February 15, 2015

Sounds of Source – Global Phase


In June 2013, I received a powerful message from Spirit requesting me to transmit specific transformative sound frequencies from Source, to assist people in adapting to the physical, mental and emotional challenges resulting from the massive increase in Solar flares and intense geomagnetic activity currently affecting our planet. These Sounds of Source Transmissions have proven to be profound activations. The Light codes carried within the sonic frequencies are designed to raise the vibration of the receiver, and trigger a remembrance of the soul’s original Divine Blueprint.

SStone channelling-500x286

Having anchored ‘Sounds of Source Pillars of Light’ in most of the major Australian cities and beyond to a very moving public response, I have now received a new set of instructions! With an ever-expanding, sacred Indigo Crystalline Grid already established throughout the planet by way of the SOS ~ Source Stones, it is now time for the ‘Sounds of Source’ transmissions to be made available globally.


Once the technical aspects are fine tuned, I intend to offer monthly ‘Sounds of Source’ Transmissions to assist people wherever they might be in the world. These will be live channellings with no super-imposed musical orchestration, making the experience very similar to that of the live ‘Sounds of Source’ activation events that have already taken place  in Australia.  It is quite a departure for me to disseminate this ‘raw’ form of presentation, given that everything I’ve released over the past 15 years has been studio recorded. However, my Unseen Friends assure me that the potent energy to be delivered does not need the veneer of sophisticated studio presentation, and that it is more important for me to be able to respond spontaneously in the moment, and capture the ‘other-worldly’ messages when I feel them coming through, so that they can be shared immediately with the world.

I feel these new instructions to move the Sounds of Source to a wider global platform, dovetail uncannily with the information I shared in the two previous segments of this blog. Since first embarking on the ‘Sounds of Source’ Tour throughout Australia, the Light Being Messengers who speak through me, have continually and consistently spoken about ‘La Groupa’ and ‘Le Grande Duce’. Accompanying these words always, is a sense of urgency and excitement – a feeling that they are urging me to pull in and gather together ‘La groupa’ for ‘Le Grande Duce’…the ‘Big Event’ that will soon take place. There’s a sense that something huge is in the offing. It doesn’t feel cataclysmic. Rather, it is something so immense, that people need to be ready and prepared for the impact it will have on us both individually, and as a global family.

As you can imagine, I have mulled over in my mind again and again what ‘Le Grande Duce’ could possibly be. Interestingly, the one image that keeps flashing on the screen of my mind, is of a similar event to that spoken about in the previous channelled Galactic invitation.

“Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships.
A unique cultural shock in mankind’s history.”

In my vision, I have seen exactly this….that one morning we wake up and the sky is filled with ships!! Something like that could simply not be explained away by the authorities. It would be undeniable, and it would change things forever. If it’s not this, I feel it is likely to be something equally as huge!

It was of little surprise to me therefore, to receive these new instructions from my Unseen Friends, telling me that it is time to raise the Sounds of Source Transmissions unto a more global platform, are. It’s time to step things up…time to get ourselves ready…time to prepare with increased commitment, for ‘Le Grande Duce’, whatever shape and form that may take.

Watch this space as they say! The first worldwide Sounds of Source Transmission will be coming to you very soon.

Solar  Violet Ray

The Violet Ray beams down upon The Master Skull Solar and the SOS~Source Stone as Lia channels the Sounds of Source.


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