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“Lia, I had the most wonderful listen to your ‘Song of the Sidhe’ album this morning.  What a delightful compilation of rich energy, tender moments and exhilarating highs.  I was moved to tears at times as the frequencies look me deep into a radiance of beauty.  My favourite track?….Track 6 – ‘Enchanted Crystalline Lake’. This song plays my heart in profound ways. Thank you for being such a divine channel of Grace.”
Simone Matthews

‘This music is full of colour and images. You see the Fairies emerge as you listen. They are not tiny at all, they are sylph like and ethereal. The instrumentation is sublime -a perfect complement to Lia’s beautiful sound. I thought I could pick a favourite – impossible! King Heremon’s Return is a rallying cry to a proud people coming home: the Enchanted Crystalline Lake, an invitation to the Light, to emerge and scurry across the liquid lake’s shiny surface. Tara’s Reign sends us joy and ushers in the new freedom. Whether you are listening for Spirit, or purely to enjoy some first class original composition created live in the studio – this album is a real treat.”
Joy Suffolk

“As I play ‘Song of the Sidhe’ I’m being drawn back to Ireland and am feeling totally enchanted and mesmerised by the hauntingly beautiful music I’m listening to. Thank you dear lady – this truly is a gift to the World.”
Heather Sutherland

“Lia, I’m listening to your ‘Song of the Sidhe’ and it is glorious! Your voice combined with the instrumentals is just so soothing and evocative. I feel a deep stirring within… overlapping layers of timelines/dimensions/memories all coming together now. Loving the Sidhe Spiral Pyramid too. Thank you for your generosity of Spirit and for sharing the lost ‘Song of the Sidhe’ with us all.”
Rebecca Gresham 

“Words cannot describe this album. A very subtle but potent frequency weaves a healing vibration through the listener. Blessings to you Lia, and to the Sidhe.”
Kylie O’ Hanlon 

“I have just listened to your most magick CD. It would have to be the most incredible one yet! I love the songs, the composition and the music, all so very brilliant. I really do not know how you do it, making it all come together and sounding like the Faerie folk are in the room! I truly loved it. I have yet to explore all the artwork and booklet, but that looks so beautiful as well.”
Wendy Everett

“The Sidhe must be very happy with the final outcome Lia! Such a beautiful blending of your vocal and the instruments, each of which sing in their own right to create some mystical sounding Celtic rhythms and melody. Soft, rich, soothing, and meditative tones take one to a relaxing space, lifting heart, mind and spirit. The artwork is fabulous too!”
M. B. S 

“Lia, tears streamed down my eyes when I read your ‘Song of the Sidhe’ update, as I felt those places in Ireland I had travelled to years back and could finally see what we were all collectively creating and my part in it. I listened to the music last night, and it is anchored. Thank you for having the faith to follow the call. We each carry the song forth now…we are with you.”
Melissa Lange 

“I love ALL of Lia Scallon’s music, and this new album is simply exquisite. I adore it! I’m playing three or four times a day at the moment. Lia’s music always transports me to a different realm.”
Walter Mason  

“I’m loving the new album!  Your voice to me, spoken or singing, is so beautifully pure that it touches my heart.  Thank you for making such wonderful art!”
Evy Mc Pherson

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