June 21, 2019

Soltice Crystal Grid

In the centre of this Solstice Pyramid grid, sits the beautiful Crystal Skull Teanna. Teanna carries the energies of many of the world’s sacred power centres. She has been part of ceremonies at Uluru, Mount Shasta, the vortex sites and red rocks of Arizona, many ancient druidic and royal sites in Ireland including Newgrange and Tara, the Abbey of Bury-St Edmunds on the Mary/Michael leyline in England, and many more power portals.

Teanna is a Lemurian record-keeper, carved from crystal from the renowned Diamantina mine in Brazil, which has been called one of the two most powerful crystal vortexes on the planet. Surrounded here, by the pure White Light of Selenite in several forms, the four Master Source Stones and other Source Stones, Herkimer Diamonds, Pearls, Citrine and Brazilian healing quartz points, she opens a gateway for you to Source. Envision yourself sitting inside this Pyramid gateway and allow her to guide you to that place within, where you can connect to your Soul’s original blueprint.

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