June 20, 2022

Solstice ‘I Am’ Coronation


To support you in this transformative journey, call upon the Irish Faerie Folk, the Sidhe. Close kin to humankind, these are not your tinker bell fairies. Descendants of the Tuatha de Dannan, the magical and powerful ‘skygods’ who once ruled over Ireland, the Sidhe have come forward again at this time, to assist humankind.

To help you connect with the Sidhe and to delve deep into your inner world, I recommend playing Song of the Sidhe as an accompaniment to this meditation. This music was commissioned by the Sidhe themselves, who told me they wished to help people gain access to their world through my music.

Download ‘Song of the Sidhe’


‘Coronation’ Meditation
Imagine yourself on the Hill of Tara in the mystical land of Ireland. This royal place is comprised of two circular mounds of earth, joined at the centre to form the Infinity symbol. Bare feet on the Earth, you feel the power of the ancient land rise up through your body, electrifying every cell. This is sacred Earth you stand on. Generation upon generation of High Kings and High Queens before you stood here, to pledge their lives in service to the land and its people.

Within the right circular mound, lies a large crystal grid. You have been called here for ceremony. This royal site has been a Coronation site for eons. Today, you come to enact your own Coronation Ceremony.



When you are ready…you will know when…step into the circular mound and walk towards the Crystal Grid.

In the centre of the Grid, encased by bars of pure white Selenite, sits a Selenite Crystal Throne.

The seat of this throne is a large, vibrant, colourful Heart, surrounded by vine leaves and encircled by vibrational  activation codes.

Atop the heart, sits a Sword of Light, with which you will administer your own final rite of Sovereignty.



At the bottom entrance to the grid is a large Golden Key. It has a purpose.

Before your coronation may take place, you will need to unlock the remembrance of  your sacred Divine Self…your I Am Presence.



When you are ready, lift the key from the Grid and place it at your bosom.

Close your eyes and call on the Sidhe to escort you to the innermost, secret recesses of your heart.

They take you down, ever-deepening long spiral stairways, until you reach a large, shimmering, Golden Door.

You realise that in your hand, you hold the key to unlock this Golden Door.

You place the key in the lock…it turns with ease.

The huge door falls open to reveal a magnificent circular, golden temple with high, vaulted ceilings.

In the centre of this shimmering space, sits a beautiful Queen on a Golden throne. At her throat lies a gold winged Isis. You know in an instant, that this Queen is the embodiment of the Mother Goddess herself.

Exuding Love and Compassion, she beautiful invites you to sit with her, to share the story of your Earthly life.

You tell her of your sorrows and your joys; your dreams and the unfilled parts of you that are full of longing.
When you are done, she gazes deep into your eyes and asks…

“But who are you beyond this Earthly story?
From whence did you come, and to where will you return?
In order to be a Sovereign Being, you must uncover the true origin of your Soul.”

As she speaks, you feel yourself fall into the dark liquid pools of her beautiful eyes.
In soft spiral motion, you fall deeper, and ever deeper, until you reach what you know to be the place of your true origin.

Time to rest here now.
Surrender yourself to the all-knowing, all-encompassing Source of all things.
For it is here that the purity of your soul essence may be revealed.



When you feel bonded anew with your true soul essence, feel yourself spiralling upward again…up and up.
Back in the Golden Temple, the beautiful Queen’s eyes are still locked with yours.

Softly she whispers, ‘You are ready.”

Rising, she takes you by the hand and invites you to step inside the Crystal Grid.

Lifting the Crystal Sword from the Heart Seat, she invites you to sit upon the Coronation Throne.
Gently, she places the Crystal Sword in your right hand.

Your entire body is vibrating with Source Light, humming in perfect harmony with the crystalline frequencies that surround you. You are at One with your True Self…You are at One with All That Is.

You rise from your Crystal Throne, standing tall and strong,
Sword in hand, in one swift, sweeping motion, you tap each shoulder with it’s crystal blade,
Anointing yourself as Sovereign of your own life, and your own destiny.

From your mouth fall the words…

I AM that I AM

Behind the Crystal Throne stands a Grail cup. When you first laid eyes on it the cup was empty. Now it is now overflowing!


The Queen lifts this overflowing cup and offers it to you.

“This is the Grail Cup of Enlightment Dear One…
You are ready to drink from it.
It will show you the way,
It will guide you to the place of perfect balance between your inner Queen with your inner King.”

With that, she bows to you and takes her leave.

Rest here as long as you desire, in the radiant glow of this inner union, and your own Sovereign presence.

A song rises up in you
From the depths of your soul you sing…

I AM that I AM





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