November 14, 2012

The Incredible Solar Eclipse

What a magical experience yesterday’s Eclipse was! As I lovingly put the last finishing touches to The Master Skull Solar’s Eclipse Altar the previous night, the odds were that the thousands of people who had travelled from all over the world, would see nothing but thick cloud cover. All the weathercasts for the event were less than optimistic. Nonetheless, every single one of my skull family wished to be part of Solar’s altar, not to mention many, many others crystal beauties! Liz Ferris – the custodian of 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals – had also dropped off about 6 kilos of large Lemurians to be with Solar, the intention being that my ceremony would connect with the Global Elder’s ceremony in Yarrabah as well as other points on the Lemurian crystalline grid.

Until about two minutes before the Totality was due, it did indeed seem that we would see absolutely nothing. Then, all of a sudden a burst of sunlight broke through and hit SOLAR’s 3rd Eye and Crown. My heart leapt! With my Eclipse glasses I raised my face to the sun to see the remaining sliver still visible behind the moon. Then…darkness…..

What a joy and privilege it was to witness this incredible phenomenon. As the sun re-emerged from the darkness, it truly felt like a ‘rebirth’. The whole focus of my personal ceremony and the lead up to it, was that the sacred fire of the sun would burn of all the remaining dross from my being and that of every member of humanity, so that we could release and reset our body mind and spirit for the ‘New Age’ that is dawning.

I don’t think I have ever seen all my Crystal Skulls so visibly bursting with joy, as they appear now – they are definitely celebrating!! In several of the shots, The Master Skull Solar looks like he is grinning from ear!! Well, being a SOLAR Eclipse, this was kind of his event! There are also a few very interesting images where a large figure appears in shadow within him. This is a continuing feature of this Master Skull who is demonstrating that he has many Council Beings who work with and through him.

I hope you enjoy this photo gallery of the Eclipse here with Solar in Cairns. I for one will always remember it.

May this powerful Solar Eclipse burn off the remaining debris of all old patterns and ways of thinking, allowing us to rise from the ashes ‘new’ and free…


12:12:12 Cairns with ‘The Master Skull SOLAR’

SOLAR and I look forward to seeing some of you on 12.12.12 in Cairns. This is one of the most important planetary alignment dates of 2012. This will be both a time of to honour the work accomplished to date, and a time to look forward to New Beginnings!

12.12.12 Event Details and Poster

Download event poster

Download small flyer to print out and share

Wednesday December 12.12.12  @ 7pm

The Chrysalis Centre

129 Mulgrave Road, Cairns

Beside Youth Centre building – just past Showgrounds

Time: 7pm      Cost: $40.00


Chrysalis Centre Tel:  (07) 4051 6755

Lia:         Tel: 0419 486 073


“It was awesome energy – I have never felt anything like it before. I did not need to put my hands on Solar. Just being in his presence had me crying.”   Pauline Norris

“When I approached Solar my whole body vibrated, particularly around the heart and head. It was very powerful.”  Dione Dangelico

“Since meeting Solar, I have had several interactions with an enormous golden man who calls himself Malachi. I saw him standing behind Solar at the evening ceremony and again at the main Ravenshoe ceremony.” Kerry Elliott

“Gratitude to you Lia, from us all. The Blending of worlds was apparent and something a lot of us will never forget. You and Solar have left so much love behind, it is incredible.”   Wendy Everett


A4 and A5 Posters of ‘SOLAR’

Sending you as always….

Love and Blessings,


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