Starsong – Reviews

‘Lia’s stunning voice is imbued by her obvious spirituality. This music uplifts and thrills me. This is fast becoming one of my favourite CDs.’
Living Now Magazine

‘Beautifully created…it will touch you in deep places within your soul’.
Conscious Living Magazine

‘Both CDs – ‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’, are quietly rapturous invitations to meditation and contemplation and utterly unique’.
Adyar Bookshop Booknews

‘Lia, thank you so much for your music which is ultimately vital information/vibration for humanity. Your work is the very key to embracing liberation because it is…. Sounds of Freedom … Peace … Reconciliation – uniting love on this planet. We are so grateful to you for sharing the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ with the world. We wish you all our support and protection in your work.’
Jan Jacobsen – 

“I am a practitioner in Reconnective Healing and a Reiki Master and ‘Starsong’ is the only CD I use when I am doing a session with a client. I absolutely love it! I have had amazing results with my energy work and I feel that the CD is a major contributor to the healings that my clients are able to achieve. I cannot wait to try your new CDs with them.”
Lynda Atkins – Reiki Master

When I listened to your CD, ‘Starsong’ I heard the dolphins joyful laughter and I ‘saw’ them dance. I like to hear music before and while I am painting and drawing and fell in love with yours. I love the sounds, they remind me of something within the soul. The energy you make through the sounds is perfect.
Aase Catarina – Artist

“I have been glued to the CD player with your songs and have had visions of sacred geometry and things that I cannot put into words.”
Annick Touissant – Documentary producer

“Every time I hear the intensity of your voice, I cry. When I heard this music it was as if I had been transported to a time of no-time where all the hurts, death, pain and suffering, all events in the history of Earth, were swirling around me like a transformative wind. Hearing the healing sounds not only healed the past pain but took me to a higher level of understanding of every event and the reason for it. Thank you for bringing this gift to the world and for grounding these transformative energies. As a 19-year old, looking at the gap between the current reality and where I know we shall be in only a few years time, it can be painful and confusing. So, thank-you again Lia…”
Rosalee Armitage.

I’m writing to you because I’m having this huge spiritual emergence and believe it or not, you’ve been a big part of it. I often listen to ‘Starsong’ when I’m not feeling great and find a lot of comfort in your voice, especially having met you and knowing your integrity and pureness. I told you how I use ‘Starsong’ a lot with clients and it really sends them ‘off’, and me too! It really takes my ego-nervousness away when I’m doing a healing. I just love sound. I met someone recently that I had an ancient connection with, and  suggested that we could do the Diamond Light Meditation together. Lia, it was so powerful and so amazing. We’re both still getting over it, but in a good way!
Trevor Clarke

“I have just listened to the ‘Starsong’ CD whilst meditating. It is an amazing piece of work! I could really feel the energy moving around me, and there was definitely some work going on inside my brain! I did zone out for a while but the whole experience was wonderful. This is a piece I will definitely use again and again as I keep developing on my own spiritual path. You have quite a gift, and it is fantastic that other people around the world can share in this.”
Abigail Parker

Lia, please know that your Sirian Singing, with your perfect voice of the Great Mother, is still very much an important part of my life and meditation. It seems to be connecting me with the World of Fae beings which I have always been attracted to ever since being a young girl. They (the nature spirits) appear to be channeling a ‘book’ through me and want to express some of their knowledge and concepts to the world at large. I know that you are deeply connected too as I have seen your pictures of the light-orbs. Thank you again for all the great work you are doing,
Julianne Riise 

“I still play ‘Starsong’ at work. A male colleague Freddie had a complete turn around with it. It opened him up from someone who barely spoke to us, to someone we can have a bit of fun with!”
Coral Balmer

“What can I say? I am speechless! I went off into a vibration of ‘yummyness’, and there I stayed! It was so clear…I think I must come from a space near to where these sounds came from…it was home. I feel so fantastic now. It is two hours later and my vibration is stunning. You are brilliant – keep going!”
Maggie Brownlee

“Lia’s gift is truly divine and so necessary in this time of great change upon the human consciousness. I urge anyone who wishes to make the shift into full awareness of their mission here on earth, to play the beauty Lia has given us, during meditation, washing dishes, gardening, driving, anything they do. Allow Lia to gently bring you back to Reality/Truth through the glory of these Angelic messages. Share the beauty that Lia has given us with others so that they too, may become aware of this wondrous ‘tool’. Many are waiting, yet do not know where to look. It is so simple. ‘Song of the Earth’ and ‘Starsong’ will open you to Reality/Truth and ground it within you”.
Sherie Stiefler

‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’ are beautiful. Even my husband, Greg, has been enjoying them. Soooo relaxing, we have been playing them at night, and we fall asleep listening to them. What a gift you have. All I can say is thank you.
Cheryl Goodsell

I would like to thank you for introducing my mind body and spirit to the beautiful ancient ‘Sounds of Sirius’. The melodies and language seem familiar to me, from many eons ago. The healing vibrations and energy are truly inspirational and touch the depth of my soul. Your angelic voice calms the spirit….
Elizabeth Milford

‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’ are extraordinary – I have never heard anything like this before! The music and voice are so serene, soothing and comforting. I feel lighter and happier after listening to them.’
E. Tsai 

“I first heard your CD ‘Starsong’ when I had a session with a friend who combines counseling with message therapy. It was the most amazing session. With my eyes closed I saw the color bright blue and then the color transformed into different individuals singing or creating the music. I saw a beautiful woman in a royal blue and gold robe with long flowing red hair holding a gold staff standing at the top of steps, a native American male with a bear head on his head and the rest of the skin on his back. I also saw a woman in a flowing white robe standing on the edge of cliffs with long dark brown hair. It was truly an amazing experience. After the session, I felt so relaxed and wonderful that I ordered the CD from you. It is so beautiful that I would like to learn more about how it is used to soothe and heal. I struggle with feeling anxious and have difficulty sleeping and I am hoping that it will help with both of those things. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift”.
Kathleen Nester

‘Starsong’ had a powerful healing effect on me. At the end of the CD I lapsed into deep meditation where experience of higher levels of consciousness was possible. It’s as if the music is the key for unlocking doors leading to intuitive perception.
H. Milton

“Your CD ‘Starsong’ would have to be one of the best and most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard! I have been listening to it all day everyday for the past few days – everything else depresses me – your music is so pure”.
Chrissy Yuhanna – actor

“Thank you, dearest Lia, for the most amazing experiences I have had in a long time.The first time I listened to ‘Starsong’ I started crying incessantly and repeatedly asked the question ‘why?’.  When I finally calmed down, I joined you in your song and was able to follow almost every word and kept in tune with you. In the end I was peaceful and relaxed. When I listened to ‘Song of the Earth, I felt a similar tightness in my solar plexus set in at first, then I joined in with your singing, reciting nearly every word.  Towards the end I drifted off and eventually I got out of a deep trance, feeling completely refreshed. Amazing things have been happening since I started listening to the CDs!”.
Fridelle Stanwix

“I have had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing your CD, ‘Starsong’. I also speak Star language and I found myself responding in communications with you during the healing. At the end of the healing I began to sing in Star language in  very high tones, even amazing myself. My love and gratitude to you….. “
Angie Sbrana

“I recieved ‘Starsong’ yesterday and so I had it playing in my bedroom as I woke up this morning. What a wonderful way to start the day! My 11 year old son and my cat, who don’t normally join me in bed, both climbed in and dozed with me while it played. My husband was also in the room singing as he ironed his work clothes. Thank you so much – this is obviously going to be of great benifit to my entire family”.
Jo Holzberger

“Thank you for your beautiful music and singing. ‘Starsong’ really talks to me – it goes right inside. My little epileptic dog totally absorbs its calmness. Maybe ‘they’ were on to something in naming Sirius Canis Major!” I look forward to playing ‘Song of the Earth’.”
Rosie McKensie

“I have received my three CDs and have at this stage only listened to ‘Starsong’. Your lovely voice brings something I have not experienced before – I was, and am still, filled with such calm and joy. ”
U. Frank

“I absolutely adore the ‘Starsong CD’ and use it for my Reiki treatments and workshops. Thank you for the most beautiful, haunting work”,
Jackie J