September 9, 2016

The Inner Child


Over the past months, my attention as been drawn again to the importance of healing the wounded child within. The channel Kryon through David Brown describes the state of the wounded child in the following powerful piece :

“It is very easy to traumatize a child – all it takes is lack of love. For no love can bring death to a child. A child without love is like a torch without a battery, there is no energy for it to develop, and the child begins to shut down certain areas so that it can survive. It shuts down certain areas  of its intelligence and it learns to manipulate the truth through behaviours like selective hearing, selective vision, avoidance of what it should really be dealing with, and what it shouldn’t have to deal with. The parents were there to support the child – to nurture and to nourish and to make the child safe and secure. Where this has not happened, a child becomes traumatized and that trauma plays out in adult life.

Many, many of you…have struggled with this child that is traumatized. In very serious cases of trauma the child completely overtakes the personality of the person, and it is as if you are living totally in the past, totally in that moment of trauma and fear, and your lives are not allowed to unfold. If a life for a child without love happened in nature, it would be as if the tree would shed its leaves. It would just let its leaves die off. If the tree would see rain as love, and if there is no water to nurture and nourish the tree, then the tree slowly but surely allows its leaves to die. This is exactly what happens to a child…the traumatized child creates a traumatized reality, where things are stuck, where things don’t move, where abundance can’t flow, where there is no expansion and growth.”

Read Full Kryon Article  – ‘Flow into the New World’


It is essential that we find ways to heal these deeply wounded parts of ourselves, so that we can rediscover the spontaneous, joyous, and loving aspects of ourselves. Inside each of us, regardless of how successful, important, in control or serious we may appear to the outside world, is a beautiful child bursting with curiosity, wonder and creativity, just longing to express him or herself.

By learning to access the wounded parts of ourselves to seek new outcomes for the childhood traumas we suffered, we learn that embracing full responsibility for our life in the present, necessitates becoming our own Mother and our own Father. We have to learn to parent ourselves. In so doing, we move out of victim-hood and martyrdom, and come to understand that we do indeed create our own reality.

For the child within there is no past and no future, there is only the ‘Now’. So, as those painful memories surface, don’t suppress them…rather, open your heart to them. Speak directly and lovingly to your inner child as if you were her Mother. She will respond to you. Ask her what it is that causes her such grief, what it was that caused her the pain that is still playing itself out in your adult body. Then together…find a new outcome. Call in the assistance of the Angelic Realm, the Crystalline Realm and any other high vibrational energies you like to work with. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be carried back to the inception of your inner child’s trauma. how potent and present the emotions are, and how clearly your little child can convey to you what she needs.

Getting to know and love our inner child can be one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves. When she’s ‘heard’, her imagination, her sense of fun and her love are boundless!

‘Starsong’ and ‘Song of the Earth’  – Inner Child Healing

When used together, Starsong and Song Of The Earth have proven to be profound  Inner Child therapy. The Light Codes embedded in the music and the Language of Light, activate and code the body into the Light. ‘Song of the Earth’ assists in healing memories from the womb and the first few years of life, which shape so much of who we become. ‘Starsong’ with its gentle and joyous celebration of life, heals the inner child from the age of two onwards. Both albums are a comforting, calming and deeply relaxing gift from Spirit.  Their beautiful high frequency vibrations have been gifted to help reconnect us once more with our soul’s true essence.

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