September 9, 2016

The Crystalline Realm

Citrine 1
I have had a profound love for Crystals for many years. More recently however, I have come into an even deeper understanding of my connection to these beautiful children of Mother Earth. Crystals are not just pretty stones. The heart connection we feel towards these precious gems is engendered by the Living Light Consciousness Beings who inhabit them. These Beings call to us. They seek us out…they find us, in order to assist us with our Earthwalk. As they say, we don’t choose Crystals – they choose us! By pulsing the purity of the Divine energy of Source into our Shell of Light, they bring us into remembrance of the fact that we too are part of, and a reflection of that Source Light. I have come to honour and respect the generous and selfless gifts my Crystal Family shower me with, in a whole new way.

The wonderful thing is that we don’t have to physically be in possession of a particular crystal to be able to benefit from its energy and its blessings. A dear Soul Sister of mine Jennifer Starlight, who is the conduit for information from a high-vibrational consciousness called Min, recently received some in depth teachings about the Crystalline realm from that Master. Jennifer has gifted this Free Guided Meditation led by Min, which teaches us how to connect to the crystal kingdom without the use of physical crystals. I encourage you to listen to it.


Min  – Guided Meditation on Crystals



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