Song of Revelation


Song of Revelation is both a soul activation, and an uplifting message from Spirit about the times we are in, and the Great Shift of the Ages that is upon us.

Embedded in the music and Light Language messages are powerful activation codes gifted from Source to help raise our energetic signature. These healing and transformative frequencies are deeply comforting, carrying as they do, the vibration of our soul’s original Home.

Song of Revelation speaks to where we are right now as a species. The chaos and fear permeating the Planet, is acknowledged. But so too, is the irrepressible rising joy…the sense that we stand on the brink of something entirely new and unimaginably beautiful!

The music gently pushes us to question, and to better understand the true nature of what is occurring. Through the turmoil, we are experiencing a breakthrough, a ‘Revelation’ about this earthly existence.

Song of Revelation leads us deep into our own inner landscape to make connection with our Higher Soul Self which holds the real answers to who we are, why we are here, and the promise of our future. The music guides us towards the uplifting Revelation that the wonder, the joy, and the peace that we crave, are but a heartbeat away.

This music came through me from the Higher Realms with a quality of raw truth and honesty. It refuses to be adorned with superfluous musical frills, and simply rejects any additions to beautify it superficially.

The ‘Revelation’ it heralds is not one of unbridled joy and celebration.

It is rather, the kind of revelation that is birthed from the infinite, eternal wisdom of the soul.

Divine Synchronicity

The first public transmission of Song of Revelation will be from the site of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, one of the key energy nodes on the Earth’s planetary grid. What led to this happening is an intriguing story in itself.

When in the midst of birthing the music, I was connected with Christof Melchisedeck who was about to embark on his Egypt Trinity Tour in December 2022. Christof, his wife Alaya and their group planned to walk the initiation path through the Ancient Egyptian Temples, performing ceremony in each one to clear any negative programming, whilst simultaneously birthing the new Trinity Creation Codes of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Child to help usher in the new Golden Eon.

The Apex moment of the tour is to be the group’s final ceremony inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, to take place on the December 21st Solstice.

The timing of my introduction to Christof struck me as Divine synchronicity, for not only have I had a deep personal resonance with Egypt since childhood, but the initial working title for this new composition before going into the studio had been ‘Lapis’, the stone most favoured by the Ancient Egyptians.

Given the strong sense of alignment I felt with the Trinity Tour mission, it felt pre-ordained that I gift Christof and Alaya use of this new music in support of the groups apex ceremony in the King’s Chamber.

It is my honour and pleasure therefore, to make Song of Revelation  available as a Private Pre-Release here on my website, to the Trinity Tour participants and all those supporting them from afar.

May this sacred song assist us in integrating the great transformation that is upon us and help to fully anchor the powerful new Trinity Codes of Light which the Trinity Tour soul family have consciously embedded into the Ancient Land of Egypt.

Love and Blessings,