Song of the Earth – Reviews

“A hauntingly beautiful series of chants by Lia Scallon. Listening to this CD brings about a great feeling of peace. Just being surrounded by Lia’s beautiful voice can help one to become more centred and serene”.
Living Wisdom Magazine

‘Lia’s exquisite voice is deeply nurturing, healing and uplifting. The ‘inner child’ response to Lia’s voice is effortless and immediate, resulting in a state of total peacefulness and innocence.’
J.Hannan – Living Now Magazine

‘A wonderful CD, perfect for mothers and children who want to remain in touch with the inner source of pure, unconditional love’.
Conscious Living Magazine

‘Song of the Earth has been so theraputic for me as I have been dealing with childhood issues – although the word ‘therapeutic’ doesn’t describe it’s effect sufficiently. It has become my daily meditation.’
Susannah – Author

“When I listened to your CD ‘Song of the Earth’, I felt transported into another realm…. as if I had been bathed on the inside & nurtured in a very deep way. I felt as if there were a mantle of the sweetest protection around me and that I didn’t need to “watch out for myself”. I feel now as if I am being borne along on invisible stream, so that I am actually conserving energy. I look forward to more healing”.
Joy Gibb

“Within the first few minutes of playing ‘Song of the Earth’, I just ‘found myself’ clearing and cleansing the house – very lovingly and gently – of any ‘past energies’ I feel beautifully supported by your work – it soothes and nurtures my soul.’”
V. Thomson

“I feel much more centred and in control since using your CDs. I just love them and feel like I’m missing something if I don’t use one of them daily. You certainly are a part of my life now, Lia….. thank you.”
D. Morrighaan

“I find myself wanting to listen to the CDs more and more. When I do, I find a great sense of peace, clarity and calmness. During the day, I find myself repeating some of the words and melodies over and over again in a most beautiful way and it feels so good.”
M. Masri

“Thank you, Thank you, for such beautiful sounds you have recorded for us. My favorite is ‘Song of the Earth’ as it is very comforting to my soul. It has brought a few tears and sadness too, but this is surely to be expected when stirring up childhood memories and the healing of those. Many Blessings to you, Lia”.
Kelvin Trevaskis

“My husband and I find ‘Song of the Earth’ deeply and personally moving. I felt a type of grieving; as if my soul felt a deep sadness and a great sense of being alone. It was almost as if it were trying to resist the journey. I am so glad I found you – I have always wanted to have regression therapy, but was cautious about whom to trust.”
Denise and Glen Storie.

“I love your work. It didn’t take long before I realised just how deep a journey it was going to take me on. I play ‘Song of the Earth’ at night as I’m giving myself Reiki, and then drift off to sleep. Usually, I wake up later feeling a strange and wonderful sensation of having been taught/healed/awakened/visited. The experience continues to be very special to me. I also have to mention that when my little cat hears the sounds, she comes running and sprawls on me, demanding Reiki! I feel we both recieve deep healing during these sessions. Thank you for this gift.
Tamara Ramussen

I love the CDs, your music, your voice and YOU. It has been truly wonderful since I have had them. I play them each night as I go to sleep. I have seen symbols and the first thought I had when I woke the first morning was the word ‘REMEMBER.’ It has been 18mths since I have felt it this strong – your gift It has awakened me at a new level.
Kay Prendergast – Massage Therapist

“When you so generously gave me copies of your CDs ‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’, I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life. I fell asleep to your music and woke up to it everyday. After the third day I experienced a dream-like vision, the first of only two, I have ever had. This helped to put my mind at ease and I have no doubt that it came into being, because of your music”.
Jannus Russell-Smith – Naturopath

“Lia, I feel so lucky to have your CD, ‘Song of the Earth’. Listening to it has totally taken me away from my stressed approach to living, running on adrenal and mental energy! I really am able to ENJOY life once again now. God bless You Lia!”
Joy Gibb

‘I play both ‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’ for my nearly 2 year old daughter. The sounds really resonate with me and I feel very deeply connected to the Goddess energy and to Sirius. I have just started to really unlock some of the ancient cellular memories and with a little more healing and clearing of energy blockages I feel that I can fully live the life and purpose I am here to live. Thank you for the beautiful tool of your Cds and healings to assist me with this process’
Charon McLoghlin

“I find them Starsong & Song of the Earth so relaxing. I normally listen to them in bed at night and usually feel a ‘presence’ . Sometimes I feel as if I am levitating, At times, when I listen to ‘Song of the Earth’ I feel upset, as if I am reacting to something in the message. I have some deep childhood issues that I can’t seem to leave behind…could this be why?”
Fiona O’Brien  

“I am in a busy and stressful period at work at the moment and have been listening to the CDs before or after work. I got up early one morning and listened to ‘Song of the Earth’ and when it had finished, I felt very relaxed and peaceful and found myself smiling. I’ve noticed that I’m much calmer than I am usually, and not letting things get to me as much. I am even more tolerant of a person in the office who drives everyone crazy! I also enjoy listening to ‘StarSong’. I have played the CDs on the weekends when my husband is at home, and I have noticed some subtle changes in him also. The message is obviously getting through. Thank you Lia for helping to make a difference to all who listen”.
Coral Balmer

“I am still using the CD’s at night and the muscles in my face are now so much softer. It is wonderful to see that things are releasing in my subconscious. Lia, thank you so very much for making the CD’s. The world is truly blessed that you have been chosen to make these CD’s to help people like me”. Walk Softly, Peacefully and with Love Lia,

“Lia, I’m listening at the moment to your ‘Song of the Earth’, Healing with the Sounds of Sirius CD…. Wow! The soul of humanity needs to feel ‘connection’ and this CD surely does do that”.
 Liat Marmur

“I tend to play ‘Starsong’ in the evening during mediation before bed, and ‘Song of the Earth’ for my morning meditation or during the day. When I put on ‘Song of the Earth’ for the first time, at the beginning I had this feeling and image of layers of small tiles being quickly put back into place.  I could hear them tinkling as they went too.  The rest of the meditation was fine, very relaxing and deep.  I’ve had a major shift in my thinking this week and I think that the CDs have been responsible.
Jill Brennan

“We have recieved the the Cds and we haven’t stop playing them, especially at night before we go to bed and then we just play it through the house as we sleep. Thank you and Bless you for such inspiring ‘music’.”

I recently bought your ‘Song of the Earth’ and used it during my labour, as well as meditation. It now holds special memories for my baby and I. Xavier, my baby boy, loves to hear your voice when he falls asleep! It is much better than the normal lullabies! Blessings with love and light….
Delphine Lennon