February 19, 2013

The Luminous Pearl – Almost There!

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that I can report that late last night, I signed off on the Final Mix of my new album, The Luminous Pearl – Oh Happy Day!

It has been quite a journey, and although I am somewhat physically and emotionally exhausted, I am also extremely happy and relieved to have arrived at this juncture.

Thank you again to all of you who have so kindly pre-ordered your copy. I truly appreciate your support and also your patience. I know it probably feels like a long time to wait, however there is a great deal involved in producing an album of this quality. A lot of music is now produced on home computers, which is perfectly fine in its way. It simply can’t compare however, to an album that has been recorded in a professional studio, with real live musicians playing gorgeous instruments such as grand piano, violin, flute and didgeridoo and native drums, by an engineer who really knows his stuff!

It’s a vastly expensive process as you can imagine, but I just can’t contemplate doing it any other way. These sacred sounds I feel privileged to be the conduit for, deserve the best delivery I can possibly give them. It is also my sincerest wish that those of you who have supported my work for the last 10 years, as well as those who will discover the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ in the future, receive these songs in the purest form I can possibly be achieve.

Completing the main recording is only the tip of the iceberg! I’ve been in the studio long days for several weeks now, doing additional recording, fine-tuning the mix, and cleaning up all the tracks so that the experience for the listener is as close to perfect as possible… refining, refining, refining!


Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus Studios, adds some beautiful well-placed ‘tings’ with his Tibetan finger cymbals which he purchased 35 years ago from a Tibetan monk, as he climbed up

the AnnaPurna mountain range in Himalayas, just after it had been opened to the world.

And here is yours truly doing much the same with my ‘Mayan 13 Tones of Creation’ chimes.

It’s a lucky thing for me that Nigel is as much of a perfectionist as I am myself, and that he also happens to have infinite patience, incredible concentration and stamina, and an unfaltering sense of humour!

Along with the studio work, we have also been working intensively on creating a stunning design for the front cover, digipak and booklet. The front cover is complete….here’s a sneak preview!

This was my husband, Jim Walpole’s concept and design. Inspired by the story in my last newsletter of the actual Luminous Pearl that had come in my possession, Jim spent several weeks doing all the initial treatments for the design and then last week, we handed it over to a graphic artist in a local ad agency, to execute. We think Steve has done a great job in capitalizing on the dramatic elements of the design! In print, the dragons will look much more gold than they appear here. The symbology of the Pearl and the Dragons will be explained within the booklet, along with the story of my becoming the caretaker of the Pearl.

I’m hoping that in the next week to 10 days, I will have successfully completed writing the material for the booklet so that the full design for it and the digipak itself can be realised. As soon as that’s done, the master album and the artwork proofs will be in an Express courier bag to Sydney and 2-3 weeks from then, I’ll be writing to tell you your album is in the mail!

The Essence and Purpose of ‘The Luminous Pearl’  album

Every time I’ve embarked on one of these album projects, I have ‘been given’ a certain amount of information about the reason for its coming into being. As the project progresses, more information unfolds and a clearer picture of the essence and purpose of the work emerges. It’s been no different this time, in that regard.

This is a big album …. 72.22 minutes long.

The sub-title is ‘Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light’. It contains 13 tracks.

Each track on ‘The Luminous Pearl’ album represents part of an unfolding journey…from our ‘Dreaming the World’ into ‘Being’ to our consciously choosing to walk through into a new ‘Age of Wisdom’. The full story of this unfoldment is reflected in the track titles.

The Numerology of ‘The Luminous Pearl’

There has been a very interesting numerological component to the creation of this work. I understand very little really about the science of numbers, but I know enough to understand that numbers reflect the Sacred Geometry of the Universe. I also know enough to recognise that there is something very special going on numerologically, with the creation of ‘The Luminous Pearl’.

Many beautiful synchronicities have confirmed the presence of ‘unseen’ forces in relation to this production. Here are a few of the Numerological factors that have surfaced so far, during the production of ‘The Luminous Pearl’.

+  =     

The main numbers that have continually appeared are 4, 9 and 13…..and of course, ‘just by chance’  4 + 9  = 13

Early on, I made a conscious decision to have 13 tracks on the album because of the significance of the 13 Crystal skulls, and because of the fact that channelled material about my crystal skull ‘The Master Skull Solar’ who was present in the studio during the recording, describes him as the 13th skull. The album was also of course, to be released in 2013.

Here are some examples of the recurring numbers:-

  • Recording on the momentous date of December 21/12/12 which = 9
  • ‘The Master Skull Solar’ present in the studio is described as ‘The 13th skull’ – 13
  • The number oftracks on the album – 13 
  • 9 of the track run times add up to 9
  • 4 of the track run times add up to 13 
  • The total run time of the album is 72.22 mins which adds up to 13
  • The USA barcode number I received for the album adds up to a 9
  • The Australian barcode number for the album also adds up to a 9
  • Nigel and I finished the Final Mix on 14/2/2013. This date adds up to 13 

9 + 4 = 13 = 4. With several 13’s present which reduce to the number 4, this number too appears to have great significance.

Here are some more 4’s at play…

  • I have a master birth-date of the 22, which of course  =  4
  • I discovered that Nigel, is also a 22 master birthdate   = 4
  • Both of us also happen to have a No 1 Life Path number.

Realistically, the official release month for the album will be April which =  4

Given all these synchronicities, I think I will most certainly do my best to make sure that the release date adds up to a 4,  9 or 13.

The Science of Numbers

Yesterday, I wrote to Sacred Geometry expert Jain, of Jain Mathematics,  to see if he could throw some light on the matter. Jain has written 15 books on Sacred Geometry so there is little he does not know on the subject! In fact,  in two days time on February 20th  a double book lauch of his two latest offerings will be held at Zakay Glass in Bryron Bay.

Here are some of Jain’s first comments on the numbers associated with ‘The Luminous Pearl’….

“The alluring appeal to “The Luminous Pearl” is its mysterious association to the Numbers of Nature that weave through the story line.

There is the “Twelve Around The One” which is the 12+1=13 Code – 12 Spheres whose 12 centres when connected, form the most alchemical shape-shifting structure known as the Cuboctahedron – one shape that when compressed forms the 5 Platonic Solids, those unique shapes that nest to form all atomic crystalline structure.

The central magnet of the 13th sphere, is the Christ amidst the 12 Disciples – perfect attraction, Love attained.

The most fractal or anointed geometric pearl is the Cuboctahedron, since its 12 radials from the centre to the edges, are in perfect balance. It is the only shape in the universe where the edge lengths are the same as the 12 internal vectors or radii, meaning that the Inside is the same as the Outside. This is the definition of Fractal. Ultimately we want to embed this octahedral frequency into our heart.

I suspect that this music (‘The Luminous Pearl’) permits the opportunity to become ‘mindlessly’ able or adept to travel into one’s deepest imagination.

At the highest level of galactic knowledge are the number bases known as Base 12 and Base 9. It is Base 9 that underpins all creation and reveals the symmetry that we are seeking for. Base 9 allows the invisible to become visible.

This ancient knowledge is not in mainstream books, but it is wafting through this music, sonically awakening the senses to a state of luminosity.

And here’s what Jain has to say about the recurrence of the No.4 in the Creation of ‘The Luminous Pearl’

“The vibration of “4” has well been documented. Most metaphysicians agree that 4 is the Builder, the implementer of Structure and Form, the ability to bring ideas into reality, into a concrete form, crystallization….

This accentuation of 4ness in your project inspires me to say that this work is a platform for other greater works to come down or through you, to manifest into form. And that you are the perfect vessel to receive this download, through your own Form, to channel it out to many other sources. When working with these Higher Frequencies, you need the stability of “4” to guide or steer your Kite, or to anchor those high flying visions”.

What a beautiful and exciting evidence this is, that all the energy and intent that has gone into every aspect of the creation of ‘The Luminous Pearl’, is indeed flowing synergistcially with the Universal Life Force.

Luminous Universal Connections

The bigger picture of the Universal connections of ‘The Luminous Pearl’ has come from another source also. My friend Kate King from Canada is the designer of an exquisite and unique collection of metaphysical Crystal Jewellery that resonates with powerful vibrations.

Kate King

I acquired four of Kate’s magnificent pendants about18 months ago – two Diamond pendants, a Sugalite pendant and a gorgeous Alexandrite. Since these four pieces came to me, they have been an integral part of all the events, ceremonies and journeys I have been on, so they are positively bursting with energy! If they are not around my neck, they generally sit on one of my crystal altars. Kate says of her creations….

“The consciousness of earth is leading humanity to rediscover the ancient and forgotten healing art in which the use of crystals and gemstones is prominent. We are all looking for personal balance. Crystals and gemstones offer a beautiful method of increasing  or decreasing influences in our lives. Gemstones carry and attract energy and can be utilized as a catalyst on our journey towards harmony, bliss and love.”

I have certainly found that to be so, which is why these four power pieces I acquired from Kate, have become such important sacred objects in my work.

Kate is highly intuitive and when she heard about ‘The Luminous Pearl’ she wrote to me saying…

“So great to hear your back in the studio with an amazing team of musicians to weave the magic. The guides have shown me how your music goes into the galaxy to feed the universal energy of joy land love. I love to see how our Jewellery is part of your journey. The gemstones are connecting to the sacred grid, helping to feed the music into the heart of the earth.”

It seems that there is indeed something very special going on with the transmission of this music, if it is already communicating this profound ‘unseen’ effect. In a way, it’s not difficult to understand how the effects are already taking place. Although the album may not be on the shelves yet, the music has already been ‘downloaded’ into the physical realms. For many weeks now, Nigel and myself and the other musicians have been embellishing it, and refining it, and perfecting its final form. It is already – to use Jain’s description – ‘wafting’ through the ethers! I find this very exciting to contemplate!

This project has been a precious Labour of Love, from its inception many months ago. It is almost time now for the transmission of these sacred songs and the codes they carry, to make their way out into the world.  This is my 10th Sounds of Sirius album and I am hoping it is the one that will have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people yet. A few days ago, I released the music for the first time to a test audience of 4 people whose opinion I really respect, and who I know will be completely honest with me (there’s that 4 again!). Here is how they responded…

My husband Jim Walpole:- “This is your finest work to date. It is more involving and has more variety than any of your previous work. There are some very, very beautiful tracks.”

Suzanne Doucet, my US and International Advisor:- “I personally think your voice sounds better than on any other recording! It sounded very beautiful – very clear and luminous. The mixes are very balanced and beautifully warm and ethereal – indeed most of them sounded perfect and harmonious.”

Samantha Gowthorp, my indefatigable Webmaster:- “I think it is fantastic – I loved it! It is much more complex and dramatic than your other albums. I love the journey this album takes you on.”

My sister Ciara Scallon:- “Fabulous tunes and great instrumentals. I think it is a wonderful departure from your previous work and much more accessible to the general public. Fantastic!”

Emissaries for The Luminous Pearl

What would be really, really wonderful would be if you my friends, could become emissaries for this music, by sharing the news of the upcoming release of ‘The Luminous Pearl’ with your own networks – your friends and family, and your Facebook and twitter followers.

If you would like to a purchase a copy of the album for yourself, the Advance Purchase Special will be available until the physical CDs arrive on my doorstep.


To be released mid-March 2013

Advance Orders:  $24.95

Normally:  $26.95

Order two copies for $45.00!!

FREE POSTAGE: Australia, US, Canada & UK

 Shambhalla Animal Ceremony –  March 3rd

I look forward to seeing some of you who live in Far North Queensland, Australia, in person, at the beautiful Shambhalla Animal Ceremony on March 3rd

This is such a worthy cause and the animals will bless you for your presence or for your donation if you are unable to attend. All proceeds will go towards the upkeep and care of the animals themselves.

And one more thing!

A rather belated Congratulations to Linda Zanella of French’s Forest in Sydney, who was the winner of the ‘Sounds of Sirius Xmas Draw’. Linda chose to have the Download Cards of the full Sounds of Sirius CD Collection – 9 albums.  Congratulations once again Linda!

Not quite done….A Final Tidbit!

Something quite extraordinary happened just last night that I have to share!

I was working away in my office when I heard a cry from Jim and a door slamming. I rushed out in alarm suspecting that he had just fallen…He was holding on to his office door and cried, ‘There’s a snake… look there… it’s a snake!! Sure enough, there stretched out on the railing across his pool towel, sat a slim green and yellow snake, about 6 foot  long, its head arched upright, staring at us.


Jim had bent down to pick something up from the chair under the railing to find himself suddenly looking a snake directly in the eyes! The snake lunged straight at him across the table, sending him  hurtling backward, before fleeing into his office. Unfortunately, he fell in the process and hurt his leg but that’s better than being bitten by a potentially lethal reptile!


This reminded me at once that we have just entered the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, which just happens to be my sign in Chinese Astrology! That message was amplified loud and clear when Jim, his leg wrapped in ice, turned on the television. The first thing he saw was a news item about  the ceremonial handing over of the Dragon to the Snake, at the Chinatown celebrations in Brisbane!!

In the 5 years we’ve lived at this house, I’ve never seen a snake before. On consulting a Tropical Wildlife book, it seems that this snake was almost certainly a Coastal Taipan, which the book describes as potentially the most dangerous snake in the world! It seems that Jim had a very lucky and very narrow escape!

He may not agree, but I choose to see this as a very good omen…..a personal welcome from one of the kings of the Serpent family, to the Year of the Snake – which also happens to be ‘my year’ and the year of ‘The Luminous Pearl’!

I hope this finds you all well and happy….

Wishing you as always,

Much Love and Many Blessings,




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