July 23, 2014

‘Starsong’ Special – $20


When writing my article on ‘The Language of Light’ I thought it would be a nice moment to do a special offer on ‘Starsong’. For all you Starseeds out there….I hope the strains of this music will carry you ‘home’.

Comforting, calming and deeply relaxing, ‘Starsong’ is a gentle and joyous celebration of life. The hauntingly beautiful songs of the Humped Back Whale are woven throughout this recording. Blending seamlessly, and at times seeming to echo Lia’s angelic vocals, the end result for the listener is one of pure magic and mystery. It is little wonder that this album has become a ‘Sounds of Sirius’ Bestseller.

“Every time I hear the intensity of your voice, I cry. I truly connect with this Sirian energy and have extremely strong ties to Egypt, the Mayans and the Aztecs. When I heard this music it was as if I had been transported to a time of no time where all the hurts, death, pain and suffering- all events in the history of Earth were swirling around me like a transformative wind. Hearing the healing sounds not only healed the past pain but also took me to a higher level of understanding of every event and the reason for it. Thank you for bringing this gift to the world and for grounding these transformative energies. As a 19 year old, looking at the gap between the current reality and where I know we shall be in only a few years time, it can be painful and confusing. So, thank-you again Lia…”
Rosalee Armitage

“I am a practitioner in Reconnective Healing and a Reiki Master and ‘Starsong’ is the only CD I use when I am doing a session with a client. I absolutely love it! I have had amazing results with my energy work and I feel that the CD is a major contributor to the healings that my clients are able to achieve.”
Lynda Atkins

“When I listened to your CD, ‘Starsong’ I heard the dolphins joyful laughter and I ‘saw’ them dance. I like to hear music before and while I am painting and drawing and fell in love with yours. I love the sounds, they remind me of something within the soul. The energy you make through the sounds is perfect.”
Aase Catarina

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