December 12, 2014

The Egyptians in Australia



In September 2014, I found myself back in Ireland the place of my birth at the time of the Autumn Equinox. A series of incredible events occurred their that led me into a potent and life-changing communication with the Irish Faerie people, the Sidhe. Ireland is a land that still holds great belief in and respect for the Faerie people who are seen as kin who live with us side by side, in a parallel dimension. Few people in Ireland will disturb a Faerie Ring or fell a lone tree in a field, and Faerie trees adorned with colourful prayer ribbons can be found all across Ireland.

The day after touching down in Sydney from Ireland and my encounter with them, the Sidhe immediately assigned me another task.

On waking that morning, still lying in bed I slipped into deep meditation. There were many visions, and amidst these came the clear instruction that I needed to visit the site of Kariong in the Brisbane Waters National Park, West Gosford, which is about an hours drive north of Sydney. There, deep in the bush, is a cave covered with Egyptian hieroglyphics. There has been much speculation about the authenticity of these hieroglyphics as being proof of early Egyptian settlement in Australia as far back as 4,500 years ago. New verification of the hieroglyphics has been offered very recently, by the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism based in Egypt.

“Hieroglyphics expert Mohamed Ibrahim and Khemit School Co-Director Yousef Abd’el Hakim Awyan, worked tirelessly over recent months deciphering the mysterious and hotly disputed set of around 300 early-Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into remote rock walls in bushland near Gosford NSW, on the east coast of Australia.

And the result? Not only are the Gosford ‘Glyphs legitimate, the scribes accurately used several ancient hieroglyphs and ‘grammatical’ variations which, crucially, were not even documented in Egyptian hieroglyphic texts until 2012, immediately disproving all long-standing ‘hoax’ theories. The specific style of hieroglyphs used also provides a linguistic time-frame that places an Egyptian presence in Australia at least 2,500 years ago, while the translated text is even so detailed as to identify the ancient scribes, by name and occupation.”

(The full account of this report can be found at


Giving further credence to the Egyptian presence in Kariong, is the fact that Egyptian artifacts and structures have been found in several other locations in Australia, including Far North Queensland where I live, South Australia, and other places such as the Gympie Pyramid in South Queensland.

According to translations, the Kariong hieroglypics tell the story of an Egyptian prince Nepheru, who was buried there by his brother after a lethal snakebite. This son of the Pharoh Khufu, is said to be buried in the mysterious chamber located just beside the cave.




I knew nothing of this story or any other information about the site when I got the instruction to go there that morning. I knew only about its existence, due to the fact that one of the caretakers of the site Tedi Davies,  had offered to take me there when I’d been in Sydney some months ago. At that time I was unable to make the trip but now suddenly, on returning from Ireland, it seemed imperative that I visit.

The Sidhe who I felt very close to after my profound and visceral experience with them in Ireland, had communicated clearly with me during my meditation. A phrase of deep significance was repeated several times…

Celtic an Coptic,
Faery and Pharaoh

These words were accompanied by a strong sense that, with my deep bloodline ties to Devenish Island and that island’s connection to Egypt through Jeremiah, the Egyptian High Queen of Ireland, Queen Tea Tephi, and the ‘Lia Fiall Stone of Destiny’, an important merging of these two cultural/consciousness streams was occurring. In some way it felt like I was acting as a bridge between these two ancient cultural elements – the Celtic and the Coptic…the Faery and Pharaoh.

At the grave risk of sounding completely delusional, or like some kind of reincarnation wannabe, I’m going to share the rest of what came through.

The Sidhe spoke through me, repeating several times in English, the words:-

“Queen Lia of the Lia Fiall.
Not only are you Queen Lia of the Lia Fiall,
You were also Pharaoh.”

They concluded by saying that seeing the glyphs at the Kariong site would “bring all the strands together”.

Outlandish as all this may sound, it was underscored by a graphic Steve Pitt from the USA had attached to one of the messages had sent me in relation to my sunset ceremony with the Sidhe in Ireland. This image of the Egyptian Queen Hathor now seems eerily relevant, where it had had no particular significance  before.



Egyptian Queen Hathor


The visions and words from the Sidhe during my meditation felt so real that there was no doubt in my mind that Tedi, without any fore warning, would be available to take me to the Kariong cave, and that I would stand before those Egyptian hieroglyphs the following day. Which is exactly what happened!

As the veils between worlds becomes thinner, I often find myself asking which is the dream and which is the reality? Quantum physics has revealed that we are potentially existing in several realities at once. What then is the past, and what is the present? As the second track on my album ‘The Luminous Pearl’ says, we are ‘Dreaming our World’ into being. We are on a journey to the rediscovery of our soul’s original and true essence. The paths and human incarnations we walk to bring ourselves back to that union I am learning, can be many and varied.

Next morning myself, my friend Sabine Kaldor and Tedi Davies set off for Kariong. Before getting to the Egyptian site, Tedi was guided to stop off a few miles before the Kariong site, to visit a sacred women’s Aboriginal birthing site with is currently under threat of being erased by a sand mining company. Tedi and his activist friends are working very hard to prevent this, and to have the area declared as National Heritage, just as they succeeded in doing with the Egyptian cave site itself.


Tedi Davies – our guide and one of the caretakers of the site


The visit to the women’s site was a pre-destined precursor I think, to what we would do at the cave. Upon entering the area, I was immediately stopped in my tracks. I felt I could not take another step until we had gained permission from the Ancestor Guardians to enter. We held hands and said a prayer, stating our intentions clearly, and asking for their blessings upon our activities for the day.

As we walked the pathway through the bush my channel opened and I sang and spoke to the land. My body seemed to know exactly where to go. Tedi confirmed that all the areas I was drawn to were significant points of reference within the ancient birthing site. Finally, a spontaneous honouring ceremony unfolded within a large circular clearing which looked like an Australian version of a Fairy Ring! With the huge Eucalypts towering above us, the Light Language words and songs flowing through me, rang out through the ancient ancestral Aboriginal land.

As we exited the site we received a beautiful gift of confirmation that our presence there had been acknowledged and approved. A large Goanna monitor lizard scuttled across our path, then shot up a large tree! At the top it tried to hid itself from our view, but without success. Its long tail formed an almost perfect ‘O’ off to the side of the tree trunk!




On my first sacred journey to Mexico in 2006, I learned that these lizard creatures are held to be the guardians of sacred pyramid and temple sites. We saw them in every temple site we visited in the Yucatan, and I’ve seen them since, in many other sacred places.

When we arrived at the Kariong site our senses were primed and ready. Throughout the substantial hike into the bush, again my body seems to know which direction to go. I felt the Sidhe were with us when were led to a pyramid-like stack of rocks, and I felt it was the Inner Earth people who called to us to that particular spot.



Sabine stands at the pinnacle of the ‘Inner Earth’ people’s pyramid home


At the entrance to the Egyptian cave stands an enormous Grandmother Tree…a giant Eucalyptus Argophloia white gum tree which Tedi said could be 1000 years old. He told us that this tree is the Guardian of the cave site.

We greeted her and hugged her, absorbing her powerful energy and presence. Having had a very recent reminder in Ireland of how the nature spirits like to be acknowledged, I had come armed with gifts, as I had for my ceremony with the Sidhe. I carried with me sweet honey, golden butter, and a bottle of rich red wine, the name of which most appropriately, was ‘Faith’!

We drank a toast to the great Grandmother and then we fed her with wine. We rubbed a balm of creamy butter into her many wounds, scars left on her by unthinking humankind, then we drizzled honey over her strong earthbound roots. Through all this, we showered her with our love, and bowed to her in gratitude, for her magnificent presence.



Sabine, the Tree Keeper, hugs the Grandmother




I felt a thousand years of wisdom emanate from the Grandmother’s great trunk.




With that, we felt we had her permission to enter. Tedi led us upwards to the entrance of the cave.

When I downloaded the photos later, I found this one of the cave’s entrance encased in an  incredible band of Rainbow Light.



Band of Rainbow Light across the cave’s entrance


Just outside the cave’s entrance was another guardian tree called the birthing tree…



The Birthing Tree


And in front of her, lay a giant serpent Rock Guardian



Giant Rock Guardian Serpent…


It seemed that this cave was very, very securely protected!


With our excitement rising, Tedi led the way into the great chamber….




When I entered the cave I found myself within a huge sandstone rock cleft resembling an indoor chamber. It’s three long, towering walls were entirely covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The energy I felt was so intense and potent that I literally fell to my knees, a powerful flood of Light Language pouring out of my mouth. It was a masculine Being who spoke – a Being of great power whom I immediately felt to be the Egyptian god ‘Thoth’. My body reflected the strength of the energy being downloaded. One moment I was prostrate on the ground; the next I was rising up to span the width of the walls of the cave with both hands; then back on my knees again…and so it went on.




Thoth also spoke words in English:-

“Be aware….Be aware of the energy in this place. There is powerful energy here…be aware. Feel it seep into the very cells of your body. You have been in this place before. Be aware, be aware of the energy of this place.”

I was guided to move up one side of the cave and then down the other, running my hands over each and every single glyph I could possibly reach. While doing this, I felt that each symbol was being imprinted into my body through my hands, and that somehow, these glyphs  would awaken the ancient knowledge that lay dormant in my cells…the wisdom of the sacred Egyptian Mystery Schools…the mysteries of the pyramids and the Sphinx Hall of Records, and the mystery of this place in which I stood.

The hieroglyphics look like they have been lasered into the walls. They are precise and deeply embedded. There are Ankhs and  ’spaceships’, sarcophagi and Pharaohs.  I’ve posted a lot of these in the Photo Gallery below, in case you too feel you need to be activated by seeing them.





Are these glyphs and this cave authentic…are these really Egyptian heiroglyphs? What I can absolutely vouch for is the energy I felt there, and believe me, that was very, very powerful.

Before we exited the cave, I felt we needed to make an offering of gratitude. Taking the remaining half bottle of wine, ‘Faith’ I began to drizzle it along the base of the cave walls, under the Hieroglyhics. Suddenly, darting out of the rock face, another Goanna lizard appeared! My heart leapt with  joy at this further sign of confirmation. First the lizard Guardian when we exited the Aboriginal Women’s Birthing site, and now another lizard Guardian farewelling us as we exited the Egyptian cave!

Incredibly, as I poured the wine gently along the wall of the cave, the lizard, unafraid, followed me, his long tongue darting in and out to hungrily lick up the rich red wine! Not till he’d finally had his fill, did he retreat back into a crevice in the rock. Sabine and I left the cave elated and excited, feeling that we’d had just witnessed an extraordinary sight!




The Sidhe had told me that my visit to the Kariong cave and seeing the Egyptian glyphs would ‘bring all the strands together’. There has been a continual, intricate weaving of events since my visit to the cave that day. I have no full understanding as yet however, of what all this may mean.

Through the years I’ve learned to trust and to surrender to the greater process. Time and again I am asked by Spirit to take action without knowing the reason why. Often, it’s not until much later that I find out the rationale, the whys and the wherefores.

I may not yet completely understand the meaning of the ‘Celtic and Coptic’, the ‘Faery and the Pharoh’, but I feel sure that one day soon, it will be come crystal clear.







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