June 4, 2013

Sounds of Sirius – The Australian and New Zealand Tour

In the last couple of weeks, I have received a new set of instructions from on high! In a nutshell, this involves a tour of most of the major Australian cities – North, South, East and West of the country, as well as Tasmania and New Zealand. Whether this tour goes ahead or not however, will largely depend upon you!

The vision I received 10 days ago

I was clearly shown that I would go to each of the major cities in Australia, making myself available as a ‘Transmitter’ for high vibration frequencies from Source that wish to come through at this time. These frequencies will assist people in adapting to the physical, mental and emotional challenges presenting as a result of the massive increase in Solar flares and geomagnetic activity coming into our planet.

The current solar cycle we are in could quite likely be a transformative experience for humanity. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that human cells and electromagnetic fields do in fact interact, and there is now compelling evidence that the restructuring of our neuronal networks due to solar activity, could be the trigger for an evolutionary transformation that will enable us to access the enormous potential of our brains. (Dieter Broers – ‘Solar Revolution’)


What we face is a double-edged sword. It’s known that high levels of geomagnetic activity can result in depression and mental imbalance, but it’s also known that some of our most innovative and creative discoveries have taken place during times when solar-geomagnetic activity is particularly high.



We have a choice therefore…we can either succumb to the potential widespread depression, anguish and instability that these environmental changes may bring, or forearmed with knowledge and awareness, we can harness this energy to break free from old structures and paradigms, and create a whole new order.

What I have been shown is that there are Higher Dimensional Beings and Energies who wish to assist us with this process of adaptation, in this case by transmitting particular frequencies through me. They have been quite specific about how this should unfold. The first phase outlined is that I travel to the East, West, North and South of Australia, to do events in the major cities. Within each of those cities, I need to do four separate events – one in the North, South, East and West. The reason for this is that the energy generated in the four Cardinal points, will create a vortex or Gateway – an opening that will be a direct link to Source

Those who attend the events will be encouraged to tune into this Gateway daily thereafter, to keep strengthening the new direct connection with Source. If this is done, over time more and more inhabitants of their city will begin to feel the energy and be affected by it. The 100th Monkey syndrome will take hold and gradually – or maybe not so gradually – old patterns of behaviour will begin to fall away.

As Solar Flares and the geomagnetic activity of the planet continues to increase, people in these places will be in a much better position to benefit from the intense energy coming in, as they will already instinctively understand the process. The Gateway for change will already have been established – the pressure cooker valve will have already been released.


Further instructions!

There were a few other very specific things communicated to me, in relation to these events.

$10 Entry Fee

I was ‘told’ that the entry fee everywhere should be just $10, or a the denomination of 10 in the currency of whatever country the event takes place…for yes…the underlying feeling is that these events will also take place further afield than Australia.

The reason for the $10 entry fee is two-fold. Firstly and very importantly, it will enable absolutely everyone who wishes to attend to do so. I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone these days, can find $10 if they feel a strong calling of the heart.

The second reason has to do with the actual number 10 itself, which contains the 1 of New Beginnings, and the 0 Zero point, which encompasses the beginning and the end as well as endless and open possibilities. When added together 1+0, reduces back to 1 again, reinforcing the message of New Beginnings.

Number-10Interestingly, a few days after I first received the vision of this tour, confirmation of this information came when I was watching a movie. The number 10 was featured as a sacred number! It seems that in the ancient mystery schools, in terms of sacred geometry and the Sephiroth…

“Ten signifies spiritual and physical achievement (which may be seen as on and the same) and new beginnings. Ten is equated with the spiritual world brought into manifest form, as is the tenth sephirah, Kingdom. Finally, from the most ancient times ten has been used to symbolize perfection as it reduces (1+0=1) back to the number one, or the One.”

Organised by the People!


I was shown very clearly, that the organisation for these events needs to be the responsibility of the people within the relevant city. As the events are designed to benefit their hometown, the affects will be strengthened and enhanced by their involvement. In effect, it was made clear that my role is to get myself to each location and make myself available as the ‘Transmitter’. The logistics of securing venues and promoting the events is a domain that belongs to others.

Tour Itinerary

The tour itinerary was also clearly laid out. As the initial vision was coming through, I wrote the order down as I was receiving it. I was amazed by what had emerged by the end!

1 – Sydney  – 4 Events – North, South, East and West

2 – Perth – 4 Events – North, South, East and West

3 – Back to base – Cairns

4 –  Brisbane – 4 Events – North, South, East and West

5 – Melbourne – 4 Events  – North, South, East and West

6 – Tasmania – 4 Events – North, South, East and West

7 – Back to base – Cairns

8 – New Zealand – 4 Events – North, South, East and West

9 – Alice Springs  – 1 Event (and 4 private ceremonies involving Indigenous people)

10 – Back to base – Cairns

11 – Malanda –  1 Event

12 – Brolga’s Pass – 1 Event

13 – Cairns -1 Event

The first thing I noticed with this list was that there were 13 stages on of tour. Then, when I added up the total of events in all the various cities I found that there were 27 main events and 4 private ceremonies. 27 = 9 + 4  =13. That completely blew me away! As those of you who have been following my ‘The Luminous Pearl’ recording journey may remember, great significance around the three numbers 13, 9,and 4 unfolded during that odyssey! Here’s a link to that information if you’d like to read it again.

I did wonder, as some of you reading this from those fair States may also be wondering, why the only States not represented on the first leg of this tour are South Australia and the ACT. I’ve ‘tuned in’ on the matter a number of times and the only response I’m getting at the moment is that the reason for this is quite specific, and that Adelaide and Canberra will come later.

A Giant Leap of Faith



When something is as clearly outlined as this, and when one’s instincts on the matter continue to be firm, indeed over-riding, the only thing one can really and should really do is to follow them! So, in a rather giant leap of faith I have surrendered the matter to Spirit and have already booked a flight to Sydney for June! My intention, all going according to plan, is to do 4 events there in the North, South, East and West of the city, on June 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th.

Whether or not this does or not actually happen is now up to you!!

All that is needed is 1 – 4 committed people in each city  who would like to see this happen, a room (school hall, meditation room, yoga centre), chairs for people to sit on, a trestle table and a CD player or iPod player – that’s it! And of course, we need to get the word out!

What’s in it for you!

I fully understand that people’s lives are full to the brim these days and that time is a very precious commodity. I therefore wish to make very sure from the outset, that anyone who offers assistance in bringing the Sounds of Source Tour to their city, will know that their efforts are enormously appreciated. So, all those people who host one of these Sounds of Source events, will receive 3 Complimentary Event Tickets, as well as a gift of the full Sounds of Sirius Collection comprised of 10 albums, valued at $248.50.

As I live in Cairns, I will have to fly to all of the Australian cities in question, if these events are indeed to take place. Given that the entry fee will only be $10, I think we’ll need to aim for an attendance level of 50 people as a base line for each event, for me to just cover the costs of flights, accommodation, car hire etc. I think that is entirely do-able considering these are large cities. With the help of Facebook, Twitter and people’s personal email lists, there’s no reason why this cannot be achieved!

What happens next?


It’s only three weeks now before the potential inaugural event in Sydney!

So….I’m hoping that in response to this newsletter, at least one to four people interested in seeing the Sound of Sirius ‘Sounds of Source’ tour launch in Sydney, will come forward. If Sydney does go ahead, then my intention is to fly on direct to Perth from there. In which case the Perth events will take place on July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Calling all Perth people!! I’m hoping to hear from you soon too!

The call is strong and the vision clear.
I hope it speaks to you as it does to me,
so that together we can bring the


to the cities and the people of Australia. [hr]

If you are interested in either attending or organising a ‘Sounds of Source’ event in any of the aforementioned cities, please let me know by ticking the 5 boxes in this very simple Tour survey below.  I shall be looking forward to hearing from you!

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