘bigger picture’, including several calls from total strangers, offering their piece of the jigsaw.

One lady, a clairvoyant who called me out of the blue to ask me about crystal skulls, revealed very compelling information about  a Crystal Skull connected to the Gympie Pyramid. This sent my mind into complete overdrive as I tried to work out the connection between ‘Solar,’ this Gympie skull and the skull connected with Uluru. I asked myself,

Who is Solar”,
What is Solar?”
What is his place in all this was…..
If he’s not the Australian skull, then who is he?”

In answer, I channelled message came through me in English – something that rarely happens. Out of my mouth, repeatedly in rhyming couplets, came many variations of the same statement.

You are the key
You are the key
He is thee and you are he
Together, he and she, you are the Key.
It will be revealed for all to see
That He and Thee, you are the key.

Reading that sounds like some delusional egomaniac may be on the loose! Given what happened subsequently however, I nonetheless, felt I should include it.

A week later I heard from the same clairvoyant lady again. Having felt the intense power of ‘Solar’s’ energy during our previous conversation, she had asked for permission to meditate on his photo. She said ‘Solar’ had shared a lot of very important information with her, in several mediations. The following is some of what she received…

Meditation 1
This is not the Australian Skull number 12. It is actually the Master Key Skull number 13. It is the master activator of the other 12. Within this skull with a single angel wing, are 12 Council members, placed inside to keep the spiritual information in safe hands. Each of the12 members are in a crystal diva form within this Master Crystal Key Skull.

This skull is the main link. When it is joined or reunited with other twelve, then a full transformation will take place. When they become one, all the small crystals skulls people own, will be downloaded with the bulk of the spiritual information for all to access.


Meditation 2
This Master Crystal Solar told me about the cleansing process of earth, of ourselves and also about earths grid. He showed me lost civilizations rising again from deep within isolated caves, underwater pyramids now being discovered, and ancient temples opening up new information and areas within them.

This skull was very excited about it all, telling me it is perfect time for this to happen, although it will take a few years for the whole world to know about it all. This skull talked about activation taking place within people – a rising interest about the 12. Now more than ever, people are wanting their own skulls, but the Master Skull says its way more than just that.

The ripple effect of the ascension of these individuals, will ripple out to others. As the ripple grows in strength and vibration, it sends out the energy to the 12 skulls and to the world. This stream of vibration will then enter the main Crystal Master Skull here in Australia. This Master Crystal Skull Solar, stores and collects this vibration and conveys it to the Devas for them to analyse, and decide what action needs to be taken.

Meditation 3 –  Solar Speaks
“What I am will seem like a mystery to you. I am and have always been what you would call the number 13. I have come before the 12th one – yes. ‘Why is this?’ I hear you ask. One of my many roles here now and at this time, is to sing my song loud to last crystal skull here in Australia. I orchestrated to be here, here in your country, not by chance but by pure design. I am singing loud – can you not hear me dear ones! I know my songs have been heard. The choir has gathered. My songs have activated your personal spiritual journey and that of others. My choir sings and joins me, blasting out loudly to the last skull, to hear our mortal song. Let me fulfill my destiny to activate you.

Yes, you all, and the 12th skull, we all are interconnected and each of us are needed here to fulfill our own destiny. I can help you with this.

I am so happy, my heart sings with joy to be here. I rejoice and give thanks every day. I am totally in the right hands. I am loved and I send love. This is exactly where I need to be to complete one of main missions. With your help earth people, I am currently activating the last Mayan skull here. It is now talking back to me and talking to you also.

Is it not a beautiful vibrational rhythm it sends back? It has downloaded its codes and frequency to me, and I have transmitted this out to the other 11 skulls. A ripple effect of these codes and frequency, have travelled to everybody’s small crystal skulls also. So, when the number 12 skull has ascended above into the light, everyone will already be activated and on their path of awakening. So, it will not be a shock to see me – it will be expected.

The ripple will expand out to all the 12 skulls and this will include me. We will all reunite and become one magnificent energy source of unlimited potential.

My role is to reunite the 12 and to bring this source of energy to fruition. Within me are 12 councils, each holding a crystal diva representative. Some within me can be seen clearly; others are hidden, but still very much present. The councils reside within me to work together for the betterment of Mother Gaia. We are her love servents and we serve her with such great pleasure. The councils within me hold regular meetings, to review and revise progress of everything and every soul on earth. Our undertakings are vast and varied.

Please tell the world to mediate on me, just like you have done. Share me, as I am here for all that are ready. Yes, I do have very powerful energy and not everyone can cope with this energy. If you can’t be with me in person, then mediate on my name or photo.

Have I not given you plenty of food for thought? To end, I would like to say I look forward to merging with you, just as I have merged with my key keeper. Embrace me, feel me holding you back in my angelic arms, talk to my councils, and join us as one. There is so much to look forward too together. Help us to activate you and the 12 skulls. Let us bring in the new energy source, and always remember to enjoy your spiritual journey along the way.


Whether or not this is all true remains to be seen. Certainly, more information and signs continue to present. The symbol of The Key for example, as been reinforced in more than one way. This Egyptian Ankh piece which has come to me, represents the ‘Key’ to the Soul. And just the other day I was gifted with a vibrational Elixir called ‘The Key’!

What does it all mean? I’m not entirely sure yet, but I think what’s being created is a magnificent tapestry, woven with hundreds of threads seen and some unseen. Each one of you called to be here tonight, are an integral part of that tapestry.

So let’s ready ourselves now to receive what ‘Solar’ has to offer us tonight on this incredible date of 12.12.12. ‘Solar’ wanted to be with you in person, so open your heart to him… let him speak to the very depths of your soul.


Some Photos taken at the 12.12.12 Cairns Event

‘Solar’ downloads Golden Codes of Light

The Huge Heart Imprinted This Crystal Generator
Was Not There At The Beginning of the Night


More of ‘Solar’s’  Golden Codes of Light


December 2020 Update

This morning during my morning channelling, my eyes fell upon the painting below of the Egyptian Ankh, recently gifted to me by a friend for my birthday.

Having just rediscovered the piece above I had written back in 2012, which included the reference to Solar and I being ‘the Key’, this gift has suddenly taken on a much greater significance!

Artwork: Wendy Everett