Song of Love for the Animals – Reviews

“There’s something quite primeval about Lia Scallon’s latest CD ‘Song of Love for the Animals’ – a haunting song of the ages that conveys a sense of love and loss. Her clear beautiful voice evokes for me a scene of vast rolling plains where traditional peoples like Native Americans and tribes of the Central Asian steppes lived in harmony with their animals. Those days are long gone and Lia’s song makes that loss seem palpable. At a time in the world’s history when animal life has never been more threatened, this is a powerful hymn of love to all God’s creatures. Enjoy its healing energy with your beloved animal friends.”
Nova Magazine

“Lia’s incredible singing voice and healing music connect on many core levels. I assembled two children, a toy poodle, a rottweiler and kitten on the back verandah and started our ‘journey’. From the very start, my consciousness would shift from CD sounds to that of the bird-life around, and from ears to head to heart, all culminating in a sense of peace and connectedness to the planet and beyond. An hour later, all the animals are lying in the sun; one daughter has put herself to bed; the other sits here beside me in one of the calmest states I have seen for a long time – let the healing begin! ‘Song of Love for the Animals’ is a truly unique and wonderful CD that will suit many different applications”.
Insight Magazine

“Lia’s gloriously soothing vocals weave a wondrous magic that enables both people and animals to reach a state of wholeness, harmony, and peace. All my animals enjoyed this music very much but most of all, I found it brought peace to me, and that of course, makes them peaceful. When people embody peace, we create peace for all. This CD is an essential gift to the planet right now – a gift that works on many levels. It is a must for animal guardians, as well as their animal companions”.
Billie Dean – Author ‘Secret Animal Business’

“I might as well say it, I have a homicidal cat! That is I did, until I played him the pure sounds of this beautiful and calming CD. Our normal scratching and biting maniac, aka Jinx, was stretched out on the floor purring as the sweet sounds flowed over him. I will be playing this as much as possible in the hope we don’t have to put a straight jacket on him!”
Living Now Magazine


General Public Testimonials

My fur baby who has an auto-immune disease that attacks his joints is very moved by your recording for the animals. He releases and sighs so deeply when I play it for him, and he has even surprisingly, been moved to tears on a couple of occasions. This is something I have only ever seen him do whilst listening to your beautiful songs.
Raeline Brady

“Thank you for your beautiful music which my dogs and I enjoy immensely. I play ‘Song of Love for the Animals’ every night and early morning, which they enjoy thoroughly. I myself seem to be transported to another world which I can’t get enough off. It just touches your soul deeply. So, I would like to say “Thank You” for your beautiful Language of Light Music. I would like you to make a CD to assist humanity entering into the New Earth, which is so crucial at this time. A lot of unawakened ones need assistance at Soul level in order to make a positive choice. That would be much appreciated”.
Margot Barth

“I have played ‘Song of Love for the Animals’ several times at home. Rupert sits quietly and listens, Ponsonby comes out of the cupboard and interacts with us, and Zoe who is nearly deaf doesn’t seem to notice (all of them are cats). Each time I listen I hear different things. I have noticed that the cats want to spend more time with us now and are giving us lots of affection and kisses”.
Coral Balmer

“Your Love for Animals song worked wonders on my mama cat that has never let me touch her! She was the easiest to put in a carrier and move to the new home, and she lets everyone of us pet her now – within reason! Soon I feel she will willingly want to curl up in a lap. Much appreciated!
Kelly La Fleur, USA

“My cat Phoebe’s response to ‘Song of Love for the Animals’ has been interesting! Her initial response was one of great surprise as the animal noises started which of course was very entertaining to watch! Then she relaxed, stretched out and slept through the sounds looking quite blissful. The most beautiful thing I’ve noticed is that she has become far more affectionate than usual, even to the point of jumping on me in the early morning and resting her little chin on my chin and closing her eyes – something she has never done before. That was such a beautiful moment I won’t forget. She also seems to want to be around me more often than before. She has always been a very independent cat wanting action and fun. That hasn’t really changed but she seems to want to be at home more often now – something has definitely changed within her that is beautiful. So thank you for the beautiful sounds which I will continue to play regularly for her. Of course this is love in action – to put it simply! ”
Mary Bateup

“Each healing CD Lia Scallon has created invites me to go deep into my own essence. Her new CD, ‘Song of Love for the Animals’, once again, invited me to go deeper – this time into my soul’s connection to the earth. It felt like a beautiful healing story was being told that was taking me to Mother Earth’s most special places – the rivers, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts and plains and through each of her elements. The song seemed to become a healing light that bathed each one of my cells in eternal love, singing them into remembering their connection to all that is. Thank you Lia, for gifting this song to all of us and for becoming a guiding light to re-connect others with Mother Earth. In gratitude…”
Jill Stevenson, Visionary Shaman

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