December 11, 2017

Song of the Sidhe

Dear Friends,

When I wrote to you recently, I mentioned that on the  December 12th, 12.12 Gateway, I would be in the recording studio to begin recording some new music entitled ‘Song of the Sidhe’. Since my return from Ireland, where I had many potent encounters with the Sidhe, they have been ‘speaking’ to me constantly, and have indicated they wish me to undertake this major task. The Rainbow Gateway photo above was taken in Ireland, immediately after a ceremony myself and four friends engaged in, to open a Faerie portal.

Tomorrow is the 12.12 Portal and Day 1 of my assigned mission!

In my last newsletter I said I hoped some of you would feel drawn to become involved in the project. Because my preparation for the task at hand has been so all-consuming, I have not had time as yet, to put in place the platform to facilitate your involvement. I have needed this time to be available to receive and interpret the communications from the Sidhe, about how they wish their voice to be unveiled.

The main purpose of ‘Song of the Sidhe’ as I understand it, is to awaken humankind to the  presence of our Faerie Kin amongst us. We humans have become so disconnected from Nature and from ourselves, that we seem to be hurtling towards our own annihilation. The Sidhe wish to help us. They have a vision of a New Earth where they can walk beside us in harmony; where the plants, rocks and the animals are recognised as living Light consciousness too; all part of a grand and Divine whole. The time has come for the  Sidhe to rise and be seen once more.

Ivory, Apes and Peacocks – John Duncan (1866-1945)

This morning, I received a very strong prompting from the Sidhe, that I should share news about the tomorrow’s 12/12 recording with like-minded souls, so that they could be involved from afar in support of the music, and for me as the conduit for it. They showed me that if you project your Love and your Intention towards myself and the other musicians in the studio, it will create a tangible wave of energy, that will  reach us to underpin the artistic endeavour. This wave of energy will also be a powerful sign to the Sidhe, that Humankind really do wish them embrace them. They in turn, will weave their magic and their mystery through the music and through our lives.

Regarding the practical 3D aspect of your involvement….I am still planning to mount a Crowd-funding initiative to help cover the costs of the production. It is 5 years since I last entered the studio, because of the radical shift in the music industry. Few people buy CDs any more. Most people expect to get their music for free, and streaming has overtaken download sales as the most popular way to listen to music. At royalties of 0.1 – 0.6cents per stream, that leaves most independent artists with no way of making a living from their craft.

The call from the Sidhe has been so strong however, that I had to put all fear and apprehension aside, and just step off the cliff! Despite everything telling me this was a totally crazy thing to do, I went ahead and booked the studio, the flight for my Keyboards player to fly up from Melbourne, made calls to the Violinist, the Harpist, the Drummer and the Celtic Flautist, all of whom of course, just ‘happened’ to be available on the 12/12 and beyond, to do the recording!

This has been a call of the Heart so strong, that deep in my being, I know that the Sidhe are with me every step of the way, and I trust that they will manifest what is needed to bring this project to fruition. In writing this today, I trust that some of you may feel that call of the heart too, and that you will carve out a few minutes of your time tomorrow, and every day over the coming  weeks, to lend your energetic support to the ‘Song of the Sidhe’. And I trust that when I do get the Crowd funding appeal up and running, some of you may feel drawn to lend your support on the 3D plane too!

The following poem came to me while preparing for the task at hand. The voice in the poem is Queen Tea Tephi, High Queen of Ireland, who I also see as High Queen of the Sidhe. This poem contains the ‘story’ of the music that will be birthed over the coming weeks.

Merlin and the Fairy Queen – John Duncan (1866-1945)


“Song of the Sidhe Queen – Tea Tephi’s Call”
By Lia Scallon

Tis I, Tea, who speaks
Tea Tephi of Tara.
High Queen of Ireland

I call to my King
Heremon, King of Munster.
Return to me my Love,
That we may reign once more,
Reinstating beauty, goodness and kindness
To the upper and nether worlds

I call to our people, the glorious Sidhe
Long forgotten sky gods,Mythical Tuatha De Danann.
Arise Wondrous Ones
From your earthen and watery depths,
Awake from your slumber ‘neath forests and lakes
Joyously reclaim your rightful inheritance
Your true home…your haven
In Faerie Forts and Faerie Glens.

I call to the Human Ones, descendants of Mil
To acknowledge our presence,
To acknowledge the Sidhe
To remember that time
You banished us forever.
We, the noble Tuatha De Danann,
Exiled from our kingdom.
Our beauteous glades, you took for your own.
Deeper, ever deeper down you drove us
To inhabit the bitter, cold caverns
Of the dark underworld.

I have witnessed your prayers of supplication
I have seen your tears, and heard your pleas,
I have welcomed your tokens of reparation,
Offered upon bended knee.
Butter, milk and honey you have gifted
In faith, and hope of our forgiveness.
Your Heartfelt soul-songs rang through the forest
To rent the liminal silence of the sunset hour.
They pierced my heart, and eased my pain
As they soared through the starry canopy of night.

So it is, that I have arisen
To walk amongst you once again.
So it is, I call my Faerie Brothers,
Entreating them to do the same.
Through this my song, I send them greeting
I ask that you now call to them too.

Dear Human Ones…now is the time…
Open your hearts and open your minds,
Open your eyes, and open your souls
For ‘tis only then, you will truly see us.
If truth be known, we were always with you
Our Faerie presence merely hid from view.
We the Unseen Ones of myth and legend
Descendants of mighty Celtic gods,
We live
We still live…
We are the Sidhe.

Call upon us to return
Invite us to sing and dance with you
In trust, and with joy we will gladly come
Carrying with us otherworldly blessings.
‘Tis the call from your heart that will open the Portal
‘Tis your love that will pull us through the Gateway.
The veil between worlds is gossamer thin
The call of your heart
The longing of your soul

It is this that will manifest the Grand Reunion

For it is our destiny to stand as One,
Together, to birth a Golden Age
A time when Magic and Mystery return
Harmony and Peace following close behind
Heaven’s gracious gifts bestowed upon Earth
Transformation of all – that is our promise.
Unity, sacredness and the Law of Love
The sovereign birthright of all.

Long have we waited, oh Humankind.
For eons, have we dreamt of this
We know that deep in your soul,
You dream of it too.
Your Sidhe Brothers and Sisters
Stand ever ready
With Love and expectation
We await your call.

‘Tis I, Tea, who speaks
Queen of the Faerie Kingdom
High Queen of the Tuatha De Dannan
High Queen of the Sidhe.

By Lia Scallon


To help you understand a little more about the Sidhe, here are two excerpts that describe them beautifully…

“We are an ancient people. We were here long before your kind walked this earth. We remember everything and have seen everything that took place here for many thousands of your years. For a long time we were alone, save for the creatures who shared the world with us. In that time we lived above the earth, under the sun and moon and stars, which we love to look upon. We dreamed and told stories of the first days.

Then one day we became aware of the Newcomers. They were large and slow of movement and wit, and as we swiftly learned, could be both savage and cruel.  They hunted the great creatures with whom we shared the land, and on one occasion they hunted us, bringing the first death to our people in many years.

So we began a pattern of hiding that has become second nature to us. Few of your race have seen us since that time, though we have continued to live side by side with humankind. We have watched you grow and seen that you have changed very little since the time of the Newcomers. Still you love to kill and drive each other out of places you believe to be yours. And so we have hidden ourselves ever deeper and further away from you.

To begin with we lived in the wildest places, but gradually they hunted us further and further, and we were forced to withdraw ever deeper into the land. At last we went below the earth, making caverns for ourselves, lit by strange suns and moons. We became to you the People of the Hollow Hills, the Dwellers Beneath the Mounds, the Fairy People, the Little Dark Ones. But always we were the Sidhe. Always we waited for a sign that you might change…that you might be willing to see us, to speak with us.

Some have told the truth about us and been labelled madmen. Those who spoke about our existence have been laughed at and made to feel foolish, and so they fell silent. There are those among us who believe you should be allowed to perish, but others, myself among them, believe otherwise. We believe a new era may be about to dawn, in which the people of the Sidhe will come forth and be seen by all.”
“The Sidhe – Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld” – by John Matthews


The Riders of the Sidhe – Merlin and the Fairy Queen – John Duncan (1866-1945)

“There is no part of this world that does not impinge upon, or act as a gateway to the otherworld. The Celtic otherworld is contiguous to ours, overlapping it, its waters forever seeping through the barely perceptible cracks which mark the unseen borders. The inhabitants of the otherworld are the people of the Sidhe, or mounds, those whom we call the faery-kind.

The name ‘faery’ has acquired fortunate connotations, evoking images of the Butterfly-winged and saccharin creatures slightly bigger than insects. If we are to have any understanding of the people of the Sidhe in Celtic tradition, we must erase such connotations, and understand that they have a far greater stature and power and we can conceive. Immortal, able to pass between the worlds at will, they appear as major protagonists in Celtic tradition, both then and now. Awareness of the faeries is still strong in Celtic countries. They are considered as neighbours, a race who requires a great deal of respect, who can help or harm according to the nature of the alliance humans have with them.

The faerie had ever been a race apart. They are not not have ever been human. In Irish tradition it is possible to see them as primal deities. Yet their separate existence still impinges upon mortal existence, throwing light upon the nature of our spiritual intentions towards the environment, of which they are the natural guardians.”
‘The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom’  –  Caitlin and John Matthews

And so I must leave you Dear Ones, and return to the most important job at hand – getting my vessel ready to be the conduit for the ‘Song of the Sidhe’ beginning tomorrow!

It is my dearest hope that this project will touch your heart, and that you will feel drawn to support it. If you could share this message with to other like-minded souls  you think may resonate with the message, that would be wonderful too.

My Love and Blessings as always,



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