The First Little Angels on Earth – Reviews

“Lia’s finest work to date. Simply as a piece of music, ‘Lullaby of Love’ is utterly superb – a truly ‘Classical’ piece, that deserves to be ‘discovered’. What I find unique is the mystical context. There is an extraordinary sense of egolessness, where Lia has dissolved and the voice of the Goddess herself speaks to me from within my own heart”.
Graham Major – Fish Records

“This is and enchanting story with love musical excerpts. Children and adult children alike will be delighted by this simple and beautiful tale of our real origins. Lia Scallon’s powerful voice, honed by years as a professional actress, takes you on a serene and sublime journey through the stars, flying on the wings of angels, back to the very beginning of all time, before we split from Source and descended in to matter. I played the CD to my three young children in the car and all went really still as they listened from a very deep place within. I’m certainly packing this one for long car trips. On this day, I arrived peaceful and nourished and so did they!”
Nova Magazine

“Part music, part meditation, part fable and lullaby, ‘The First Littte Angels on Earth’ is a beautiful and unique hybrid from channel and healer, Lia Scallon. With a positive message about the power of love and the nobility of the human spirit, this is an empowering work for children – its calming pace, a perfect counterpoint to the busy, loud and hyperactive messages that mainstream media bombard us with. lt’s like health food for the soul of our children – a timeless and peaceful alternative to the shallow mind-candy they consume daily”.
Insight Magazine

“In the prologue to this wonderful double CD set, Lia states her intention to “provide food for the soul”. The combination of Lia’s beautiful, syrupy, lilting voice and the superb musical background, ensures that she has achieved her goal. Both children and their adults will be enchanted by this delightful tale. I found…the healing energies of the story and especially the lullabies, to be extremely soothing and restful, and you will too”.
Living Now Magazine

General Public Testimonials

“My heart sang with joy and love as Lia’s enchanting voice took me on a journey filled with beauty, innocence, adventure and childlike trust. This is a delightful tale that reminds us of the pure beings that we truly are and of the love and the beauty that lie within”.
Karen Thornton 

“I ran myself a salt bath and lay back in bliss as I listened to your beautiful CD this morning. Your singing resonates with me on such a level of love. It is so familiar to me. Listening to your CD has given me great comfort. I am feeling very much alone at present but know this is one of my greatest tests yet. To have the heart is wonderful but to have the strength of heart is much greater. With Love and Blessings.”
Miranda Short

This is so special. This music and this Earth….it’s really beautiful”…that’s what my 5-year old daughter Luna said while listening to “The First Little Angels on Earth”. I felt compelled to write this down straight away and share it with you Lia. When I asked if she had anything she wanted to share with you, she said, ‘Tell her we all love the CD very much, and that one of your little kids, Luna, loves the ‘First Little Angels on Earth‘. Thank you for making your beautiful music. I love this music.” We feel so uplifted and inspired by your beautiful CD. My next mission will be to get the whole set of the Sounds of Sirius. I have always felt music very healing, and I am really looking forward to exploring your sounds more deeply”.

“Lia…your work is so beautiful. I am addicted to ‘The First Little Angels on Earth’! At present, I have some childhood issue’s to deal with and the Little Angels help me every night. It is my life saver at the moment so I want to thank you”.
Michelle Mahoney

“Thank you so very much for the beautiful ‘First Little Angels on Earth’ CDs. I have had them for just over 3 weeks now and they are simply awesome. Mum is enjoying them too. I put them on as often as I can during the day and night. They are just what our souls need to hear. They make us feel peaceful and at one with the Creator. Just hearing the words and the music is ‘music to our souls’. I cannot thank you enough for making these CDs available”.
C Scott 

Just letting you know that I love “The First Little Angels on Earth” CD! What a great way for children to hear the story of our journey to Earth. It is truly wondrous. Thank you, Lia, for this CD. Angel Blessings…
Vicki Moore

“Thank you Lia for your latest CD, ‘The First Little Angels on Earth’. You have such a beautiful voice, even my dog Sparky loves it. Love and Blessings”.
Ann Forte

“Lia – it’s my turn to say WOW!! To say I’m blown away is an understatement. What a beautiful, beautiful message there is in this story for any age group, and then there’s the music! During the first CD I felt my crown chakra opening and then felt/saw a wave of green light washing through me, followed and surrounded by purple. During the second CD I could feel my whole body resonating to your voice before I slipped into a very deep meditation that drifted away gently with the end of the music…but the music didn’t stop there. For about a minute afterwards (until the phone rang) I heard more music. I thought at first another CD must have started. It was softer and just as beautiful as your voice, but different – angels singing. Thank you for the sublime gift you bring to the world.”
Margaret Riseley

“When I facilitate a meditation class I normally channel the meditation. However, I had just received your new CD in the shop and was being literally nagged by my guidance to put it on for that evenings meditation class – something I have never done! It was difficult for me to do but I honoured myself and explained to the class that this evening would be different. I advised the class to just go with it – to listen, to imagine and to connect with their inner child. Everyone had a profound experience and had a lot of healing. Thank you. It didn’t surprise me to hear from you, that the crystal skull energy was present when you recorded it.
Wini Beanland